Hridaya Yoga France

Frequently Asked Questions

For information on how to reach Hridaya Yoga France by bus, air, train, or car, please visit Getting to Longeval.

We suggest packing the following items:

  • Warm clothes in winter. A jacket or warm sweater in the summer months should be sufficient.
  • Clothes for yoga and meditation. We recommend breathable clothing made from natural fibers whenever possible. Depending on your personal preferences, t-shirts, tank tops, yoga pants, leggings, sweatpants, and shorts are all good options. You may want to wear a long-sleeve shirt or sweatshirt until you warm up. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and able to move freely.
  • Warm slippers for inside during winter; flip flops in summer
  • Refillable water bottle and a thermos for tea.
  • Yoga mat (although the school has mats available for use, it is more hygienic to bring your own)
  • Meditation cushions (we have cushions available if you don’t have your own)
  • Shawl or blanket (for early morning meditations)
  • Sarong or mat towel (if you use one of our mats we ask that you cover it with your own sarong or towel)
  • Thermos (if you enjoy drinking tea during lectures, it is a good idea to bring a thermos, as mugs are not allowed in the halls)
  • Bio-degradable soap, shampoo, and other toiletries. Note: Our center has an eco-friendly sewage system. Therefore, we have a strict policy requiring all guests to use chemical-free, 100% natural, organic toiletries. A range of such products is available in our on-site shop.
  • Any required medications
  • Notebook and pen/pencil
  • Earplugs
  • Electrical adapter, if needed
  • Hiking or running shoes if you plan to do outdoor activities
  • Cash – if you need to do laundry during your stay, 2€ coins are required to operate both our washing machine and dryer. Also a 50€ deposit is required if you wish to borrow a book from our small library.

Please see our Payment and Refund Guidelines for complete refund information.

Our prices are listed in euros. We only accept payment in euros.

The main reason we keep our prices low is that our teachings are rooted in traditional yogic philosophy, according to which we should lead a simple life, respecting aparigraha, non-greediness. Both as students and teachers we learn to live in the spirit of yoga, in an unpretentious and natural way.

While material aspects are not ignored, they are not our main focus. When we free ourselves from the obsession with material gain, the love and freedom of our being will naturally be emphasized and blossom.

Another reason we are able to offer such reasonable prices is that many students and teachers support the community with their inspiration and natural gifts by working in different Karma Yoga (selfless service) activities.

We also have trust that life in itself is a generous and abundant offering when we learn how to honor and receive the gifts of existence.

While we offer “cheap” courses, we consider that the spiritual perfection that we essentially are should also be reflected in a high standard of quality for our teachings and services—there is nothing “cheap” about our offerings.

While we don’t exclude this option in principle, we want to ensure the smoothness of our administrative operations—guaranteeing a fixed salary for our employees and honoring our other financial responsibilities. Sometimes the donation approach is rooted in a mentality of offering something that may not be good enough but assuming people will donate according to their degree of satisfaction. Thus, complaining is somehow avoided. We are fully aware of the quality of the teachings we offer and we are totally accountable for it.

On the other hand, we believe that any human being with an authentic spiritual aspiration should be able to learn meditation and yoga, no matter what their financial situation may be. Because of this, we offer scholarships and we are always willing to support students who really need help.

Our kitchen lovingly prepares simple, wholesome meals every day. We use fresh and organic products that are locally sourced whenever possible. All dishes are primarily vegan, although some dairy items may be available on the side. You may book meals when registering for courses.

We provide complimentary hot water. You are welcome to bring your own tea bags or purchase them from a selection in our Yogi Shop.

The area around Longeval is at an altitude of 480 meters, so the temperature can vary. It is worth bringing some warm clothes even in the summer.

  • June, July, August, and September are generally warm, with a pleasant average temperature. The summer months can be very hot, going up to 40° C (104° F), but can occasionally go down to 15° C (59° F), so make sure to plan accordingly.
  • The temperature stays warm until October then begins to drop for winter.
  • It can snow from December to March.
  • Springtime temperatures average 20° C (68° F).
  • The warmest month is July.
  • The coolest month is December.
  • May is the wettest month.
  • July is the driest month.

Internet is available in the Wi-Fi lounge. It is free of charge for visitors staying at Domaine de Longeval.

The Lac des Sapins (Lake of the Pine Trees), a beautiful lake with the largest ecological swimming pool in Europe, is located 15 kilometers from Longeval. Lyon, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is one hour away by car or public transportation.

When planning your trip, please make sure you have a French visa valid for your entire stay. For information about visa requirements for your home country, please visit this page.

We recommend that all visitors have health and civil liability insurance in case of accidents.

It’s possible to bring your children to our center. During some summertime Hridaya Yoga Module cycles, we offer childcare. Please contact the Welcome Desk for more information (email:; phone/WhatsApp: +33 621 27 37 69). Please note that we do not offer childcare during silent meditation retreats.

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