The word sahaja (from saha and ja, to be born) means literally together born or coemergent. It signifies the idea that freedom is not external to us but is our very condition; that the phenomenal reality (samsara) arises simultaneously with, and within, the transcendental Reality (nirvana); and that the conditional mind and enlightenment are not mutually exclusive principles. According to this teaching, true spontaneity or naturalness is an expression of Reality, and enlightenment is always close at hand. Unlike the states of cosmic consciousness or samadhi, experienced only in meditation, sahaja brings this realization down to the level of the physical body and of the material world. In this process, the Hatha Yoga practices have their own importance. The Yoga of the Spiritual Heart includes methods and techniques focused on favoring the awakening and expression of the state of naturalness (natural simplicity) – sahaja.