During the practice of Hridaya Hatha Yoga the physical asanas combine with advaita, the vision of non-duality. The asanas are performed while holding the inner spiritual attitudes recommended in traditional texts of Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism. They are oriented towards getting intimate inner knowledge of the physical body and of our Real Nature, the Spiritual Heart. Therefore, a contemplative attitude is necessary and indispensable.

Hridaya Hatha Yoga classes are offered on a drop-in basis. Classes feature a deeply meditative method of entering, maintaining, and being aware of the physical body during yoga asanas, resulting in greater awareness and a deep relaxation on all levels of the being. Classes last 2 hours and are generally offered in the mornings, Mondays through Saturdays.

Hridaya Hatha Yoga classes uses the attitude of the Witness Consciousness. The harmony of the physical practice induces an intuition of the consciousness of the Divine Self. Our own intuitive knowledge of our divine nature makes the energy flow more freely, so that spiritual effervescence, the Sacred Tremor of the Heart may awake more easily. Through yoga we aspire toward the complete freedom and happiness of Pure Existence.

Hridaya Hatha Yoga classes increase the fluidity of the energies in our being. In addition to flexibility and relaxation, we will feel more balanced and free.

We offer drop-in Hridaya Yoga Classes by conscious donation.

Please email info@hridaya-yoga.com for the latest class schedule.