A 3-Day Workshop for Women with Antoaneta

Women are divinity, women are life, women are truly jewels.” –Yoni Tantra

An Invitation to Awaken to Sacredness

Embody Your Divine Feminine is a 3-day tantric workshop that aims to awaken a woman’s awareness of her sacredness. It is dedicated to awakening the power of the Divine Feminine to dissolve past or current suffering, traumas, or difficulties. This dissolution of suffering allows women to embody the true jewels that they are.

The very basis of Tantra Yoga is the glorification of women. In Tantra, every part of a woman’s body is regarded as Divinity incarnate. This workshop is meant to restore the union between feminine creative energy, love, and sacredness.

Women are heaven; women are dharma; and women are the highest penance. Women are Buddha; women are the Sangha; and women are the perfection of Wisdom.” –Yoni Tantra

Embody Your Divine Feminine Workshop Topics Include:

  1. Cultivating Female Sexual Energy
  • Kegel exercises
  • Pelvic movements
  • Hip opening poses
  • The deer exercise
  • The Microcosmic Orbit
  1. Cultivating Love–Living with an Open Heart
  • Heart breathing
  • Heart-to-heart breathing
  • Lotus heart visualization
  • Wave dancing
  • Mantra chanting
  1. Cultivating Sacredness
  • Transfiguration
  • Animus and anima
  • Nyasa–a tantric method for divinizing the body
  • Yoni puja–a sacred Tantric ritual for worshiping Shakti, the feminine principle

The workshop presenter, Antoaneta, is a senior Hridaya Yoga teacher who has been leading workshops, retreats, yoga courses, and women’s groups worldwide for many years. She is skilled at holding the space for sacredness and transformation. She creates an intimate atmosphere in which women feel comfortable going deeper into their Divine Essence.

There is no nudity or sexual activity presented in this workshop.


Morning Session: 8:30 am–12:30 pm
Afternoon Session: 4:00–7:00 pm