“The true change is within, leave the outside as it is.” -H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama
Cultivating Compassion with Alison Bond and David Coleman

A 3-Day Workshop on the Power of Love and Compassion to Transform Yourself and the World

Do you have a deep wish to act for the good of others and help relieve suffering in the world? Perhaps you feel this longing, yet find your outer actions are not always aligned with your inner intentions? Or perhaps acting for the good of others is already part of your life and you would yearn to deepen and refine what this means?

Right now, the world needs more kindness, understanding, presence, and love. Yet, you can offer the world only that which you are able to access in your inner being. What if you approached compassion not as something to discover and access outside of yourself, but rather as something already innate within you? The beautiful message of the world’s wisdom traditions is that love and compassion radiate naturally and constantly from the core of the being and through practice, you can learn to recognize and tap into this infinite source of love.

Join us for this special workshop and explore the meaning of compassion and how you can cultivate compassion as a practice that connects you to your essential nature—love. When you cultivate compassion, you learn to consciously increase the aspiration to benefit others and the readiness and determination to turn that aspiration into action. Compassion manifests when love confronts suffering. With an Open Heart, you access the inner strength and presence to face suffering in the world. You are able to place yourself in the service of others and help them effectively from a space of wisdom and love rather than fear.

When you act for the benefit of another, don’t you feel in harmony with your deepest nature? Living compassionately causes the barriers between “myself” and the world to dissolve, bringing a feeling of oneness with other beings, nature, and, ultimately, all of existence.

Explore these ideas and practices:

  • How to access compassion in difficult relationships and circumstances
  • What it really means to “help” another
  • Shifting from judgment of yourself and others to compassion and understanding
  • Compassionate Communication (inspired by Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication)
  • The art of truly listening
  • Self-compassion and self-love
  • Transfiguration—seeing beyond separateness and opening to Presence
  • Tonglen—the Tibetan Buddhist approach to cultivating compassion
  • The Blessing of the Heart—a practice for sending blessings
  • Compassion in the eyes of non-dual teachings
  • Hridaya Meditation

No previous knowledge of Hridaya Yoga is necessary to attend this workshop, however, all previous practice and experience in the field of the Heart is most welcome and will simply enrich this shared journey.


Morning Session: 8:30 am-12:30 pm
Afternoon Session: 4:00-7:00 pm