Developing an Optimal Diet for Spiritual Life

In ancient civilizations humans were inseparable from the natural world. This meant that nutrition was a simple, non-stressful practice and intuitively people knew what to eat and how to maintain a certain level of purity in the body and mind. Nutrition was seen as a way to cultivate the necessary conditions in the human being in order to amplify the unfolding of our spiritual evolution.

In today’s world this intuitive connection to nature is rare. Man has become separated from the natural world. In man’s pursuit of sensual pleasures nutrition has become a confusing mix of dietary fads, supplements, processed foods, and artificial tastes. Additionally, many of us have been totally brainwashed by food corporations and industries, the media, and aggressive advertising. Most of us admit that eating and providing the body with the nutrition it needs has become a fearful, guilt laden, anxious part of our lives instead of being a delightful footnote from the Divine. Many of the diseases present today were not present in ancient civilizations. A high percentage of these diseases and chronic related stress problems can be traced back to poor nutritional habits throughout life that not only make us sick as a society but also close the door to our evolutionary spiritual unfolding and the revelation of “who we really are.”

Some of the topics included in the workshop are:

  • Nutrition as an Aid to Spiritual Life: Ancient and Modern Perspectives
  • Conscious Eating: How to Bring More Awareness in to Your Diet
  • Nutrients: The Many and the One
  • Nutritional Foundations for a Spiritual Life
  • Nutrition and the Mind
  • Veganism: Pros and Cons
  • Ayurveda
  • Macrobiotics
  • Metabolic Typing
  • Live Food Veganism
  • The 5 Bodies
  • The Chakras and Subtle Energetic System
  • Individualizing Your Nutritional Practice
  • Spiritual Fasting: Pros, Cons, and Individual Recommendations
  • Meditations to Cultivate Awareness
  • NLP Practices to help Identify and Release Negative Emotions Related to Diet
  • Prayers and Poems to Inspire
  • Group Sharing and Support

This workshop has been designed by Hridaya Teachers Craig White and Giselle Trimmer.

For almost 17 years Craig worked as a professional Sport Trainer and Nutritionist. However, in the last 8 years since beginning on the Yogic path, Craig’s practice of nutrition has significantly shifted. Instead of coaching nutrition as a practice to improve physical health and sporting performance, he is now teaching and practicing nutrition as an aid to amplify the evolutionary unfolding of our spiritual lives. Craig has studied many different areas of Spiritual Nutrition over the last 8-10 years, including recent studies with Dr. Gabriel Cousens. He is also currently finishing off a PHD in Holistic Nutrition and is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Giselle is a certified Hridaya teacher and former student of Dr. Gabriel Cousens. She is so grateful for the insights she has gained through her sadhana, or spiritual practice, about our relation to and integration with the whole of existence. She has come to realize the vital importance of approaching nutrition in a conscious way –at all levels. Thus, bringing together notions like non-violence, detachment, awareness, and even devotion, in the act of feeding the body, mind and soul. She firmly believes we can go through a profound spiritual transformation once we start paying close attention to what we put into our bodies, how we put it, and the way this has an effect over all sentient beings.

Below they provide more information:

Q: What will be unique about the Spiritual Nutrition Workshop?
A: You will realize that giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive and evolve spiritually is not only about food. We will journey through many different systems of nutrition in order to be able to create an optimal individual diet suited to our unique individual being.

Q: What will the participants experience?
A: You will improve your knowledge in nutrition, which will aid your spiritual life. Additionally, you may also experience a deep purification at the level of your emotions, which can help to create a profound shift in your nutritional habits

Q: Will it provide with practical tools that participants can immediately implement in their lives upon termination of the workshop? ?
A: Most definitely.

Q: What will be the split between theory and practical activities?
A: There will be approx. 70% theory and 30% practical. It is important we cover a lot of theory because many of us need to increase our knowledge within nutrition in order to let go of false beliefs that have been created through life. The practical exercises and meditations will allow us to contemplate the teachings and deepen our intuitive relationship with nutrition and diet.