Tantric Rituals: A Workshop on Tantric Meditation & the 10 Cosmic Wisdoms—with Antoaneta

“In Tantra, during the rites, carried out after a long preparation, human life becomes transfigured…During the ritualistic embrace, love becomes more than eroticism or sex, it is some sort of sacrament.” – Mircea Eliade

This workshop represents an exclusive journey into the mysterious, fascinating, and profound world of Tantra. It explores the beauty of both right hand Tantra (worship of the Great Cosmic Wisdoms) and left hand Tantra in which sexuality is used as a divine tool for reaching altered states of consciousness.

We invite you to rediscover the truly sacred and traditionally Tantric approach to sexuality and the beauty of the Tantric rituals. And even more: you’ll discover that you can transform your life into a sacred ritual.

The workshop is consecrated to theory, training, practical issues and rituals for both individuals and couples. It is not necessary to attend with a partner.

Note that this workshop contains no nudity or explicit presentations.

Tantric Rituals: Topics Covered

The fundamental principles of Tantric Rituals:

  • An overview of the 10 Great Cosmic Wisdoms (or aspects of the Divine Feminine) from the Tantric tradition known as the Ten Mahavidyas
  • Step-by-step Tantric lovemaking rituals (with attention to details such as setting the altar, creating the sacred space and sacred time, invoking the Divine Feminine, etc)
  • The sanctification of body, psyche, and mind
  • Tantric symbolic language: phallic worship, yoni worship
  • Awakening the heart: the key to Tantric rituals
  • Rezervatus mentis, a genuine method to reach an altered state of consciousness during lovemaking

During this Tantric workshop the attendees will be initiated into the bija mantra of the Great Cosmic Wisdom, Kali, who is the first and the most worshiped Divine Feminine from the Ten Mahavidyas.

This 4-day workshop will be presented by yoga and meditation teacher and Tantric practitioner Antoaneta Gotea, who has more than 15 years’ experience in Tantric Yoga and 10 as a leader of Shakti Groups, Tantric training groups for women.

The attendees will receive course papers of the lectures presented during the workshop.

“…because two bodies, naked and entwined, leap over time, they are invulnerable, nothing can touch them, they return to the source, there is no you, no I, no tomorrow, no yesterday, no names, the truth of two in a single body, a single soul, oh total being…” Octavio Paz

If you have any questions about the content of this event or the specifics of enrollment, please email us at info@hridaya-yoga.com.