All Life is One – Taittiriya Upanishad

One day Brighu Varuni went to his father and asked him, ‘Father, please explain the mystery of the Supreme Reality, Brahman, to me.’

His father told him about the food of the earth, the breath of life, and about seeing, hearing, speaking and thinking. He said, ‘Seek to understand where these come from, by whom they live, and to whom they return. This is Brahman, the Great Spirit.’

Brighu went off and meditated and found that food is Spirit. From food all things are born, by food of the earth they live, and they return to the earth.
Following this discovery, he went back again to his father and said, ‘Father, please explain further the mystery of Brahman.’

His father said, ‘Seek it through meditation, for meditation is Brahman, the Spirit.’

Brighu meditated further and found that life is Spirit. From life are born all creatures, by life they grow, and to life they return.
Not satisfied with his knowledge, he went back to his father and asked to be taught more of Brahman.

His father repeated his answer, ‘Seek it through meditation because meditation is Spirit.’

Brighu meditated and found that mind is Spirit. From mind are born all creatures, by mind they grow, and to mind they return.
Not fully satisfied with his knowledge, he went back to his father asking for more teachings of Brahman, and was told to meditate.
Brighu meditated and found that wisdom is Spirit. From wisdom come all creatures, by wisdom they grow and to wisdom they return.
Still not satisfied with his knowledge, Brighu went to his father appealing for more teachings of Brahman. Again his father told him to meditate.

So Brighu meditated and found that joy is Spirit. From joy all creatures are born, by joy they grow and to joy they return.

This is what Brighu found in the depths of his heart through meditation.

When we realize this Spirit in our hearts we stand firm, grow rich and receive the love of all.

Respect food, the body lives on food; body is life; life is body; they are food to one another. Do not waste food; water is food, light lives on water. Water is light; light is water; they are good for one another. Store food; earth is food; air lives on earth. Earth is air; air is earth; they are food for one another. When we know this we shine in the light of the Spirit.

Never turn anyone away from your door. Gather enough food and invite the stranger in to eat. When you feed the hungry, you serve the Lord from whom is born every living being. When you give with purity, you get purity in return. When you give with energy, you get energy in return. When you give with ignorance, you are repaid with ignorance.

When we understand this teaching, our words become pleasing to others, our breathing deepens, our arms are ready to serve the Lord, and our feet are ready to aid everyone in need.

Realising this, we see the Lord of Love in everything that the universe contains. When we draw on the Lord’s resources within us, we have security, wisdom and love in action. We can conquer every enemy within to be united with the Lord of Love.

The Self in man and the sun are one. Those that understand this can see through the world and go beyond the layers of being to realize the unity of Life.

When we understand that all life is one, we are at home everywhere and see ourselves in all beings. Then we can travel beyond the universe and the light of the sun becomes our light.

Taittiriya Upanishad