• Course Only/Sólo el curso – $160.00
  • Private Room (In-Room Bathroom)/Habitación privada (baño privado), El Corazón – $270.00
  • Shared Room (In-Room Bathroom)/Habitación compartida (baño privado), El Corazón – $228.00
  • Private Room (In-Room Bathroom)/Habitación privada (baño privado), Einstein – $257.00
  • Private Room (Communal Bathroom)/Habitación privada (baño comunitario), Einstein – $235.00
  • Shared Room (In-Room Bathroom)/Habitación compartida (baño privado), Einstein – $228.00
  • Shared Room (Communal Bathroom)/Habitación compartida (baño comunitario), Einstein – $215.00
  • Dormitory/Dormitorio, El Corazón – $206.00
  • Dormitory/Dormitorio, Einstein – $190.00
  • Camping, El Corazón – $185.00

Date & Time Details: This workshop starts at 8:30 am on August 18th and ends at 7:00 pm on August 20th. Accommodation rates are for 4 nights—from 3:00 pm the day before the workshop until 11:00 am the day after.

Discounts: We offer a low-income discount to those with sincere financial need. Please read our Registration Guidelines to see if you qualify and find out how to apply.

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Conscious Loving Tantra Workshop

with Claudiu Vaduva

August 17 - 21, 2017

Course Fee: $160 USD (Accommodation and meals extra)

Course Dates: August 18-20, 2017
Accommodation Dates: August 17-21, 2017

Explore Love and Sacred Intimacy

The Conscious Loving workshop is an invitation to bring awareness to the way we express love, live relationship, and relate to sexuality. It is an opportunity to understand and overcome limiting patterns and old conditioning. Read more.


The workshop will begin in the morning, so we suggest arriving in Mazunte the day before the course starts. If you are a new student, please come to the Hridaya Yoga Center by 8:15 am on the first day to complete the registration process.

Morning Session: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Afternoon Session: 3:30 – 7:30 pm


During the workshop, we invite you to join us for vegan meals served with love in the Hridaya Yoga Dining Room. Breakfast and dinner will be available on Friday and Saturday. Please book meals during checkout or email us for more information.


Claudiu Vaduva
Claud, a Romanian-born Leo, moved to New York City in his adolescent years, growing up there and becoming a US citizen. An engineer by schooling but recent computer geek by employment, he feels compelled to…
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