Location: Shanti Retreat, Canada

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Goddess Tara Retreat in Canada

with Antoaneta Gotea

August 21 - 23, 2017

The Goddess Tara Retreat gathers the most efficient practices from Hindu Tantrism, Tibetan Tantrism, Sufism, Yoga and Western spirituality for opening the heart and awakening the power of compassion within ourselves. Living with an open heart is not just a metaphor; it can be a daily reality. This retreat is about healing hearts and re-learning how to embody the truth of love, kindness and compassion. Read more.

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Antoaneta Gotea
Antoaneta Maria Gotea was born in July 1972, in Bucharest, Romania. The memories from her early age about her father practicing complicated physical exercises (known in yoga as uddiyana bandha) and unusual breathing (pranayama) synergistically connected with her mother’s…
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