Season’s Greetings from Mexico!

We trust that you are reveling in Christ Consciousness during this blessed time of year. Here in Mazunte, the sun is shining and our hearts are full after a beautiful graduation ceremony for our recent Hridaya Teacher Training Course. On the 14th, 32 radiant new teachers received Sahajananda’s blessing to go out into the world and spread the message of the Heart. Please join us in sending a warm welcome to the newest members of our global family!



While reading this text, there may be a great chance that you forget about yourself…

Maybe, as in the dawn of awakening from a dream, you feel that something essential is missing and your whole inner world is shaking.

This taste of Self-awareness is like a remembrance of the intimate, mysterious source.

While reading and thinking about this, in all your searching for knowledge, Stop. Wake up! 

There is nothing critical, there is nothing urgent, except awareness.

The acknowledgment of such a majestic and humble occurrence changes everything. Recognize your other dimension. It is you as the real You—a vast, intimate presence without divisions of time or space. Silent presence-awareness-love.

Allow …… space…… Become …… You.


Immerse Yourself in the Divine Feminine

What does it mean to be a woman in this lifetime? What does it mean to be a woman on the spiritual path? How do you relate to Pure Being and the mysterious reality of manifestation at the same time? And most importantly, who am I?

This February, all women are invited to investigate these questions with beloved Hridaya teacher Alison in the Shakti Heart Immersion Course, a unique 30-day journey into the Divine Feminine.

Offered for the very first time, this course is a complete exploration of what it means to be embodied in a female form. The path begins and ends in the Heart, and along the way touches on topics that are very alive for most women, including loving connection with the body, conscious menstruation, sacred sexuality, and the connection to feminine archetypes.

The course includes a full schedule of meditation, lectures, sacred dance, rituals, and more, as well as participation in a 3-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat. It’s an invitation for you to connect with yourself on a deeper level, both as the embodied expression of the sacred feminine principle and as a living manifestation of Divine Truth itself.

Check out this video and be inspired.

Dive into the Heart of Service

This February, join our dear Claud for the next Karma Yoga Immersion Course, an intensive 3-month dive into the heart of Karma Yoga.

The KYIC takes a small, dedicated group of aspirants through a rigorous training designed to cultivate constant awareness in everyday activities and to explore the yoga of action through the lens of Self-Enquiry. Meditation, Hatha Yoga, lectures and discussions share the schedule with service hours, group tasks, and challenges.

Over the years, many KYIC graduates have rolled directly into the HTTC or gone on to serve at the Hridaya Yoga Center as Karma Yogis, so the echoes of the course are woven into the very fabric of our community.

The KYIC is a profoundly transformative process that works on many levels simultaneously, creating a powerful foundation for you to grow in aspiration and authenticity. If you yearn to spend 3 months going deeper in awareness, check out this video of KYIC graduate and new Hridaya teacher Ian Wilkes to get an insider’s perspective on this unique experience.

Thanks for Supporting Celia!

At the end of October, our Community Development Department raised the call to support our cherished cook Celia and her family, who are struggling under the weight of severe debt due to her grandson’s medical needs. Our goal is to raise $8,000 by the end of January, and thanks to the generous contributions of our community, we’re almost halfway there! But there is still a long way to go… If your heart is touched by Celia’s story, please share the spirit of the holiday season and donate now. If you can’t donate, you can support her by sharing the crowdfunding link. Together, we can help this family get back on their feet.

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Serve at Hridaya

Are you longing for a way to bring your daily life into spirituality? Want to get more involved our community while strengthening your own practice? Then, consider serving at our center in Mazunte. We are currently seeking dedicated souls for the following positions: Manager, Karma Yoga Coordinator, Construction & Project Manager, and Welcome Desk Assistant. Each position involves different skills and qualifications, but all offer the opportunity to live the practice of Karma Yoga as an integrated path, surrounded by people who share a similar aspiration for Truth. Visit our website for more information.


Upcoming Workshops

Begin 2020 in Love and Awareness by joining us for two special workshops. From January 10-12, Claud will lead the popular Conscious Loving Tantra Workshop, an exploration of love, relationships, and intimacy as a path to divine union. February 12-14, don’t miss Sahaja’s Art of Awareness Workshop in which he offers a rare glimpse into the wisdom of the Vijnanabhairava Tantra, one of the most renowned texts of Kashmir Shaivism. If you’re feeling inspired, choose to extend to the 5-day workshop, the perfect opportunity to deepen your understanding of the teachings. Book now!

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International Events

What better way to welcome 2020 than with silence and awareness? If you can’t join a retreat in Mazunte or Longeval, ring in the new year with Sahaja in Romania, Valentina and Hadi in Guatemala, Arjuna in Thailand, or Grace and Britt in the USA. Next year brings more offerings from our enthusiastic teachers, including special events in the UK, New Zealand, Spain, and Bali as well as ongoing classes in Ireland, Mexico, Austria, Australia, Romania, and Ecuador. Check out our International Events page for complete listings. Wherever you are, we hope to see you in the Heart!