Día de Muertos

It’s the Day of the Dead here in Mexico, and a beautiful time to celebrate Death. Free from the more macabre associations of Halloween, Día de Muertos is a joyful time to gather with family and honor ancestors. It originated several thousand years ago with the Aztec, Toltec, and other Nahua people, who considered mourning the dead disrespectful as the dead are still considered members of the community. The altars that are built for this celebration are not ceremonial, but a way to welcome the spirits who return during this time. When making an altar for this special occasion, be sure to include water, food, and gifts for the spirits arriving after a long journey.

To get into resonance with the energy of sacred time, we invite you to take a moment to contemplate Sahajananda’s message below and to listen to his guided meditation on Death.

A Hymn to Death

Those who die before death won’t die when dying.

In Self-Enquiry, when asking “Who am I,” leaving the body and the thoughts aside, what about Death? Is it just another object to be abandoned? Is Death really something to be discarded as ephemeral or illusory?

Before you have an intimate meeting and develop a long private relationship with Death, don’t hurry to find answers and draw conclusions.

Learn from its paradoxes. If you really fall in Love with Death, is death possible for you anymore?

Death can unlock the secret of real life. It is the answer to the “Who am I?” question.

First, an intimacy with Death is needed. Fears melt away in a true Love relationship. Death is always available, honest, and faithful. It will never disappoint you. It is always there with you, if you learn how to find it. Death is beautiful and enough in itself. But to taste such a Love, release all expectations.

Another paradox: there is often a fear of Death in the very belief in immortality. It can be felt in many people. Even if such anguish is deeply hidden inside you, Death will surely feel it and ask for more transparency. It can do this in so many ways. Forms, concepts, beliefs, and doubts are utterly irrelevant in front of Death. You cannot trick such a Lover.

You may hold a secret hope that your moral values, understanding of the Consciousness of Oneness, and yoga practice will serve as the means to carry you into eternity, that save you in this trial in front of the abyss. But it is quite the opposite: this very intimate and genuine touch of Death, and not any belief or practice, is the real, most direct path to the Infinite.

It is only Death who leads you to immortality.

Adore and welcome your Lover with reverential silence.

It is said that Death pays all your debts. It is the “undoing” of individual existence, the corrosive agent that devours anything ephemeral, leaving only the gold of the pure “I am.”

In Death, conscious and unconscious realms melt together in a higher reality, the still, sacred presence of the Heart.

The supreme meaning of life cannot be seen unless you look into the eyes of Death as in a mirror.

Death is the most important ingredient in life. Without it, life is not real, it’s just a shallow play of puppets that have forgotten the puppeteer.

Without the taste of Death, the present moment is tasteless.

Death feels more obvious in agony, in strain and suffering, but its secret calling is equally present in joy and love. That’s why Eros (Love) and Thanatos (Death) are one. They are lovers and deathers. Feel this within yourself…

To say that at any level life and death coexist as countervailing forces is to still not see their unity.

To feel an equal ardor for Love and Death, in nothingness and eternity, is the secret of life. Let yourself dive in so much passion for life that it carries you beyond its common edges, where Death comes and comes in glimpses, simply because of so much fervor for life. In such moments, every experience becomes a spontaneous immersion in this intimate, secret nothingness.

You die because of everything, because of so much love for life.

So, don’t wait until the end of life to hear this magnificent and meaningless whisper of Death. At that troubling moment, you may be too confused and passive to take the ride on the back of this Tigress.

Surrender is liberation through nothingness. It is not a liberation of the individual, but the revelation that you are commensurable with Death. No limits, no you, just Death.

There are many dead individuals, but there is no individual death.

Take up Your Cross of Death and Fly
Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23) He just advised surrender. By carrying the cross he didn’t mean a life of pain and suffering, but the remembrance of Death.

In those times, the cross was mainly a symbol of Death. Carry your death as you would carry a cross. Not a heavy cross, but one that looks like wings on your back.

Death, like a cross, makes you expand in vertical and horizontal dimensions, throughout space. But most of all, it gives you a center. Death, like the cross, gives you the Center, the sense of eternity.

Thus, the feeling of your body’s ephemerality becomes more acute as the consciousness your heart’s immortality becomes more vivid.

An Invitation
On dark nights, at the end of charming days meditating in silent retreats at Hridaya Mexico, I often join people lying down on the school’s terrace. We open our arms in a cross and look at the sky with no thoughts. In Open Attention…

Join us, but don’t just look at stars. That dark, omnipresent space that embraces the Milky Way, that silence inside the roar of the ocean, that longing in your heart, is Death’s call…


Allow Sahaja to guide you into a contemplation on Death.

Ramana’s Birth through Death

This December 30th would have been our beloved Ramana Maharshi’s 140th birthday. In honor of the great sage, let’s reflect on his contemplation on death and how it led to his ultimate freedom from it.

“‘All right, death has come! What is death? What is it that is dying? It is this body that is dying; let it die!’ Deciding thus, closing the lips tightly and remaining without breath or speech like a corpse, what came to my knowledge as I looked within was: ‘This body is dead. Now it will be taken to the cremation ground and burnt; it will become ashes. All right, but with the destruction of this body, am I also destroyed? Am I really this body?

Although this body is lying as a speechless and breathless corpse, undoubtedly, I am existing, untouched by this death! My existence is shining clearly and unobstructed! So, this perishable body is not ‘I’! I am verily the immortal ‘I’ (Self)! Of all things, I alone am the reality! This body is subject to death; but I who transcend the body am eternally living!’ Even the death that came to the body was unable to touch me!

Thus, it dawned directly, and along with it the fear of death that had come at first also vanished, never to appear again! All this was experienced in a split second as direct knowledge and not as mere reasoning thoughts. From that time onwards, the consciousness of my existence transcending the body has ever continued to remain the same.” (From Sadhu Om, The Path of Sri Ramana, Part One, Chapter 8)

Young Love

Sunny Rucker, our Community Liaison, has been giving Educando el Corazón (Educating the Heart) workshops in five local schools. The workshops provide a safe space for children to connect with their hearts and explore inner joy. Having learned a lot from her work in the schools last year, Sunny has introduced a key element to keep the kids interested. Introducing a weekly “Superpoder del Corazón” (Superpower of the Heart) gets everyone excited and in a playful, but focused, frame of mind.
“This year, the kids have explored patience, perseverance, gratitude, trust, and aspiration, among others. We also engage in teamwork through dynamic activities, discussions, and short meditations,” says Sunny.

Tantra Is Bliss with Antoaneta

December 21-23, 2018 It’s that time of year again—from December 21-23 dear Antoaneta will offer her annual exploration of the art of tantric intimacy in the Tantra Is Bliss 3-day workshop. Whatever your experience level, we invite you to join her to learn practical, efficient techniques to harness your sexual energy in order to experience lovemaking as a devotional practice and go deeper in Love and Awareness. Book now!

International Events

In addition to our courses in Mexico and France, the Hridaya teachings are being shared around the world. Welcome the new year in stillness and Love at retreats in Guatemala, the USA, and Australia. In January, explore silence in South Africa. Or, find an ongoing course in Mexico, Austria, Romania, or New Zealand. Visit this page for more information on these opportunities to connect with the Heart.