July 20 – 24, 2017

From Pain to Peace: The Art of Transforming Suffering into Spiritual Awareness

With Claudiu Vaduva

From Pain to Peace is a workshop dedicated to learning practical methods to transmute past or current suffering, traumas or difficulties into awareness. Shifting to awareness from anger, sadness, or intense emotions, can be a powerful transformative spiritual practice when done skillfully. The methods used during these three days come from modern psychology, traditional yogic teachings and spirituality. Some of the topics included in the curriculum are:

  • Learning how to Live with an Open Heart
  • Methods of profound relaxation using Hatha Yoga and breathing (pranayama)
  • NLP techniques to shift perception of past events
  • Methods to increase Awareness during times of difficulties
  • Spiritual foundation principles as basis of our daily lives
  • Yamas and Niyamas, the yogic recommendations for daily attitudes, such us non-violence, truthfulness, non-attachment, contentment, etc.
  • Indian and Tibetan [glossary]Chakra[/glossary] psychology
  • Self-Tonglen, a Tibetan method of amplifying self-compassion and love
  • Shifting the emotions’ quality with the aid of music meditation
  • …and more…

The From Pain to Peace workshop will focus on increasing self-love and compassion, the generosity of forgiveness, and the importance of living an authentic life imbued with pure intentions. Please bring a notebook for journaling exercises and come prepared to work in groups with other participants.

This workshop will be presented by senior Hridaya Yoga teacher [glossary]Claud Vaduva[/glossary]. Below he provides more information:

Q: What will be unique about “From Pain to Peace”?

A: You. The participant. The experience will be made uniquely alive by each individual’s Heart and according to the individual longing and readiness for transformation. The workshop itself will be an alive living of the present moment never again to be repeated. Don’t believe that you are going to a workshop but that an experience will become alive in your Heart.

Q: What will the participants experience?

A: What the participants will experience will depend on their needs. It is consecrated as a practical workshop which follows a three tier process of Authentic Discovery, Developing Support and Transmutation into Awareness. Each stage is supported by concise theory and practice. The material available on the subject is vast, but the time is little, thus it is not a scripted workshop, more like an open buffet and the participants will play a role in determining the direction.

Q: Will it provide with practical tools that participants can immediately implement in their lives upon termination of the workshop?

A: The workshop is meant to energize the starting of a process of healing through awareness. The completion of the process will unfold in time. For some this process has already started, perhaps in a retreat, and the workshop will bring it into the focus of awareness. All is needed is only one insight which penetrates through the veils an opening as thin as a thread, but as alive as a red hot rod. Being evoked over and over again it will open up a door through which one will be transported into a new perspective. We want to encourage this by developing the necessary trust and experiential feedback. There are many tools available, but only one need be kept alive through the constant practice of opening. The workshop will lead towards the Hridaya vision of living with an Open Heart.

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