Hridaya Yoga France Reopening June 16th!

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As the latest phase of the coronavirus pandemic has unfolded, our center in Longeval has been closed since the end of October.

We are now delighted to announce that we will finally be reopening on June 16th, beginning with 3- and 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats in English and in French. The English retreat will be led by Hridaya’s founder Sahajananda while the French retreat will be led by Hridaya Yoga France President Arnaud Philibert.

We’ll resume offering the Hridaya Yoga Retreat July 5th, starting with Module 1 in English and French. Module 2 in English begins one week later.

We also have a variety of workshops scheduled throughout the summer months for you to explore. These include The Heart of Compassion, Embody Your Divine Feminine, Compassionate Communication, The Art Of Love, and the postponed Fascia Intensive and Yoga Therapy Immersion. Moving into the fall, Sahajananda will be offering his Art of Awareness workshop here for the first time in two years in early September, while at the beginning of October you are invited for a Tantric Intitation in Tripura Bhairavi with senior teacher Simona.

So, whether you have visited Longeval before or it will be your first time, we should have something that kindles your aspiration this summer and beyond. After being closed for so long, we are very much looking forward to reopening our doors and welcoming you to Hridaya Yoga France. We’ll see you soon!

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