A 3-Day Tantra Workshop with Claud

Conscious Loving is a workshop dedicated to Love, Relationship and Sacred Intimacy

The Conscious Loving Tantra Workshop is an invitation to bring awareness to the way we express love, live relationship and relate to sexuality. This 3-day workshop is an opportunity to understand and overcome limiting patterns and old conditioning. Instead, we learn to cultivate relationship and sexuality from a place of unconditional Love. We open deeper, reveling in both personal love and Divine Love. We feel the intimacy that true connection brings, connecting with the longing for sacred union.

Topics Covered in the Workshop

On Love:  We explore different perspectives and concepts about love (e.g. fear-based and egoistic vs. compassionate and unconditionally loving), unconditional love and living with an open heart.

On Relationship: We discuss a variety of models of partnership. We learn how to transcend problematic emotions and patterns, how to see opportunity in differences and crises, how to perceive our relationships as mirrors and how to improve communication with our partners.

On Sexuality: We present tips and techniques to harness sexual energy for deep union. We share teachings on tantric lovemaking skills for men and orgasmic opening for women, helping us achieve true intimacy.

The curriculum of this workshop includes traditional sources such as Taoism, Tantra, Sufism and the Kama Sutra. Eye-opening lectures, effective methods from Hatha Yoga, and partner meditations create an inspiring and intimate atmosphere. The workshop does not include any nudity or explicit sexuality. Individuals and couples are both welcome to join. It is useful for both beginning and advanced practitioners.