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By Cristina Espinosa

Now I understand
that everything that happened
was meant for me to be here
was meant for me to kneel here
in front of this altar
in the depth of my own heart.
What once seemed painful
has dissolved in wonder
into pure bliss and love…
When I think of you
I feel gratitude and love,
as what you gave me was the freedom
to tap into this joy.
It all makes sense now.
There is no void anymore
for I have found a secret gate
to an endless ocean,
where there’s no other kind of need
and only one wish
to go back into that vastness…
The ocean with no shores, no limits
Where my soul belongs.

Cristina Espinosa, a Mexican yogini, got to know Hridaya Yoga in early 2012, after breaking up from a long-term relationship. Healing and transformation came as true gifts of Grace through this practice and also triggered the need to express this wonderment in writing. She teaches Hridaya Yoga in Mazunte and aspires for a life in the sacredness and beauty of the Heart.

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