Ramana Maharshi – About Meditation: If the thinker is sought, the thoughts will disappear

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Ramana Maharshi shares the following insights about meditation:

D: How is one to meditate?

M: What is meditation? It is commonly understood to be concentration on a single thought. Other thoughts are kept out at that time. The single thought also must vanish at the right time, thought-free consciousness is the goal.

* * *

D: How can meditation become steady?

M: What is meditation? It consists in expulsion of thoughts. All the present troubles are due to thoughts and are themselves thoughts. Give up thoughts. That is happiness and also meditation. The thoughts are for the thinker. Remain as the Self of the thinker and there is an end of thoughts.

* * *

D: Is the state of unconsciousness close to infinite being?

M: Consciousness alone exists.

He who knows the Self has nothing more to do. Henceforth the Infinite Power will do all further actions that may be necessary through him. Nor has he any more thoughts.

During meditation that is directed towards the Self, the thoughts actually die down of their own accord. Meditation can be directed to different objects, but when directed to the true Self, it is turned to the subject.

When we are free of thoughts we are naturally blissful. The gap between two thoughts is our true state, it is the real Self. Get rid of thoughts, be empty of them, be in a state of perpetual thoughtlessness. Then you are consciously Self- existent. Thoughts, desires and all qualities are alien to our true nature. The West may praise a man as a great thinker. But what is that? True greatness is to be free of thoughts.

The true answer to the question Who Am I does not come in thoughts. All thoughts disappear – even the thinker himself disappears.

* * *

D: How can the mind be made to go?
M: No attempt is made to destroy it. To think or wish is in itself a thought. If the thinker is sought, the thoughts will disappear.