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Location: Stroud, NSW, Australia

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New Year’s Eve Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat in Australia

Tamara Coughlan

December 30, 2018 - January 2, 2019

This is an invitation to go deeper into the remarkable journey into the Heart!
3 days of silence over New Year’s Eve that support you to witness the beauty, love, and wisdom of the Heart… of who we really are…

Creating a quiet, safe, and supportive environment, similar to the conditions of a solitary retreat – noble silence, no interaction with others, and contemplation. Amidst the natural beauty of the Australian bushland, join us in the journey of the Heart.

Website: www.tamaracoughlan.com
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E-Mail: yogaheartspace@gmail.com


Tamara Coughlan
Tamara’s thirst for depth, questioning, and inquiry has taken her around the world many times, through retreats, communities, and deep inner work and she continuously finds herself back teaching and facilitating from her Heart. From…
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