• El Corazón Dark Room – $40.00
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Dark Room Retreat

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Please email info@hridaya-yoga.com for more information

For centuries, Dark Room Retreats (meditation retreats in rooms completely devoid of light) have been known to induce profound shifts in consciousness. Hridaya Yoga invites you to deepen your meditation practice by experiencing a private retreat in our Dark Room (Kaya Kalpa), a room specially prepared to admit no light. You may choose the length of the retreat, and we can provide meals and other support for your practice.
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The Hridaya Yoga Center’s Dark Room

Our center in Mazunte features a well-appointed, air-conditioned Dark Room ideal for solitary retreats of any length of time. Note that as Dark Room Retreats are individual retreats, there are no set event dates. Simply contact us and register your interest to inquire about the availability of the room at the time you want to come.

Dark Room Retreat Fees

1-3 Nights: $40 USD per night
4-7 Nights: $34 USD per night
8-29 Nights: $28 USD per night
30+ Nights: $23 USD per night

Nightly rates do not include food, but this can be arranged separately. Check-in is after 2:00 pm and check-out is at 10:00 am. NOTE: It is recommended that you check-in and check-out when it is nearly dark outside to ease the transition process.

Please note, during our Yoga Modules the kitchen is closed on Sundays. This means that if you decide to have meals with us on Sunday, we will provide you with leftovers from Saturday. You may also arrange for a friend to prepare and deliver you food on Sunday if you prefer.

Register Your Interest

Please email info@hridaya-yoga.com for more information or to make a booking.