Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

September 2017

Greetings from the Heart!

We trust you are well and resting in the grace of the present moment. We are happy to give an update on what has been developing at Hridaya.

In addition to our exciting progress in France including the launch of a website, things are humming in Mexico. We have just opened “El Corazón,” a new restaurant across the street from the Hridaya Yoga Center. In an effort to create better conditions for the revelation of the Spiritual Heart inside the Center, we are now limiting Wi-Fi access to the restaurant area. And, to enable us to harmoniously offer the Hridaya teachings to ever more students, we have recently updated our Registration Guidelines. Please look them over when planning your next visit to Mazunte.

We hope to see you soon in this growing family of the Heart!

Awaken to the Present Moment

Sahajananda has written a thoughtful explanation of the yogic perspective on shadow work. If you have been contemplating this topic, his piece is a must-read.

He also shares the following recommendation:
“Trust your Heart and be humble. Self-awareness by itself means the dissolution of pride.

Humbleness is the sign of authenticity, naturalness. It doesn’t mean passivity, it is training in letting go.

No matter how hard surrender seems, the ever-present awareness of the Heart will make it gentle.

Humbleness is the highest form of worship. Meditation is beholding the majestic realm in which the Heart can transform anything.

All existence is dignified because you are humble. A secret shared with Life in silent watch.

Embrace the simplicity of Truth and give up the desire to have spiritual experiences. Let all striving cease.

Awaken to the Present Moment. It means the real you, in humbleness and freedom.”

Mazunte Workshop Series

An invigorating lineup of workshops is being presented at our home in Mexico this month. We are delighted to give both women and men the opportunity to become more aware of their essence, as Antoaneta and Craig bring their insight and years of experience to the Embody Your Divine Feminine women’s workshop and the Men Without Masks men’s retreat from the 19th to the 21st. Luna will lead Compassionate Communication from the 22nd to 24th. This life-changing workshop will give you the tools to harness the power of your innate loving nature to live and communicate effectively and from the Heart. You will learn to cultivate self-love as you transcend judgments and share your authentic truth.

Hridaya Yoga France Awaits You!

The dream of a home in Europe is now a reality, with Hridaya Yoga France’s Domaine de Longeval welcoming Karma Yogis, staff, and guests alike. Thanks to your donations and other support, we are able to present several upcoming workshops in our new space. Visit us for the Taste of Tantra, Living in the Beauty of the Heart, or our Permaculture Design Certificate Course. Our workshop leaders are selflessly offering their wisdom, and all proceeds will benefit the development of the project. If you are unable to visit but are inspired to contribute, please consider volunteering or providing financial assistance. Keep up with our progress on the Hridaya Yoga France Facebook page.

Karma Yoga Immersion!

Our inaugural Karma Yoga Immersion Program is flowing wonderfully. Five keen aspirants are taking careful yet accelerated steps on the path of selfless service. They are supported by a dedicated group of teachers: Claud, Luna, David, and Alison. In addition to yoga, meditation, and service, they are learning to open their hearts by experiencing the gift of Compassionate Communication.

What is Karma Yoga?

We recently debuted the Hridaya Series, a set of short videos of Sahajananda sharing insights on the Spiritual Heart. This month, we are pleased, to present a new video series featuring Claud discussing Karma Yoga, the yoga of action. His enthralling discourses explore the basics―as well as some of the finer points―of this often-overlooked aspect of a well-rounded spiritual practice.

Teacher Spotlight: Craig White

Hridaya teacher Craig White is on a mission to help men reach their true potential, guiding them to increased self-awareness, accountability, and sense of purpose. We invite you to join him for the transformative Men Without Masks Retreat in Mazunte in September.

International Events

The message of the Heart is being spread far beyond our centers in Mexico and France. Our international teachers offer inspiring classes, workshops, and retreats all around the world. Check out our upcoming courses and ongoing opportunities—you’ll find interesting events in France, the USA, Australia, Guatemala and Romania.