Location: Yoga Heart Space, Newcastle, Australia


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6-Week Hridaya Meditation Course in Australia

with Tamara Coughlan

July 5 - August 9, 2018

Join Tamara for an introduction to Hridaya Yoga and Meditation. Explore fundamental principles and techniques as you begin the journey of falling in love with meditation and opening to who you really are…

Contact: Tamara, 0414250343
Website: www.heartspaceyoga.com.au & facebook.com/yogaheartspace
Email: yogaheartspace@gmail.com


Tamara Coughlan
Tamara stumbled across Hridaya by walking past the school in Mazunte, Mexico one day. Her heart had called her. She had been travelling, deepening & searching for “something more” whilst exploring around the world. She…
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