May 26-28, 2017 - $1,700 $1190 MXN

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May 26-June 4, 2017 $4,200 $2,940 MXN

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Give Yourself the Gift of Silence

*  Learn how to still your mind and experience the eternal NOW
*  Reveal your true essence through Self-enquiry, exploring the fundamental question “Who am I?”
*  Engage in introspection on the path of Self-enquiry
*  Discover the beauty of opening to Cosmic Consciousness

In this retreat, you will have the chance to go beyond the mental and emotional levels to experience the Truth of the Spiritual Heart. You will be inspired to love from the expansive space of your Real Nature, transcending the ego’s blockages, the mind’s stories, and the tumult of the emotions. You will experience meditation as a celebration of the Freedom and Bliss of the Self and gain a profound understanding of the meaning of life.

Take a Yoga Vacation

*  Immerse yourself in the teachings of non-duality
*  Practice more than 40 asanas, yoga techniques, and warm-up exercises
* Experience a community dedicated to living with an Open Heart

Module 1 creates the conditions for you to reveal your Real Nature, the Spiritual Heart. This life-changing journey will purify you at the physical, psychological, and mental levels. You will revel at your transformation, experiencing the joy of living from the Heart.

*Discount is valid for course fees only. Accommodation and meals are available for an additional charge. Offer applies only when courses are booked and paid in full at least 2 weeks in advance.

Module 1 Intensive Yoga
$5,350 $3,745 MXN

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