Abhinavagupta – On Fullness

Abhinavagupta (c. 950 – 1020 AD) was a great teacher of Kashmir Shaivism. In the second chapter of his work Tantraloka, he describes fullness as follows:

The principle of highest self-revelation is a synonym of fullness. […] It is full and complete in all respects. Full is always full. This fullness is beyond the related cause and effects of the universe. It is not an object of contemplation because there is no contemplator, and vice versa. It is unworshippable as there is no worshipper. It is neither mantra nor the reciter of mantra nor the deity for whom mantra is recited. It is neither initiator nor initiation nor initiated. This type of state is called fullness and that fullness is Mahesvara, the highest Lord full of all glories.