Healing Epilepsy with Meditation: Tamara’s Story

I was diagnosed with childhood epilepsy (grand mal seizures) at 7, and that continued throughout my childhood until I was 11. I was then re-diagnosed at 15, during puberty, with a different type of seizure called “absent seizures,” a kind of seizure where I was still conscious.

A visit to see the turtles!

Turtles! Recently, the Hridaya Yoga students took our annual night off for a visit to see the turtles laying their eggs at the nearby Escobilla Beach Reserve. We gathered close to sunset to start the 30-minute trip to the reserve.

Heal Diabetes Naturally with Hridaya Yoga

Hridaya student Sebastian, 34, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 13 years old. Prior to arriving at our school in Mexico, he was taking 28 units of Lantus insulin per day. His doctor told him that this was a high dosage for someone of his height and weight, and urged him to […]

There is Water in My Nose & I Put it There | Neti Pot

By Bex van Koot Originally posted on Elephant Journal. Sometimes when I talk about my yoga experiences with friends on Facebook, I forget how strange it must all seem to them. One of the most-liked quotes my husband posted from our most recent retreat together was an imperative to try “vomiting harmoniously”—people were equal parts […]

Yoga at Home: Continuing the Hridaya Practice

An enthusiasm for yoga at home In the moment, it seems simple. Everything is different. My whole life has changed. A new perspective, a fire in my heart. Surely this powerful force can withstand any challenge I throw at it!

Poetry from the Heart

Heart poem – In the purity of the ‘I’ Deep acceptance of what I am, and this worldly reality that am living. Samskaras are boundlessly appearing in every corner outside the Heart. Trying to enter outside in, though there’s no entrance, no doorway, nowhere to begin. No inside out or other way around to turn. […]

Think, Say, Do and Be ONE

Be One. Global change is manifested every few months in different ways. Not too many years ago, we experienced a financial crisis that is still affecting the economy in large areas of the world. The last few years have also seen numerous natural disasters: floods in Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Pakistan; earthquakes in […]

Pure Intention: A Heart with Attitude

When was the last time you did something with pure intention in your heart and mind? For many of us, “pure intention” is an ideal to which we aspire but not really something we have the opportunity to practice in the every day. We worry about every possible mistake, about not doing enough to change […]

Persian Watermelon Rind Jam

Summer Treat © Carolyne Pehora | Dreamstime Stock Photos Dear yogis, Here’s a recipe for a nice exotic jam that’s perfect as a summer treat. You can make use of all those watermelon rinds that would otherwise be thrown away. Eating watermelon rinds also has numerous health benefits! Watermelon rinds are high in citrulline, vitamin C, […]

Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese & Parmesan

Dear yogis, Here’s a vegan spin on an Italian classic. The trick to getting the texture and flavour required of a classic Bolognese sauce is the smokiness and consistency of the toasted and slightly chopped sunflower seeds. The omission of garlic and reduction of onion from classic recipes is to keep the recipe yogic. This […]

So Pure

You from new york you are so relevant. You reduce me to cosmic tears. Luminous more so than most anyone, unapologetically alive. Knot in my stomach and lump in my throat.