Becoming Immortal – Shvetashvatara Upanishad

Two things are hidden in the mystery of infinity of the Supreme Reality: knowledge and ignorance pass away, but the Supreme Reality in eternity is above both ignorance and knowledge. He is the One who presides over all and rules over everyone from inside; He sows the golden seed of life when time begins, and helps us to know its unity.

The Lord of Love fills the hearts of all created beings just as the sun shines everywhere, filling all space with light.

When we live selfish lives as if hypnotized by pleasure and pain, we are not free. Although we appear the masters of ourselves, we go from birth to birth driven by our own deeds andKarma.

The Self, though a very small flame in our hearts, is like the sun shining brilliantly.

When it becomes one with the ego, the self-conscious ‘I am’ and its desires, the Self appears other than what it is. It may be smaller than a hair’s breadth but it is infinite.

The Self is not male or female, but it takes the form of a body with desires, attachments and delusions. The Self is born again and again in new bodies to work out the karma of past lives. The quality of the soul determines whether its future body will be earthly or airy, heavy or light. Its thoughts and actions can lead it to freedom or lead it to bondage, life after life.

Love the Lord and become free. He is an incorporeal Spirit but can be seen by a heart that is pure. He is God, the God of love, and when a person knows Him he leaves behind his past life bodies and becomes immortal.

Shvetashvatara Upanishad