• Course Only – $260.00
  • El Corazón Private Room (In-Room Bathroom) – $487.00
  • El Corazón Shared Room (In-Room Bathroom) – $409.00
  • Female Dorm 1, El Corazón – $341.00
  • Female Dorm 2, El Corazón – $341.00
  • Male Dorm 2, El Corazón – $332.00
  • Camping, El Corazón – $316.00

Date & Time Details: Accommodation dates: August 2-13, 2018. Orientation Session: August 2nd at 2:30 pm. Retreat begins at 7:00 am on August 3rd and ends at 8:00 pm on August 12th.

Location: Hridaya Yoga France

Address: Domaine de Longeval, France

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10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat in France

with Claudiu Vaduva and Antoaneta Gotea

August 2 - 13, 2018

Join Claud and Antoaneta for a 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat at Hridaya Yoga France! It’s the perfect chance to dive deep into the Self and feel the joy of pure Being.

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Claudiu Vaduva
Claud, a Romanian-born Leo, moved to New York City in his adolescent years, growing up there and becoming a US citizen. An engineer by schooling but recent computer geek by employment, he feels compelled to…
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Antoaneta Gotea
Antoaneta Maria Gotea was born in July 1972, in Bucharest, Romania. The memories from her early age about her father practicing complicated physical exercises (known in yoga as uddiyana bandha) and unusual breathing (pranayama) synergistically connected with her mother’s…
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