meditative hatha yoga
In Hridaya Yoga, the practice of hatha yoga is oriented towards getting intimate inner knowledge of the physical body, of its bio-energies and of our Real Nature, the Spiritual Heart. Therefore, a contemplative attitude is necessary and indispensable.

Physical asanas, pranayama techniques, etc. are integrated in an advaita perspective, the vision of non-duality.

The hatha yoga practice should always bring relaxation and happiness, rather than effort or strain.

Even if by itself it cannot bring the ultimate spiritual realization, hatha yoga can give us a more adequate “starting point” in the spiritual journey.

For us, the role of the hatha yoga is to create conditions for relaxation and openness in order to realize the “transfiguration” and the spiritual alchemy of the body itself.

With regard to the practice of the asanas, we outline the importance of: consciousness and energy, the two “poles” of a correct practice. It is not enough just to “push” the energy into one place or another, into a chakra or a nadi.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain the state of  Witness Consciousness, which, through the alchemy of the asana, leads to the intuition of our true nature.