Healing Epilepsy with Meditation: Tamara’s Story

I was diagnosed with childhood epilepsy (grand mal seizures) at 7, and that continued throughout my childhood until I was 11. I was then re-diagnosed at 15, during puberty, with a different type of seizure called “absent seizures,” a kind of seizure where I was still conscious.

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A visit to see the turtles!


Recently, the Hridaya Yoga students took our annual night off for a visit to see the turtles laying their eggs at the nearby Escobilla Beach Reserve. We gathered close to sunset to start the 30-minute trip to the reserve.

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Heal Diabetes Naturally with Hridaya Yoga

Heal Diabetes Naturally
Hridaya student Sebastian, 34, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 13 years old. Prior to arriving at our school in Mexico, he was taking 28 units of Lantus insulin per day. His doctor told him that this was a high dosage for someone of his height and weight, and urged him to make lifestyle changes that would help him lower his intake to 26 units. But Sebastian, a fan of late night pizza and accustomed to eating an unhealthy diet rich in sugar, could not motivate himself to change his habits.

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There is Water in My Nose & I Put it There | Neti Pot

By Bex van Koot
Originally posted on Elephant Journal.

Sometimes when I talk about my yoga experiences with friends on Facebook, I forget how strange it must all seem to them.

One of the most-liked quotes my husband posted from our most recent retreat together was an imperative to try “vomiting harmoniously”—people were equal parts awed and amused.

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Yoga at Home: Continuing the Hridaya Practice

An enthusiasm for yoga at home

In the moment, it seems simple. Everything is different. My whole life has changed. A new perspective, a fire in my heart. Surely this powerful force can withstand any challenge I throw at it!

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Poetry from the Heart

Heart poem – In the purity of the ‘I’
Deep acceptance of what I am, and this worldly reality that am living. Samskaras are boundlessly appearing in every corner outside the Heart. Trying to enter outside in, though there’s no entrance, no doorway, nowhere to begin.

No inside out or other way around to turn. As I’m not there nor here. My consciousness is expanding from within the chest game which is being played by so many dice. Thrown around as if they lost the way to the board. Which is non-existing in the nothingness of infinity.

Am I there or here or…am I anything in the anywhere?

Wandering around the never-ending streets from here to there…nowhere to go, nowhere to be other than just here, right now.

I lost the way, as there’s no way at all in the pureness of the eye, where I dissolve in tremendous grace…Silence…I surrender.

~A heart poem By Esmeralda Ritstier

Think, Say, Do and Be ONE

Be One. Global change is manifested every few months in different ways. Not too many years ago, we experienced a financial crisis that is still affecting the economy in large areas of the world. The last few years have also seen numerous natural disasters: floods in Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Pakistan; earthquakes in Haiti, New Zealand, Japan, and Chile; volcanic explosion in the islands of Japan … just to name a few. Social revolutions are taking place in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India … people all over the world are demonstrating against corruption and injustice.

The Importance of the Individual
To soothe the startling effects of these major changes in nature, ecological and sustainability movements have started to be more and more active. To awaken individual responsibility, they use the saying: “Think global – act local!” By that they wish to enforce the understanding that global changes cannot take place unless individuals become responsible. It is a calling for the individual to bring attention to his/her use of energy resources in everyday life, to be more aware of the way we consume, recycle, etc. We have to be one with our environment.

This saying is highly recommended for improvement in all areas of life.

As the population grows, we fall asleep under the illusion of majority. We easily disappear in the crowd, give the energy and responsibility of our life to others (from our parents to insurance companies) and go with the wave wherever it takes us. For most people, taking a different path can be very challenging. You might risk your social relationships, your sources of income, your health, your self-image. Looking around is sadly facing the fact that most of the population is already losing all of the above, although they are deeply involved in the mainstream. How many people are dealing with severe diseases, feeling lonely, depressed and disconnected from themselves? By not becoming more and more responsible of your own life, you are risking losing your uniqueness, your happiness, your truth, your connection to all and your sense of vitality.

The individual is essential. We were born to a world of varieties; each one has his/her own totally unique vibration, special fingerprint. This variety is necessary for the whole to become whole, as all colors are necessary to the white vibration. The white vibration is the color of connection, of oneness and purity, and it needs all other colors. Once one color, one vibration, is missing or appears stronger or more intense, white would not be white any more. Individuality does not mean separation – it means oneness.

Your Fingerprint
Fighting nature, politics, economical systems and whatever else would exhaust all your energy, and in most cases will lead to repeating the same pattern with different appearances.

Don’t fight. You are fighting yourself. There is no one out there.

Sing instead. Sing your song, sing your unique vibration, allow yourself to shine your light, to be who you truly are. Be authentic, connect to your truth and live it fully. If you are longing for harmony with nature and with all there is, you cannot fake it! If you fake it, there would be no harmony. Do you get that?

There is no corruption outside. If you are saying other people’s truth or the truth you did not experience, if you are not living your own truth, unfortunately, you are the corruption. There are no thieves outside. If you don’t know your truth and you buy someone else’s truth you are the thief.

Live without adhering to your light and truth, and you will know it in a second; you will not be happy.

Some Steps on the Way
Dedicate time, energy – even your life – to know who you are, and let it be.

Define your positive attributes and live by them. Be clear about your priorities, about how you wish YOUR life to be, and then live your life according to that. Make it your song.

Think, say, do and be ONE.

No one is holding you back; there is no one out there. It might take some time till you see the fruits of inner harmony manifested in your life. Start with small steps every day and there will come a moment you realize that you are living your song.

When you believe that someone else is limiting you, it means that you have not yet started to make the first step, or that you have just now started making the first one. Be patient and attentive. It might be that you are looking at the last destination. There are endless opportunities for manifestation. Take it one step at a time and every phase you achieve will take you to the next higher level.

Accept other people’s songs, if you are truly longing for harmony. Sing along. Don’t try to change anyone, not even the system, as you would not like anyone to change you. Go, learn, explore, experience, get a current, proper education and be in tune with the here and now. It will support you taking it one step at a time.

Do not waste time and energy looking at other people’s plates (nor at the system’s restaurant…). Any energy you waste on it is energy you could benefit from yourself. Whatever you see outside – it’s the Cosmos pointing out for you the places you are faking. Go back home and practice your song.

Most importantly – do everything you do with respect, love and compassion, ask the highest good of All to guide you. As everything you see around you is only you.


~By Homaya Amar

Pure Intention: A Heart with Attitude

When was the last time you did something with pure intention in your heart and mind?

For many of us, “pure intention” is an ideal to which we aspire but not really something we have the opportunity to practice in the every day. We worry about every possible mistake, about not doing enough to change the world, about pushing others too far to do the same. So often we think and act from fear of what we don’t want.

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Persian Watermelon Rind Jam

Summer Treat © Carolyne Pehora | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Dear yogis,

Here’s a recipe for a nice exotic jam that’s perfect as a summer treat. You can make use of all those watermelon rinds that would otherwise be thrown away. Eating watermelon rinds also has numerous health benefits! Watermelon rinds are high in citrulline, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. If not in a jam, try peeling the green part off and eating the rind raw, in a stir fry, or in a curry.

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Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese & Parmesan

Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese

Dear yogis,

Here’s a vegan spin on an Italian classic. The trick to getting the texture and flavour required of a classic Bolognese sauce is the smokiness and consistency of the toasted and slightly chopped sunflower seeds. The omission of garlic and reduction of onion from classic recipes is to keep the recipe yogic. This one’s a real crowd pleaser. Enjoy!

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So Pure

You from new york you are so relevant.
You reduce me to cosmic tears.
Luminous more so than most anyone,
unapologetically alive. Knot in my stomach
and lump in my throat.

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