The Howl of Presence

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The Howl of Presence by Uma Esmeralda Ritstier

Fully trusting the wave that is flowing through me and the ever-present mood it stirs up,
Completely trusting the natural rhythm of my Being,
Trusting the Heart of who I am and what it expresses in this moment,
Being, without doing,
It’s okay to rest in ease,
To see the mind calm like the waves it looks at,
Being moved by the wind
And touched by the stars.
Seeing the light surging through every particle of the Universe.
Where was I going?
Before and after.
Why is the soul so enchanted by losing itself in the external?
Turn around, sweet One.
Turn and twist.
Be taken by the howl of the wolves at night
And reminded by the full moon on its return,
Receiving the blessings of its beingness.
Through brightness I arrived,
Through brightness I remember
And return inward.
Held in the moment
Of just Presence.

Uma Esmeralda is a Hridaya Yoga teacher currently serving as our Karma Yoga Manager. You can read her post on integrating daily life into spirituality here.

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