Location: Casa Hridaya

Address: Mexico City, Mexico

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Unfold Your Divine Feminine Workshop in Mexico

October 22, 2017

“Women are divinity, women are life, women are truly jewels.”
–Yoni Tantra

Join Arja Hendrikx for a beautiful day of coming together in sisterhood.

When women gather together, something magical and sacred happens. Feeling the power of feminine energy can help us remember who we truly are.

This workshop will consist of both theory (teachings from traditional Indian tantric philosophy) and many practical exercises, allowing direct sensory experience—moving, playing, loving, and having a lot of fun!

We will combine Western psychology with Eastern yogic tradition, through embodiment practices, ritual, dance, meditation, and group processes—transforming the psychological, sexual, and mystical dimensions of the feminine.

Women’s gatherings have been happening for centuries in all different traditions around the world. Their power is undeniable and they are shrouded in mystery—we never let men know what we do!

Are you ready to step into your feminine essence and join us on this mystical journey?

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