The Self is Hidden in the Heart – Mundaka Upanishad

Bright but hidden, the Self dwells in the Heart.

Everything that moves and breathes lives in the Self.  He is the source of love and can only be found with real and pure love, but not with thought.

The Lord of Love is the goal for our lives.  Walk this spiritual path and find Him.

The shining Self dwells deep in the heart.  Everything in the world lives in the Self.  The Lord of Love is the source of life and truth.

Consider sacred knowledge as a bow and your soul as an arrow; then draw the bowstring of meditation and aim at the target to become one with the Lord of Love.  The sky, earth and air are all woven in Him.

Get to know Him as the one and only, the bride to immortality.  Do not speak in vain. He is in the centre of your being.
Meditate on the sound of OM, knowing that therein lies the Lord of Love.  May His blessing take you out of darkness.

The Lord of Love knows all and sees all.  Based deep in your heart, He guides body and life.  Finding Him brings you peace, joy light and life eternal.
When we truly connect to Him in our hearts, all our doubts and pains from past actions are released.  Know the Lord of Love as the radiant light of lights.  He lights the sun, moon and stars and his radiance illuminates all creation.
The eternal spirit is everywhere, to the left of you, to the right of you, above and below, in front and behind.
What is this world but Spirit?

Mundaka Upanishad