Location: Satya Sattva Studio, Amelia Island

Address: Fernandina Beach, FL, USA

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The Call of the Heart: Hridaya Yoga and Meditation Workshops in the USA

Adina Riposan-Taylor (Saraswati Devi)

December 29, 2017 - January 1, 2018

Let’s gather to honor the end of the year and the coming of the new one! Following Hurricane Irma, we’ll appreciate nature in all its manifestations, feeling grateful for the survival of Amelia Island. Our sangha will come together in harmony and continue our Hridaya Studies Series at the Beach House by Main Beach.

Website: www.satyasattva.com
Contact information: adina@satyasattva.com or +1 904-613-8969


Adina Riposan-Taylor (Saraswati Devi)
Adina is a Saraswati Devi, an introverted Leo who has dedicated her life to Self-realization, helping and guiding others and bringing the Truth into the world. Adina has studied meditation since 1992, and yoga since…
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