Selfless Giving is the Art of Living

Hridaya’s Karma Yoga Program is an opportunity for all those who want to deepen their practice of volunteer service. It is a residential program that allows a full immersion into the Hridaya Yoga Center and its community life by participation in our yoga and meditation program and our internal operations. Learn more about the Hridaya Yoga vision here.

Volunteer Benefits

The program spreads over a 3-month period. It provides camping accommodation (tents can be provided), food (community brunch and dinner, served 5 days per week), participation in our Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive and one 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat, daily meditations, and many extracurricular activities such as evening lectures, bhajans, and movie nights.


Karma Yogis can expect to serve 5 hours per day, 5 days per week in one of the following fields: Kitchen, Maintenance & Caretaking, Reception, Accommodation, Marketing, Web Design, and Audio and Video editing. In addition to formal working hours, Karma Yogis play an integral part in welcoming new students and holding a friendly space in the community.

Join us!

If you are interested in joining the program, please download the application and submit it to karmayogacoordinator@hridaya-yoga.com. We will process your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

We have openings for:

Module Teachers
Demand is growing for Modules 1-6, and this presents an opportunity for more Hridaya teachers to share the teachings. Module teachers teach 8-12 hours per week and may be asked to teach any module that they have completed. We prefer a minimum commitment of 3-course cycles.
More experienced teachers take priority, however, there is a sincere intention to train and develop newer teachers, so don’t hesitate to express your interest.

Karma Yoga Support Teachers
For those with a passion for Karma Yoga, there is a new opportunity to support Hridaya’s Karma Yoga Program by directly guiding and supporting the Karma Yogis. This means providing inspiration by leading by example, serving in different areas of the school, stepping in when needed, and offering guidance (when asked) for those just beginning the beautiful, yet tricky path of Karma Yoga. This position also includes mentoring Karma Yogis via one-on-one meetings.
The aspiration is to develop a culture that lives the practice of Karma Yoga and is capable of guiding and inspiring newer aspirants through the spirit of Karma Yoga embodied by more experienced community members.


All teachers enjoy complimentary meals at the Center 6 days per week, the opportunity to participate in the 10-day retreat at the end of each cycle taught, the ability to enroll in Hridaya Modules, and the innumerable ineffable benefits of selfless service.
Please note that all teachers serving in Mazunte are eligible for the above benefits. However, as the spirit of service is paramount, when assistance is required in other areas (for example, supporting the kitchen), teachers may be asked to forgo their participation in the retreat. Also, note that not all Hridaya Modules are offered every month—should your course level not be available, you are welcome to repeat other modules.

Apply Now:

If your fire to share the teachings has been kindled, I invite you to apply to join the team. To apply, email Kyle Brooks at programs@hridaya-yoga.com.

 In your message, please include the following information:

  • Why you are inspired to teach in Mazunte
  • The time period you are available
  • The minimum commitment you are willing to make
  • The highest Hridaya Module you have completed
  • Your teaching and/or Karma Yoga experience

Any other information you feel would be useful as we make our determinations

Karma Yoga Manager (December)

The Karma Yoga Manager supports our mission to share the teachings of the Spiritual Heart by inspiring the spirit of Karma Yoga within the Hridaya Yoga Community, Mazunte. The Karma Yoga Manager aims to continually develop the Karma Yoga Program in order to encourage and support all staff to cultivate and deepen their spiritual practice. Though a paid position, the Karma Yoga Manager performs her/his role in order to benefit others.

More information is available here.