Referral Program

We love it when our students invite their friends and family to visit us, so we want to encourage you to send more loved ones down the path of the Spiritual Heart by offering a 15% referral credit. Just tell your friends to tell us that you sent them, and we will give you a credit of 15% of the payment for their first yoga course, meditation retreat, or workshop. The next time that you visit the Hridaya Yoga Center, you can apply the credit to your own course fees. For example, if your dear mother comes to Mazunte for Module 1 and pays $5350 MXN for the course, we will give you a credit of $802 towards future module, retreat, or workshop fees. She gets the gift of tuning in to sacred yogic teachings and you are on your way to earning a free course for yourself.

Note that the referral program is not retroactive, credit is not redeemable for cash, and credit will only be awarded based on the course fees paid by first-time students who list a referral contact during registration. Credits can be combined but are not transferable — meaning that only you can use the credit earned from your referrals. Hridaya does not assume the responsibility to remind you that you have available credit and no refunds will be given if you forget to use it. So, to take full advantage of this benefit be sure to redeem your accumulated referral credit by referencing it when making a booking. Note that referral credit may not be used towards food, accommodation, or HTTC enrollment fees. Email us for more information.