Hridaya Yoga Mexico

Teaching Opportunities

Module Teachers

Demand is growing for Modules 1-7, and this presents an opportunity for more graduates of the Hridaya Teacher Training Course to share the teachings in Mazunte. Module teachers teach 8-12 hours per week and may be asked to teach any module that they have completed. In addition to teaching, teachers are asked to assist with other tasks needed for the harmonious running of the Center. The total weekly service commitment is 25 hours. We prefer a minimum commitment of 3 course cycles.

Teachers with more experience are given priority. However, we have a sincere intention to train and develop newer teachers, so don’t hesitate to express your interest.


All teachers enjoy complimentary meals at the Center 6 days per week, the opportunity to participate in the 10-day retreat at the end of each cycle taught, the ability to enroll in Hridaya Modules, and the innumerable ineffable benefits of selfless service.

Please note that all teachers serving in Mazunte are eligible for the above benefits. However, as the spirit of service is paramount, when assistance is required in other areas (for example, supporting the kitchen), teachers may be asked to forgo their participation in the retreat. Also, note that not all Hridaya Modules are offered every month—should your course level not be available, you are welcome to repeat other modules.

Apply Now

If your fire to share the teachings has been kindled, we invite you to apply to join the team. Please apply via the link below.

Please Note:

Successful completion of the Hridaya Teacher Training Course is a requirement to teach at our centers. If you have not completed this training, please do not apply.