Atmanjali Yoga, Vienna

Christina Rettenwender is a cheerful, enthusiastic yoga teacher who completed the Hridaya Teacher Training Course in 2014. We interviewed her about her activities and aspirations.

When did you found Atmanjali Yoga?

I started offering teachings in Vienna in May 2012, and have been sharing Hridaya Yoga there since January 2015. Angela Akbari joined me after finishing the 2015 HTTC.

What ongoing courses and activities do you offer?

We offer ongoing Hridaya Hatha Yoga drop-in classes every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at different studios in Vienna. Our weekly business yoga classes, taught in corporate offices, also offer a taste of Hridaya Yoga.

Do you have any interesting upcoming events?

Starting in May, we will offer monthly events featuring Bhakti Yoga and Bhajans. We will offer a Spring Yoga Retreat in Italy in the first week of May and a Hatha Yoga Workshop and Bhajans in the Austrian mountains on May 19th.

What’s special about your branch?

Atmanjali Yoga is special because, in addition to teaching in yoga studios, we share classes in corporate environments. In this way, we offer employees the benefits of meditative yoga, spreading the message of the Heart in the business world.

Do you have any future projects planned?

We are searching for a cozy studio in Vienna, increasing the yoga and meditation classes, courses, and workshops that we offer, and plan to invite colleagues from all over the world to join us in sharing the teachings in Austria.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about Atmanjali Yoga?

“Atmanjali” means “salutation to the inner Self.” Thus, by offering yoga and meditation, we support people in the realization of their full potential, their true Divine Nature. You can find Atmanjali Yoga and keep up with our events on Facebook.