Staying with us at the Hridaya Yoga Center means having easy access to all the school has to offer. We provide accommodation at two locations:

Our main site, El Corazón, has a camping area offering fresh air and peaceful surroundings, two 6-bed dormitories featuring a unique design and excellent mattresses, and spacious, comfortable private rooms with eco-friendly bathrooms. Guests at El Corazón have use of a shared refrigerator and access to clean drinking water. You may choose to reserve a private room for yourself, or you can choose the “shared” option to be placed with a roommate.

A 5-minute walk from El Corazón, Einstein is a secluded space that offers 4 dormitories. Guests at Einstein can enjoy a fully-equipped kitchen, limited WiFi access, and clean drinking water.

Note that there is a midnight curfew at our Einstein location.

Because we have limited accommodations available, bookings can only be made for the time that you are enrolled in a specific retreat, course, or workshop.

Each rate includes check-in on the day prior to the course start date and checkout from 8:00–10:00 am the day after the course ends.

If you need assistance finding alternative accommodation in the event we are fully booked or you would like to stay on after your course ends, we are happy to support you in finding financially accessible options in the nearby towns of San Agustinillo and Mazunte. Simply ask at the Welcome Desk for assistance.

After your course is completed, you are still welcome to join us for meditation, drop-in classes, meals, and community activities as a part of the Hridaya local community. (Note that these activities are currently suspended due to coronavirus restrictions.)

For accommodation pricing information, please visit the registration page of the course you are interested in. When booking, you can choose the “course only” option (meaning you will stay off-site) or select a package that includes the course fee and your choice of accommodations. If you would like more information, please contact us.

ACCOMMODATION PRICES (all prices are in U.S. dollars)

Yoga Retreats (23 nights)**Double occupancy private room$520 USD/room
Single occupancy private room$460 USD/room
Shared room$300 USD/person
Dorm, El Corazón$190 USD/person
Dorm, Einstein$135 USD/person
Camping with personal tent^$110 USD/person
10-Day Meditation Retreats
(11 nights)*
Double occupancy private room$320 USD/room
Single occupancy private room$280 USD/room
Shared room$190 USD/person
Female Dorm, El Corazón$110 USD/person
Male Dorm, El Corazón$70 USD/person
Dorm, Einstein$85 USD/person
Camping with personal tent^$60 USD/person
17-Day Meditation Retreats
(18 nights)*
Double occupancy private room$510 USD/room
Single occupancy private room$450 USD/room
Shared room$290 USD/person
Female Dorm, El Corazón$165 USD/person
Male Dorm, El Corazón$110 USD/person
Dorm, Einstein$125 USD/person
Camping with personal tent^$90 USD/person

*Meditation Retreat prices include a stay from the night before the retreat begins until the morning after it ends.

**Yoga Retreat prices include a stay from the night before the monthly course cycle begins until the morning after the final ceremony.

^Camping is only available from November-May.

Other Accommodation Options

Many people choose to stay in one of the nearby towns of Mazunte and San Agustinillo, both within walking distance. With the exception of the high seasons around Christmas and Easter, accommodation can be found at a variety of price points. Please visit our Off-Site Accommodation page for a comprehensive overview of local options.

Beautiful, high-end accommodations on the beach range from $50–$125+ USD per night. Basic rooms are available for around $10–$25 USD per night. Most hotels offer weekly or monthly discounts. If you are planning on staying for several weeks, be sure to shop around and negotiate as you may be able to get a substantial discount.