United for Oaxaca
Hurricane Agatha Relief

Help Us Raise $150,000 to Support Local Communities

Love and Compassion in Action: Hurricane Agatha Relief

Questioner: How should we help others?
Ramana Maharshi: There are no others.

On May 30th, Hurricane Agatha battered the Oaxacan Coast. Severe winds and rainfall triggered flash floods and mudslides, resulting in the loss of at least 20 lives and the destruction of many homes, roads, schools, and businesses.

Oaxaca is one of the poorest states in Mexico, where conditions have long been dire for many families. The pandemic brought further hardships. And in the wake of the hurricane, many have lost not only their houses but all their belongings. They are in immediate need of food, water, housing, and medical supplies.

Hridaya Yoga has operated our center in Oaxaca for over 10 years, and we feel a strong commitment to the people here. So, we’re running a campaign to raise $150,000 USD for hurricane relief.

This campaign is an opportunity to put the Hridaya teachings into action, embodying the spirit of compassion and selfless service in a time of acute need.

When donating, you can trust that 100% of your contribution (minus a small credit card processing fee) will be used to fund efforts that directly impact the community.

How You Can Help

1. Donate to Support the People of Oaxaca

Help us bring immediate, tangible benefits to the people in these communities, covering food, basic necessities, and construction supplies. A donation of just $1 USD can feed a family for a day.

Beneficiary: Hridaya Yoga AC; Bank Name: BBVA; Account Number: 012180001152110263; Swift Code: BCMRMXMMPYM
Please put “Oaxaca” in the transaction description so we know where to target your donation.

2. Donate to Support the Recovery of the Hridaya Center

The Hridaya Center’s infrastructure sustained considerable damage during the storm. In addition to the $150,000 we’re raising for the community, we estimate that we’ll need $50,000 USD to repair and rebuild.

See account info above. Please put “Hridaya” in the transaction description.

3. Purchase a Prepaid Voucher

Your support now will provide funds we need for immediate repairs. Purchase a $150 USD voucher and get a $175 credit towards your next visit to Hridaya Mexico. (Credits are valid until August 31, 2024 and may be applied to meals, accommodation, and tuition for all courses except the Hridaya Teacher Training Course.)