self healing

In the context of the recent discussions in the media, I would like to share some thoughts and feelings:

During my more than 35-year yoga journey in this life, along with the practice of Hatha Yoga and meditation, I passed through different stages looking for a deeper comprehension of Love and sexuality. I have experienced the profound freedom that the release of sexual inhibitions or prejudices can bring. I have observed the intense pain of compromising beautiful Love relationships through an exploration of sexuality in open relationships when there was still a lack of spiritual maturity. I have witnessed the beauty of ecstatic openness to subtle realms of consciousness as well as many people starting the yogic path with genuine spiritual aspiration and ending in fights, regrets, bitterness, or strong sexual attachments. I have seen how, often, instead of being a means to the Real, sexuality or pleasure became a purpose in itself. This was one of the main reasons I left MISA in Romania. With time, there was a gradual detachment from a kind of sexual approach that I didn’t feel spiritual. And still, I was grateful for such experiences because they taught me about what should be avoided. Thus, I became very sensitive to many forms of manipulation, sectarianism, and possible dependence on the adoration of gurus. I also realized the utmost importance of a constant meditation practice of Self-Enquiry, without which attachments to sexuality can grow and fester.

Thus, we came to the Hridaya Vision on Sacred Sexuality and its four pillars: love, sexual continence, awareness, and sacredness. I have seen that such guidelines, properly followed, continue to ensure a safe and spiritual attitude towards sexuality. We endeavor to maintain a purity of intention and a constant awareness of the application of the teachings and their effect on our Hridaya Community. This is reflected in all the classes and workshops we run at our centers.

In creating Hridaya Yoga, we set the intention that any student could come to me or any other experienced Hridaya teacher for spiritual guidance with a sense of total safety and trust. Creating a space in which people feel confidence, sacredness, and empathy has always been seen as an essential condition for real spiritual growth. I apologize if this was not properly fulfilled or if it was perceived differently.

I am very concerned about the sexual misconduct accusations regarding Agama. It is a good time for the Hridaya Community to reevaluate and bring even more awareness of and concern for this topic. From what I know, no situation of the magnitude of the cases presented at Agama has ever arisen at the Hridaya Yoga Center, but even subtle states of discomfort should be acknowledged. It was never in my intention to hurt the feelings of any woman through the school’s vision or teachings or my behavior. If there was any word or gesture that brought such confusion, I deeply regret it. I am sorry that I couldn’t perceive such states when they happened. If I could have felt such distress, I would surely have apologized.

I feel that it is never too late to express my regret. I have the openness to meet with any woman who wishes to clarify any of my behaviors or just to look with purity and Love into my eyes so we can come into the Heart and dissipate such issues.

Sending you Love and Stillness,