Meditate on the Infinite – Chandogya Upanishad

Is there anything higher than thought?

Meditate is in truth higher than thought.

The earth, sky, heaven, water, mountains seem to rest in silent meditation.

When you meditate on the great and infinite Spirit, you find peace, calm and inner joy that life can give you.
When we speak the truth, we speak words of greatness, because we know the nature of truth and we open to it.
When we know, we can speak the truth so we must know the nature of knowledge and open to it.
When a man thinks then he can know, so we must know the nature of thought and open to it.
When we have faith, we think, so we must know the nature of faith and open to it.
When there is progress, we see and have faith, so we must know the nature of progress and open to it.
Where there is creation, there is progress, so we know the nature of creation.
When there is the infinite there is joy, so we must know the nature of the Infinite and open to it.

Only in the infinite do we find joy.

When we realize the indivisible unity of life we see nothing else, hear nothing else, know nothing else – that is the Infinite.

The Infinite is immortal; the finite is mortal.

In our world what we call great is when we have possessions: land, gold and material goods. But this is not greatness, because in our world one thing depends on another.

Only the Infinite is totally independent.

When we can find love and pleasure, union and joy in our inner Self, our Atman, or Spirit we become our own master. When we can control the senses and purify our minds we can have a constant awareness of the Self; and where there is constant awareness of the Self, joy ends our sorrows and freedom ends our bondage, and we can find true liberation.

Chandogya Upanishad