10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat


17-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat

Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat Testimonials

“It has made the light inside me shine brighter than ever before! I will be attending another retreat very soon. Many many thanks, it is a truly wonderful retreat. Very well planned and organised. I know it has and will bring joy and peace of mind and heart to many seekers.” Carol, Ireland

“I felt the sense of alienation disappear and I was connected to all in my Awareness like the fabric of a symphony.” –Anne Marie

“I realized that my mind is heavy, serious and sad but my Heart is active, happy and peaceful.” –Anne Marie

“I feel very blessed to have had a retreat with Sahaja, the transmission of the teachings are so profound and beautiful.” –Anne Marie

“I found the connection with my Heart, feelings of Love and space, a new paradigm for life.” –Xavier

“Such a wonderful journey again, each time layers are taking off and the taste of Being in my heart gets sweeter and sweeter, such a beautiful gift, amazing teachings and Sangha.” –Xavier

“Beyond anything words can describe, beautiful, life changing, a remarkable gift to the soul.” –Jordan

“There is a Truth, and I have it with me always.” –Jordan

“Silent love is beautiful.” –Dmitry

“During a meditation I surrendered, and surrendered again, and each time I felt my Heart open even wider. Asking Who Am I? from that state was a beautiful experience.” –Abigail

“Honor the longing of your Heart.” –Anonymous

“Exquisite, a precious gift to our soul, a product of Pure Love, coherence, deepest knowing.” –Akiko

“These ten days gave me strength, liberation, opening, surrender and the wisdom of silence and Self-Enquiry. I am full of Love, gratitude, surrender, joy and excitement.” –Akiko

“Amazing and impressive how much transformation and integration can happen in just ten days through so much knowledge, wisdom and love, I am extremely grateful.” –Fernando

“I recognized my nothingness I had experienced most of my life, life changing and liberating for me.” –Fernando

“So much happened that I have more than one hundred pages of journaling, impossible to share everything, just gratitude.” –Fernando

“I am new to meditation and Yoga, and it was very challenging to maintain concentration and grasp new concepts, but still I think it was a very rewarding and instructional experience. This Retreat gave me new tools to improve my life. I liked the openness and love in the air.” –Anonymous

“I felt the protective cocoon of my heart open and there was just light radiating out of my heart through my whole being, dissolving in to the whole Universe, and there was also this sound coming from my heart, a very pure, most beautiful sound that I have ever heard before, like the very pure sound of a harp, but it was beyond any instrument I can describe. I cannot find words for this sound and light I experienced in my heart, in myself, just love.” –Rada

“A real journey, for me it was a space and place where one starts in the mind and can learn to live from the heart. This Retreat is like a kick start to learn to live from the heart.” –Anonymous

“God exists in me, there is another way of life, I have the freedom to choose, I do not have to be a victim to my thoughts, I can meditate.” –Anonymous

“Looking at flowers, the sea, sunset, people in utter wonderment, as if for the first time, falling in love with everything, feeling this enthusiasm burst in my heart for no reason.” –Nathalie

“I learned to meditate, deeply and truly. I witnessed my thoughts and patterns with more clarity than ever before.” –Nathalie

“More than anything I want to express my infinite gratitude to Hridaya for all the wonderful work that is done through such pure and dedicated people. You have changed my life and will change that of many. The teachings are just so perfect, so coherent, so sharp. It is as if the most beautiful and sincere tools and teachings have been collected and delivered to us in such a consistent package of wisdom.” –Nathalie

“Love is infinite and always present, God is universal across all religions, I am Love and I am God.” –Baylie

“The Retreat was one of the best experiences on my spiritual path thus far and it was also the hardest, a special kind of rollercoaster that has changed my life forever.” –Baylie

“It was my third Hridaya retreat, doing a Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat is the most healing experience I have ever had.” –Leyla

“This retreat has really opened me up to the teachings in a completely new and vibrant way. The gratitude and aspiration is vibrating through the very cells of my being. The joy for meditating is growing with each day and my heart is longing for the truth which radiates from the essence of Who am I? Which is ultimately the Heart. Many things are being revealed inside of me, patterns and tendencies I am so willing to work with and let go of.” –Linn

“I purchased a new notebook for the retreat and I filled it front to back with notes, I treasure it more than my passport.” –Anonymous

“The second day, in the morning meditation my heart started to burn and then something opened up like a vast ocean or sky.” –Daniel

“I was living in hell, anxiety and sadness and only after three days of living here I know how to see the blue sky.” –Paulina

“This retreat gave me a strong and definite calling to make spirituality the center and periphery of my life.” –Sitara

“I really appreciate the love, patience, and openness at the hall during all the retreat. It made me feel very comfortable. This shows that all of you are coherent with the teachings. I’m glad I signed up for the 3-day silent retreat. I will be leaving with my heart full of peace, love, and hope.” -Alejandra

“One of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone should have it at least once in their lives.” -Conny G.

“One of the best experiences I have ever had in my spiritual search.” -Mariana H.

“Absolutely amazing, so thankful to have done it. It was ridiculously difficult, but like people who run marathons, I’ll do another one.” -Leah S.

“I feel grateful and lucky to have heard about this retreat and to have taken it. I haven’t done anything like it before, but I feel this is what we need in today’s world, to take time for ourselves.” -Pyry J.

“I feel like I have just woken up from a lifetime dream. It was a very purifying experience, I identified my thought patterns and at the same time I stopped identifying with them. I surrendered to life and the infinite present moment and infinite love, it’s hard to put into words something that goes beyond them.” –Carla

“Hridaya Meditation…is the most effective technique I have ever experienced in quickly and deeply accessing emptiness or stillness.” –Sam

“It’s a beautiful place, filled with beautiful people and beings, and in the middle of the silence I could see and feel myself reflected everywhere.” –Anonymous

“I experienced that everything that arises from this infinite energy is transitory, nothing on that level is the ultimate truth, like experiencing a fear, or having an opinion.” –Sangita

“It’s more than a retreat. I will be able to leave here with a spiritual tool belt. Every day there was a revelation and an answer to a question in my life.” –Aimee

“It brought me to tears and I realized where my heartache lies and how much love I have inside. It was very overwhelming but beautiful.” –Aimee

“I can hear my heart.” –Paola

“Realizing how much love is in my heart made me question everything I have been, and made me realize how much more I can grow in love in order to be who I’ve always been.” –Katia

“When you are silent it is as though your mouth shuts and your eyes open. For me this happened through nature, everything was just more beautiful.” –Brooke (16 years old)

“How good it feels to be in this amazing and beautiful retreat again. It is my third retreat and I am so grateful to be here, my heart is full of joy, these teachings are priceless and no words can describe it!” –Charlotte

“Every retreat is different. This retreat was very special for me as I discovered simplicity. My meditation attitude somehow changed from waiting for something to happen to just a curious discovery of the wonderment of being. Nothing more. Being and letting go.” –Elena

(The retreat was) “absolutely incredible. I know that my Heart guided me here and this work was profoundly important and exactly what I needed.” –Lindsay

“I’ve been in many retreats all around the world and this one is one of the best, most clean, well-organized and made with love!” –Jessica

“It is an excellent opportunity for being with yourself. To rediscover the main reason for which we were created. This retreat gave me more than I expected, helped me to find my center again and my equilibrium, and most importantly to open my heart and become conscious to do so, no matter what happens in my world.” –Cinthia

(This retreat was) “a wonderful and worthwhile endeavor to break with old patterns and beliefs, and confront the inner ‘pig-dog’ (German word for the beast living inside you who is imposed to any transformational efforts). Also to open the heart, which for me was long overdue, to all the beauty and oneness that I thought I never deserved.” –Sophie

“Overall it is a wonderful immersion in the Self – I almost wish it was longer. It was run very well with lots of support. I would love to come back again after putting the new life tools and awareness into action in daily life and see how things have evolved!” –Alice

“It was a beautiful experience coming to this retreat and really slowing down life, having time to really breathe every single breath and appreciate life, nature and all it’s wonderment. I’m so glad my path brought me here and I am truly grateful for the experience.” –Alice

“Incredible. A beautiful journey into meditation with fundamental information to guide you deeper into meditation, and form a strong bond and love for self enquiry.” –El

“I have reached a whole new depth in my meditation practice through practical techniques and direct experience. This is a far superior and more authentic way to live and I honor my spiritual practice and the beautiful teachings. It has changed my perspectives and brought a whole new paradigm to the way I live, experience and perceive life.” –El

(This retreat was) “life-changing, transformative and empowering. I am still coming to terms with all that I studied and witnessed in the last ten days, but I know my life will be much better for undertaking this, and reconnecting with spirituality and remembering to live with an open heart.” –Dora

“I have recognized that the mind and ego try to play tricks on you, but in silence there is great peace, revelation and grace.” –Dora

(The retreat was) “beautiful, magical, a blessing. I wish everyone could experience ten days with Sahajananda on this journey to the heart. The world would be a better place.” –Anonymous

“This has been a very good journey and such a good investment. I am looking forward to using my new knowledge.” –Olle

“Every retreat I do continues to amaze me and deepen my intimacy with the spiritual Heart. Each time there is a new gem that makes my soul sing, and new revelations into Being.” –Alison

“I received more than what I came for and found motivation and good tools to continue on the spiritual path. I am convinced that my everyday life will be better now.” –Anonymous

“I came to Hridaya looking for genuine spiritual teachings and methods. I was hoping to have practical guidance on how to get into a truly meditative state. I wanted to experience not speaking and wasting my words. I wanted to be spiritually inspired. I found all of this and more at Hridaya.” –Amy

(The retreat was) “life-changing… but now the real work begins to keep my spiritual practice and integrate daily life into my spiritual life!” –Anonymous

“It was very neat clarifying definitions about the spiritual concepts that are around everywhere, and the best part is that you learn to understand them beyond the mind, but rather with your being centered in the heart.” –Miguel

“A great, comprehensive and inspiring eclectic introduction to the non-dual perspective.” –Kyle

“There was so much grace. Beautiful changes in nature, rain, wind added to the harmony and sacredness. So much wisdom and truth provided; I am full of gratitude. Thank you, deeper than words.” –David

(The retreat is) “a unique experience to quiet the mind, the body, and the senses, and be totally open to perceive infinity, love and bliss – our true nature.” –Natalia

“When I came to take the Hridaya meditation retreat, I never imagined it was going to be so transformational. I was just looking for some days out of my busy life in the city and some time to be in silence. But the way that Sahajananda leads you little by little, step by step, with compassion and love to connect to the spiritual heart is indescribable – it is something you have to live to understand.” –Leyla

“Until today, this was the most valuable experience I have lived. Thank you.” –Leyla

“This spiritual experience should be lived by every human being at least once in their lives. It is so transformational that no one should transcend from this world without living it! Thank you!” –Leyla

“I had three beautiful days in the center learning some basic aspects of Hridaya Yoga. This experience has motivated me to meditate more on the heart centre, which is new for me. It inspired me to practice yoga with more awareness and of course to live with more awareness and real joy.” –Anonymous

“This was a wonderful experience filled with beautiful moments, challenges and insights that I will carry with me always.” –Chelsea

“Hridaya is a beautiful oasis of consciousness in Mexico, I am so grateful for its existence. The vibe of the staff, the karma yogis and the teachers is amazing – they really walk the talk and are so inspiring, welcoming and open.” –Alicia

“This was a wonderful experience, very transformational and powerful. I wish that more people could live it. So much learning. I feel very humbled every single moment, a constant ‘thank you.’” –Alicia

(This retreat was) “very touching. It changed my life and vision of everything. I have now a complete and deep understanding of life.” –Anonymous

“A retreat that lifts you to the sky, and brings you back to earth too.” –Anonymous

(The retreat was) “very thoughtful. Step-by-step the retreat really went through all of the essential and important knowledge you need to create a good base for meditation.” –Rosanna

“Mind-blowing. Life-changing. Moving. Incredible. The retreat filled my heart with love and all my senses with joy. It was challenging at times, but extremely rewarding. The beauty of silence is beyond this world. It made me more aware and more observant, more loving. I will do it over and over again.” –Ana

“This retreat is well tailored to everyone – from complete beginners to experienced meditators.” –Jessica

“This retreat was the best gift I ever gave myself.” –Molly

“It was one of the most profound, cohesive “downloads” about how to walk my path in this life that I’ve ever had. This retreat is so well-thought and flows perfectly. It is truly a gift to the world” -Lindsay, USA

“A blessing!” -Elena, Germany

“It is my third retreat and I am so grateful to be here, my heart is full of joy, these teachings are priceless and no words can describe it” –Charlotte, Switzerland

“In ten days you can re-evaluate your entire life! This retreat is not only about silence, but about letting go, about an awareness I was not aware of before, about living wit an open heart, experiencing how important is meditation. Until today, the most profound experience I ever lived!” –Leyla, Mexico

“School for life.” –Martin, Germany

“This retreat totally blew my mind, or I should say blew my heart! I loved it … it is such a beautiful gift. I feel like I found my heart here.” –Charlotte, France

“This is my 5th retreat and the repetition is so amazing. Every time I deepen more into this grace, I can see such a difference between each of them, I am like a different being after.” –Iris, Belgium

“The retreat holds the promise for a more pure way of living, dipped in the infinity of the love you feel. One of the most difficult and beautiful things I have ever done.
I don’t want to leave this silence. Like the waves of the ocean, I feel surrendered to the deep endless essence of my being. I sigh, I smile, I laugh and I cry, all at the same time. And I realiye there is nothing more ought to be done.” –Brecht, Belgium

“The universal love irradiates from Sahajananda for everybody, like the rays of the sun. Please Master, let me be close to you, just to learn the Love for God” –Amita, Italy

“The feeling when you see whales, when you fall in love, when you are deeply happy has a place in the heart and you can go there in deep silence” –Judith, Germany

“I like to express the qualities of secure, deep, touching tenderness which I’ve experienced during meditation, in my daily life. It’s like meditation starts to take over my life :D” Petra

“A beautiful place, with beautiful people and a beautiful intention. I love the all-encompassing approach, drawing on different religions and traditions, to guide us to towards opening the heart. Sahaja is captivating and gentile; it was an honour to be in his presence and to receive his wisdom. I felt through the whole process, a firm supporting hand when required and a hand that pointed in the right direction in other moments.”Anonymous

“Over the past ten days I experienced an opening of my mind and heart. Reminders of who I am, who I want to be to be… and who I have always been. This process hasn’t been easy and I know it will continue to challenge me but I feel so much stronger and clearer following this.. It has inspired me to bring more light into my life, driven by my heart’s desire to express itself.”Petra

“I really appreciate the pure devotion of the leader, to help people awaken. He comes across as a person with a huge heart. He has a gift for speaking, communicating and inspiring. I hold a lot of respect and love for him.”Petra

“Experiencing the endless love and peace; an inner hug which I seemed to have lost and recognised again. Discovering the connection to God in stillness. I thought I had lost God years ago. Having not really cared about religion, God, prayer etc. and still knowing there is something which words can’t describe. An ultimate reality, Love.”Anonymous

“This was my second retreat and I am amazed and humbled by how powerful, inspiring and illuminating it continues to be. I feel so blessed that my path has led me to this school, community and most especially these sacred, beautiful teachings and Sahajananda. Thank you.”Alison

“No matter what happens in life, every experience we have is the experience the universe provides for the evolution of our consciousness. When the heart is open, we can understand this with love, acceptance and gratitude. Even when the universe gives us a challenging lesson. In trust, faith and surrender there is unconditional love and freedom. Fear disappears, and the aliveness of life’s mystery is seen. The perfection of each moment.”Anonymous

“I have opened to love in a way that I never have before. And because of this not only do I feel no sadness or resentments for the painful parts of my personal life… but I actually feel boundless love that knows no fear, and so, so much gratitude acceptance and peace. Thank you Sahajananda, Ramana Maharshi, God.”Anonymous

“It was a full on program facilitated with a lot of care and love. I felt a lot of trust for the structure and process. I felt carried and well taken care of in the exploration of my own self.”Aranka

“That there is a pure existence in me and that I can connect with that through my heart. That I am love and that love is my home. That it is really possible to step away from the ego and finally surrender to the infinite space of the heart.”Anonymous

“Thank you eternally for this life enriching experience. You taught me what I always knew, but never understood. You showed me what I always felt, but could never explain. Maybe the most valuable treasure of my life has been revealed.”Anonymous

“Such a beautiful experience, thank you so much. I feel so blessed to have received these powerful teachings in such an accessible and experiential way. Although I have been trying to meditate for a while now, and have tried many approaches but always found it so difficult, and have been doing yoga for many years, I consider that my spiritual practice has just begun now. I understand the point of meditation now, which is the true spiritual path. I feel my heart opening. I know that this yearning and longing which I have forever felt in my heart is a spiritual yearning, not a yearning for personal love, which is where I have always looked for it.Jane

Reflecting on the last 2 years since total immersion and frequenting into the space of the heart, I now ‘know’ what it is to break through limitations, blocks and fears since I see an en ever increasing journey of growth and openness bringing more and more unexpected possibilities each day. My unending love and thanks to Sahaja -Niamh Kavanagh, UK

I went into the 10-Day Silent Retreat not knowing what I was getting myself into. At points, I struggled. But waiting for me on the other side of those struggles were beautiful, if fleeting moments of stillness and joy. Those brief moments were more than enough to plant the seed of spiritual curiosity. This retreat was the beginning of a new and exciting path. -Julia Gibson, USA

Sahajananda’s teachings and the monitor’s compassion have given my new life a new sense that will last a lifetime! I was not expecting anything and received so much! Thank you all. -Cynthia Blauder, USA

I know I haven’t been the best student here, but I have tried hard, and I have accomplished a lot, despite constantly changing positions or my persistent cough. -Melanie Carruthers, New Zealand

Through this 17-day retreat I could sit into deeper aspects of the meditation which I hadn’t touched within a 10 day retreat. Stillness came more naturally, which allowed me to open even more to the Beauty and bliss of the Heart. The way Sahajananda, our teacher, conducted the lectures and meditations on different topics progressively allowed us to go deeper and deeper. Hridaya meditation is the most precious gift the universe has given me! If I ever thought 17 days was too long for me, now I would say it was nearly enough! -Cristina Espinosa, México

All the lectures were good for my soul. In this retreat everything was perfect. Kevin

The meditations brought me to a deeness , intensity , variety of experiences about meditation i never had before.

The lectures were vey clear and understandable. The lecture about surender i appreciated most. Berthild

Thank you Kamala, it was a wonderful experience. I did not expect to be so well cared… Thank you. It was delicious food…And such a warm wellcoming experience.. This was so far ny deepest retreat experience. And thank you Sahaja for the grace and truth you continue to share with us. Naz

The schedule was beautiful. I think the retreat is a very beautiful frame of this limited reality created to help people looking beyond and simply experiencing the truth. Christian

The step by step entering in the meditation over and over again… very helpful for my practice back home. Since the moment I arrived it felt very welcoming. Everything was taken care of. I love fresh and healthy food and that is what it was here.Lovely, fresh and healthy. The dinner on new years eve realy touched me. Trinette

A moment on the top of the hill… experienceing a profound stillness…I was everything that I could see or here. I appreciate most the lecture aboutspanda. Guy

Tonglen touched me most probably becouse I realised in meditation how difficult I find it to integrate myself outside in the world. The practice of tonglen might help me to make that step out of myself and into the self.Jannette

I especially liked the inter-religious quotes and poems. Your knowledge is fascinating and amazing and should, like love, be spread. Christian

The lectures were very great and inspiring, actually all of them. I remember that I appreciated a lot the one about hridaya hatha yoga. Thank you so much, I am very grateful! I feel very inspired, and even the wish came up in me to apply for the hridaya Yoga teachers course. Nicole

Basically I loved all the lectures, they were very clear.What tuched and inspired me the most were the poems and the stories. The food was simple and good, the ideal food for a retreat. All in all a great retreat! Thank you!Kai

Beautiful experience I feel as though I have come to meditation for the first time! It was tough going at certain points but reaching new depths and having great teachings kept me going. The meditation practice in general was by far the deepest I have had and gives me profound motivation to continue. Ian Marshall, UK

A beautiful experience that came at the perfect time. I was inspired bySahajananda’s beautiful presence and felt a deep trust. I found the broad range of practice useful, enabling me to leave and construct a personal practice based on Hridaya Yoga techniques. Guy Davies, UK

A life changing beauty that taught me a new level of understanding about witnessing, surrender, God and Love. Nithya Priyari, Singapore

Much gratitude for Sahaja and everyone else who made this retreat being a precious, profound and beautiful experience! Monika, Switzerland

Even though it was not really easy, (especially if you have not done yoga and other practices), I feel this is like a super spring clean and a beautiful heart opening ,an unexplainable must to do in your lifetime experience. I am very grateful to be here. Nicola, UK

Sahajananda gently takes us on this spiritual journey helping both the novice and the advanced to negotiate the difficulties and to understand what is happening relative to what is happening about our self. An honor and privilege to be a part of this. Trudie Heiman, Canada

I can’t put this into words! Still processing! By day four I had gone into a very deep state of self love and was happy with that. But from then on it was peak experience after peak experience…. I have been shown so many aspects of God and the cosmos I never knew existed and it was inside me all along. Stef Holland, UK

These are not just meditation teachings; they are a way of life. There is not one word ever uttered that does not resonate to the deepest truth of my being. I am devoted to living these teachings. Thank you with all my expansive heart. Radasi, UK

Touched my heart…gently, profoundly and lovely….wonderful; teachings transmitted with admirable humble integrity. I’m very grateful to Sahaja, all the teachers and inspirers of this retreat. Heartfelt THANKYOU!! Guillaume, Belgium

This is the first time I have taken time for myself in this way. I came here with no expectations. I leave with an open heart, feeling grounded and inspired. I felt much body pain in the first few days but worked through it. I had a few beautiful experiences each day. I am really happy with the techniques and excited to try them at home. Thank you… Nico Vanengelen…America

The teachings of this retreat are so beautiful and resonate with me 100percent. I love love! He was such an amazing teacher and the tools I have learned will be priceless in life. Challenging, yet I loved the core of it…and I will do it again! Kat Clarke, Australia

Excellent. This retreat was exactly what I was looking for in terms of spiritual growth, progression along the path. Beautiful. The teachings were excellent. I am forever grateful. I look forward to taking these teachings into my daily life and practice. Clara Jansen, Canada

I have never been so happy, that was great. I have never been so sad, that was great. I have never been so happy and so sad at the same time that was the best. Adam Ossin, Dutch, Israeli.

This is my third Hridaya retreat, and I am so happy with it! I could really go deep and enjoy most of my meditations! I am especially happy to realize the truth and importance of things that I thought I already understood, but now could clearly feel the difference between mental understanding and actual experience. I’m happy to be happy that I am not referring to big things, but to the little things that I did not pay much attention to previously. I learned to accept and everything opened up. Katrin, Germany.

For me it is the best teachings of spirituality that I have received in my life so far. That is why I would highly recommend it. Sebastian, Germany

Beautiful, I loved Sahaja’s quiet yet playful presence and modeling of the Hridaya psychology. I was encouraged to go deeper and inspired to make the focus on the heart my constant practice.
I feel I have come back home to myself, after many years in the ego. My heart is full of love and I just want to share it with the world!. Paige, Australia

This retreat and the leader opened my eyes to a new way of seeing love, feeling love and giving love. Michelle, Australia

What a most beautiful message than the one of love? The teaching that should be spread in the world for a better world. Sandrine, France

Amazing! I feel so blessed to have had the experience and would definitely do it again. I had decided meditation wasn’t really for me after a few vipassanas but a friend spoke so highly of how it affected him, so I decided to come – thank God! What a reconnection to my heart and spirituality – so many seeds have been planted/revealed in me. Thank you! Vanessa, Australia

My life since several years has been devoted to being with masters, and sharing what I myself can. The Hridaya Yoga retreat is in my opinion the most genuinely awake, loving system I know. Michael Lokko, England

This retreat changed my life in that it sent me on a new path focused on my heart. I had heard amazing things about Hridaya and Sahajananda, and both he and the retreat far exceeded any expectation. It was beautiful.Andrea Stumpf, USA

There is no better gift I have received than the knowing of true love! Tim, Australia

I came to love mediation more than I did before. I feel very grateful for the experiences of the stillness and the Divine Grace that supported all of us. Ten days passed so quickly. I could go for another ten days! Akari Tamura, Japan.

I started to understand where love is coming from and how I can experience it without an object. All the methods we learned helped me a lot to deepen my meditation and understand what stillness means. I am very inspired and grateful for this retreat. Mirjam Miller, Germany.

It has been a real journey. Blissful at times and difficult and exhausting at other times. I have reached the deepest and most expansive states of meditation I have ever experienced, interspersed with some moments of despair. I cried a lot. I never knew that such deep healing could take place on a meditation cushion. I feel certain it will guide my meditation and spiritual path from this point on in a deep and powerfully authentic way. making it more grounded, focused and coherent. I guess it is in the nature of seeking to not really fully know what you are looking for until you find it. This retreat had the feeling of finding something that I had been longing for.Katie Wellings, England.

These retreats are simply the most profound, deeply touching and true experiences in my life. Consistently I feel the teachings and practice transforming my life and perspective. Holly Wodetzki, Australia.

A beautiful time to reflect and drop into stillness. After many retreats, it felt like there was a stability and groundedness to the teachings and the heart openings. Something had solidified, no dramatizing, just lots of self acceptance and love. Lorraine Taylor, England.

I did many retreats and almost came to think I could not meditate, since I could not go very deep. This retreat changed my perception of my own potential on the spiritual path. I had a tiny glimpse of unity and now my belief is closer to faith than it has ever been. Givisha, TR.

The first 3-5 days were hell, then something clicked and I started to go really deep for the next few days. On the morning of the ninth day I experienced Samadhi for a few minutes. Ecstatic to say the least. Mosis, Australia.

Has an exquisite quality of pure love and surrender. An amazing depth of the heart. Sarah U.K

At times very challenging, but I had times of breakthrough, peace, gratitude and insight. Overall I am really glad I did it. I learned a lot about my ego and that by inviting my inner observer is more effective than trying to fight my ego! John Kersten, New Zealand.

Amazing experience, I find my heart opened, full of love, I feel blessed to experience this beautiful retreat. Marta White.

The material given here is simply mind blowing and heart revealing. A pure consciousness experience, full of love, thank you. Eric Le Maou, France.

It’s my fifth ten day silent retreat [some vipassna] and for the first time I was able to appreciate most of my meditations and accept them as they were. I was not putting myself under pressure to reach somewhere specific in ten days. I feel like I have a much more calm and down to earth understanding about what meditation is. I really enjoy it! Katrin, Germany.

A travel from my mind to my heart, there is love, then my heart begins to love even the mind, there is love then in a flash, a breakdown to a breakthrough….love is! Sebastian Recotillon, France.

I feel very grateful to have joined this retreat, now for the second time. I would attend again and again. Those teachings are priceless and Sahaja is most inspiring. Sara

Hridaya is a beautiful journey from the known to the unknown. In order that something of the ineffable be revealed. It is a very serious method. Thanks to Sahaja for his infinite patience and passion. Terenzio Amelino, Italy.

I am extremely happy with what I have learned these past ten days, it has been a far more satisfying and enriching experience than I could have imagined. I feel it has given me the skills and the vision to sustain a lifelong practice. Yasmine, New Zealand.

There was a turning point for me on day 8 on the second evening meditation session when the witness observed my mind going through some imaginative dramas, that I felt annoyed at the mind at some point for going on with that story (again). And there is was, from the bottom of my heart for the first time the real question “Who Am I?”, and then it hit me- an immediate response that was so intense and powerful that made my body shake and made me cry, because until then I had felt some kind of blockages, something I needed to release. From then on the meditations went on beautiful and blissful. Cristina Espinosa

Today during the guided mediation, I began to expand and dissolve at once. I felt something in the center of my brain pushing out in all directions and creating space beyond the physical boundaries of my head. Then I began to perceive what I can only describe as a sea of being, of matter, and saw myself as a translucent part of it all. It extended out in front of me and around in all directions, and included everything. I was one point in this blanket sea while being the sea itself at the same time. Beautiful. Marni, USA

It is just amazing how is all is built up so gently. Before this retreat I never really knew what meditation is, I could only sit for 15 minutes at ease, and now 3 hours by joy! The stillness meditation was amazing. I’ve never felt that still before, I felt like I could not even breathe. I am just endlessly grateful- it’s beyond words. This retreat is an indescribable present to my life and I feel that- finally, finally- I’m on a path to come from my head into my heart and beyond. Now I know why so many people love to meditate.Laila, Switzerland

Yesterday during the afternoon meditation a poem came to me. Oh yes, I loved the poetry a lot, I was often moved to tears. I’d like to share this with you: Cycades chanting How I love them They remind me of the stillness. Oh, this tremendous joy of stillness I’ve just discovered… Grace herself stepped into my door 10 days ago.


My body wants wants But my thirst for you is bigger My body wants food But my hunger for you is bigger Oh, Beloved heart of mine Stab me, burn me, eat me alive Embrace me, erase me, overflow me with the nectar of life. Do whatever you please to draw me close to you. I would love if Sahajananda would always lead this retreat. With his guidance he changed my life in ways I have been trying for the past decade. Jordan Elizabeth

I would just like to comment on how strongly the presence of your students speak to me about the effectiveness of the training you offer… especially the men. I met many of your students in Peru and was shocked by their extraordinary presence of heart, stillness and steadiness. Upon arriving here I have witnessed the same qualities in your students who have been practicing. It is truly beautiful and inspiring. Michelle Rockett

It was the first time I felt being in the heart. Also, a few lectures brought revelations for me. I simply understood why almost always I couldn’t meditate, after so many years of dealing with the problems. Generally I really loved the retreat structure, how is unfolded step by step. All ingredients- poems, lectures, meditations, hatha yoga were perfectly combined. Very clear, beautiful, and supportive. Julia, Israel

Thank you once again for creating a wonderful space for this retreat. Sahaja is a blessing of knowledge always and I look forward to the next months. For me this was the perfect way to start my Hridaya journey in Mazunte. I highly recommend all Hridaya Teacher Training participants to take the retreat before starting the course. This creates a real focus and intention for the next stage. So exicted about our upcoming journey!! Infinite love and joy…Naz Khakoo, England

I am most thankful for the kindness of Claud who made me feel it was okay to have my limitations. I will recommend this retreat to many friends, it was a gift for my 70th birthday- best gift ever!!!

I loved everything about the retreat and know that it will continue to serve my growth. Thank you so much!!

For the second time in my retreat experience a talk on the Witness Consciousness led me to a deep meditation.

I felt a beautiful wholeness. The talk on love had a similar effect. I think I’m starting to have labor pains of the heart, I feel very strong chest and heart related shifts. Todd Robbins, USA

I felt this retreat was incredible inspiring and uplifting. The spirit of the teacher was strong and encouraging. The participants were beautiful to feel in the dedication.

During the meditation upon surrender, I was able to experience a taste of what comes with complete surrender. There was a complete fulfilling glow in the Heart, devotion and a desire to stay there forever. Even afterwards I could not be anywhere else but the Heart, the strength of its gravity of love was so strong. Jasmin Clark

Thank you so much for this beautiful retreat. So many moments of joy of the stillness of the Heart. There was a moment when I asked “Who am I?” and all I could do was laugh, for who was asking who, it certainly wasn’t me! Thank you so much for a really enlightening and beautiful experience. To Sahajananda for his sweet presence and lucid teaching, and to the team for their hard work and loving dedication.

My most vivid recollection of the Retreat is that of waking up in the middle of the night with an inexplicable energy and unstoppable hum in my chest. Also, the sunrise and its undeniable beauty and peace at the start of each days meditation and the beautiful walks home in the moonlight, so aware of every sensation and the beauty of each subtle illumination, after a day of meditation and spiritual conquest.

This was the first time someone actually broke each step down enough for me to understand and actually experience a deep state of meditation first hand.

I found myself spontaneously entering a “completely new state of being”. Time was suspended, surrounded by a bubble of bliss and stillness, I wrote in my journal that evening “a hyperawareness and hypersensitivity”.

Throughout the retreat I experienced a deep and fluid state of intuition, there are so many peak moments to mention only in these lines… so deeply grateful for giving myself this opportunity to go within and surrender to my spiritual calling. Anonymous

This is the yoga I want to teach. Finally I have found a path to transcend the ego, finally I feel my heart again. Helga A. Italy

The lectures really do make this retreat unique. Loved the constant pointers to Jnana throughout and Love, Surrender and Death were the most powerful for me. They were very clear. Lorraine T. UK

I loved the way you clarified the difference between duality and oneness and the different practices we can do, ie. doing, symbolic path, jnana, and where they take you. Lorraine T. UK

Finally I know an easy technique to quiet my mind without suffering (as in Vipassana). I was longing for a heart meditation as my heart is speaking to me so loudly for years with pain and longing. Caroline Germany

I realize I’m looking for love all the time because I grew up without the love from God in a sceptical materialist family. I know already to be part of something more vast (Brahma) and eternal, but now this concept is very clear and alive in my life. Helga A. Italy

The lecture about Divine Love is always the most powerful one for me, I guess that’s because Love is the most important and the solution to all problems. Ram A. Israel

The techniques have helped me to stay longer in meditation more easily. An hour was my usual time previously, with forays into one and a half hours once in a while. Now two hour meditations seem quite normal.

The retreat has made me want to live life more with an attitude of openness… I just want to live with an open heart and love others unconditionally.

This retreat has made me want to plunge into Self-Enquiry more than ever. I’ve read some of Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj’s work, and I now I feel it’s time to follow this path. Ed R. Canada

Surrender was a very important lecture, well informed and showed deep care and motivation to clarify questions. I have a more clear understanding of surrender and why it is fundamental for spiritual growth. Brian S. USA

Sahajananda, your teaching is a rare blend of intelligence, wisdom and humility and you are a great inspiration to our generation of spiritual practitioners. You have deeply transformed my meditation practice, ever deepening and evolving. Daniel D. Israel

I’ve renewed my passion for meditation thanks to the retreat. I now want to stay here longer to do a couple more this year and then take the TTC next year! I feel far less attached to my mind! I have experienced a sense of peace and bliss that I have never known. I think these teachings can be applied in my work as a psychiatrist, which I intend to do, in the hopes that I can help others diminish the suffering that attachments to the mind/ego causes them.

I liked how Sahajananda introduced concepts gradually and then was really building on previous teachings. His instructions were profound in part, I think, because he conveyed them with love. Shari K. Canada

It brought back to the source all my seeking and searching. I knew I was on a journey for a long time, but I didn’t know where to. Now I know. Caterina Italy

Me encanto el ‘retreat’. Tome unas meditaciones bien bonitos, me rei, llore, vi la carita de mi madre amdade junto a la mia. No sabia si yo es taber muerta, entre las campanas de los monjes, los grillos en concierto y todos los angeles a mi alrededor. El sentimiento de conlrea, de rendicion al Dios Todogo- dereoso. Fue Fantastico. Gracias, Los Amo. Gloria R. Puerto Rico

It was a crucial point for my spiritual life. After this I feel that I want to consecrate my life to this precious treasure. I’ve been a spiritual seeker all my life and now everything makes sense. I feel a deep joy that I found these teachings. Renata W. Mexico

The Spanda lecture was revolutionary for me because it explained elements that I was intuitively playing with in my practice but had no theoretical knowledge of. The lecture on compassion and the technique were incredible. Alexandra C. Romania

Sahajananda is a first rate teacher, and the subject material is priceless.Theo M. USA


The retreat has given me the tools to really meditate. I’m so grateful to have studied under Sahajananda. I feel like I’m over my fear of using the word “God”. Lyndsey R. USA

I really went a long way in my meditation. Being able to sit for two hours seemed impossible before, but now it just flows. I feel very thankful for this retreat. It is such an immense grace to be a part of it. Lena Israel

It has opened up to me a new way of being. It has made me realize that I am able to detach myself from my old story and old patterns, and my feelings. I now feel more in charge of myself and able to write new stories, free from attachment of the past. Silja H. Norway

This retreat reaffirmed a faith in the possibility of an eternal love and enlightenment. And that true moments of grace are indescribable, so it’s best not to ruin them by trying. Holly W., Australia

I felt guided as to how to deepen my practice and shown (gracefully) where I am limited, giving me faith and trust in the whole. Thank you for your supreme guidance, speaking to my heart in such an intimate way, keeping me open, going beyond, trusting… and answering my questions. I am forever touched, forever changed and realizing I already was and already will be. Tammy, USA

Thank you to all for existing and organizing everything! Thank you precious Sahajananda! Best wishes to all from the ever growing heart. Irina, Canada

I realized not to be overwhelmed and even scared of my emotions. How they arise in my awareness and can be used as a tool for Stillness. Radasi, UK

Thank you for sharing/teaching this life inspiring knowledge with us! Esther, Switzerland

Taught me how to get into an awesome introspective state more quickly than before. Made me realize I had been practicing observation of Aham Vritti for many years. Devamurti, UK

Well, it has left me thoroughly confused about most things in life. So, I suppose that’s a step in the right direction. I now realize I am very closed and have a lot of work to do in opening my heart and feeling emotions apart from normal and angry. Weston Wood, Canada

It got me into closer contact to the sacred gateway of the heart and opened new universes inside of me. It really helped me disidentify with pesky limiting beliefs and thoughts. Gave me ever growing glimpses into the Now. Opened my in love and tore my identity apart. What a relief. Luca, USA

So much gratitude to sit with all the beauty surrounding – with all the insightful teachings, with the wonderful teacher, with the tremor of the heart. A life changing and enhancing experience. Thank you to all that make it happen. Bless! Luca, USA Q:Did the meditation techniques presented help you in your meditations?

A: Yes, definitely! I know feel like a happy little scientist who was just provided with a professional laboratory full of new tools to help with whatever kind of problem may come on the surface. Katrin G., Germany

I always did my best to be good, but now I really will do everything to be good. I understood that my mind is a dictator, a king, and my body the soldier and servant and they kept me so busy that I completely overlooked God sitting and smiling in my heart, always ready to take over the whole business as soon as I would ask and long for it. Now that I know, I will persist on it and always return to my heart which is my real home. There I’m at peace, there I’m free! Katrin G., Germany

This retreat has allowed me to discover a new depth of ‘who’ I really am, not just from a t echnical, theoretical perspective, but finally, finally from personal experiences of meditation. Blaire, Canada

This was a tremendous experience, a consolidation, a solidification of the love and joy in my heart, and my communication with God. Blaire, Canada Hridaya has changed my life. It’s that simple. So much gratitude. I pray that all beings be blessed with this blossoming of the heart and revelation of the all-pervading Oneness. Tiffany N-S, Canada

Each retreat brings with it a new depth, a new flavour and more and more inspiration; always progress and so many lessons; so much gratitude. I feel so much Grace and felt a lot during this retreat. It is a joy, an ecstasy to share this path with so many and to be inspired so much by Sahajananda.Nick C., Canada

I just want to meditate! The first time I took this retreat, the 3 hour afternoon meditation was pure Hell. I mean torture. Now it’s just half an hour too short! So answering this question has a much deeper meaning when considered over two years rather than 10 days. It is really this retreat (the teachings and the teacher) that is the reason for my “mostly-daily” practice. It is this retreat that has inspired me over the years to stay committed to meditation practice. It’s much easier now, because I love what it brings to life. I owe that to this retreat. Karen S., Canada

Doing Hridaya meditation and retreats has transformed my life forever. I have blossomed as a spiritual aspirant and have the tools to continue growing. I am forever grateful to be blessed with this grace and grateful (so so much!) for Sahajananda, Ramana Maharshi, and these teachings. Allie USA

The different themes and techniques helped me deepen my understanding of the Spiritual Heart and offered different approaches for feeling it and reaching a deep state of meditation. Luisa, Finland

I realized I had been on the right way. I found many confirmations of thoughts and ideas I was trying to follow, and I’m going to stay this way, even if it’s hard sometimes, because now I have a strong support.Ekaterina, Russia

I feel a host of immediate benefits – mindfulness, presence, love, expansion and feel excited that this is a valid path toward liberation. I want more than anything to realize I am more than this physical life. Kelley P., USA

I was walking home one evening and was in a space of complete stillness and witnessing. As I looked around I didn’t see things – the sky, stars, trees, other people – I just saw and felt love and beauty and serenity. Jasmine, UK

Not to speak for 10 days wasn’t as hard as I expected… to be very close and intimate with my Spiritual Heart, with “I”. Elisabeth, Germany

It taught me that in order to improve as a human being, the essential thing I need to do now is to calm my mind and I can do that through meditation, and the asanas, that I have already done for more than three years, need to be done in a meditative way. Assaf, Israel

This was my second retreat in one month. The first was great, the second was awesome! I got in these retreats more and deeper meditations than in my whole life maybe. Francois B., France/Thailand

I could have been trying. Trying. And trying all my life. Now I know, there’s no trying. Only Being. Stephanie G., Canada

I am transformed by the slow, steady progress and stabilizing of blissful meditation. Ron L., Canada

Beautiful lectures, inspirational poems, and the very touching and open heart of Sahajananda made this retreat an unforgettable deep experience and I consider it as a great gift in my life. Deep meditation and many insights gave me such a better and more profound understanding of surrender. I talked a lot about surrender but for the first time I could feel and experience its effects. Suriya, Germany

Every time a question appeared on my path, the topic of the lectures gave me the answer. Alexandre P., Canada

[This retreat] got me in closer contact to the sacred gateway of the heart and opened new universes inside of me. It really helped me disidentify with pesky limiting beliefs and thoughts. Gave me ever-growing glimpses into the Now. Opened me in love and tore my identity apart. What a relief. … I have so much gratitude for the opportunity to sit with all the beauty surrounding – with all the insightful teachings, with the wonderful teacher, with the theme of the heart. A life-changing and enhancing experience. Thank you to all that help make it happen. Bless!” Luca B., USA

“ [The strongest experience of this retreat was] my meditation on day 7 which started at 11:30 and ended at 14:00… It was so quiet, so little thoughts, and so inspiring again. I was excited the whole day and night, then on day 8 it went so good again. Then day 9 and 10 better and better! I have better results in 10 days than in 10 years of Vipassana, Theravadan monastery stays, etc. Claudiu, you got it right!!!.” Francois Bellot, France

“Thank you so much for sharing / teaching this life-inspiring knowledge with us!” Esther B., Switzerland

“I feel like a happy little scientist who just got provided with a professional laboratory full of new tools to help with whatever kind of problem may come on the surface. … [An experience I recall vividly is:] There was a light warm wind, the smell of the flowers and I looked at the leaves of grass and I felt really truly at home. I felt like the child in my parents’ garden felt. It was like I had that child’s nose, eyes, skin, and heart. It was so different from before and the heart made all the difference.

And I’m so happy to first of all know that that child is never lost, was never lost, and to secondly know what it was and how to get there that it did not just happen by accident. I consciously did something and the child appeared – best thing ever! … I always did my best to be good, but now I really will do everything to be good. I understood that my mind is a dictator, a king, and my body the soldier and servant and they kept me so busy that I completely overlooked God sitting and smiling in my heart, always ready to take over the whole business as soon as I would ask and long for it. Now that I know, I will persist on it and always return to my heart, where my real home is. There I’m at peace, there I’m free!” Katrin Grossman, Germany

“[This retreat] has left me thoroughly confused about most things in life. So I suppose that’s a step in the right direction. I now realize I am very closed and have a lot of work to do in opening my heart and feeling emotions apart from: normal and angry.” Weston W., Canada

“Sahaja’s presence, the warmth and love emanating through the hall, and throughout my heart [are what touched me most in this retreat]. … This retreat has allowed me to discover a new depth of ‘who’ I really am, not just from a technical, theatrical perspective, but finally, finally, from personal experiences with meditation. This was a tremendous experience, a consolidation, a solidification of the love and joy in my heart, and my communication with God.” Blaire H., Canada

“I realized not to be overwhelmed and even scared of my emotions. How they arise in my awareness and can be used as a tool for stillness. And how the grief I feel inside is just a part of me and through love and acceptance, how it is transformed into pure being, how sacred it is.” Radasi, UK

“Each retreat brings with it a new depth, a new flavor, and more and more aspiration. And always progress and so many lessons… hmmm… So much gratitude. I feel so much Grace and felt a lot during this retreat. It is a joy, an ecstasy to share this path with so many and to be inspired so much by Sahajananda.” Nick Currie, Canada

“Thank you to all assisting and organizing everything. Thank you, precious Sahajananda! Best wishes to all from the ever-growing heart.” – Irina D., Canada

Best ever! It just keeps getting better and better. Each retreat I end up focusing on a different component and there’s so much to play with that each time. I find exactly what I need. I most vividly recall states of stillness and never wanting to move.

The 17 day retreat changed the whole pace of my life, and this retreat stabilized that change – slowing down! Justine, USA

I enjoyed all the lectures very much. Usually I felt the themes were brought up just at the right time, just as they came up in my meditation… I was most inspired by the lectures on surrender, bhakti and death.

I can say that my faith in God is stronger, that I feel like I understand myself and the world better than before. And that I am happy to be alive in this body full of Love.

This was a beautiful and powerful experience for me. Thank you! Libby Savran, Israeli

Everyone should experience a retreat with you! You are just simply love in all forms. Venessa Belem, Portugal

In this retreat, my average meditation was at much higher level. I hope this is a permanent plateau, because then it would be a sure sign of progress.

I feel blessed beyond words for the opportunity to study with you, Sahajananda, and grateful for every moment I get to spend in your beautiful presence. Thank you!! Blessings! Love! Adam, USA

This is not just a retreat, it is a school in itself. Revealing the Spiritual Heart is a great medicine which heals the souls. It is such a gift to the world and humanity which is in need of medicine such as this. Fatih Kecelioglu, Turkey

Being my third Hridaya Retreat, I still find new teachings in each of the lectures and new experiences in each of the meditations. The great inspiration comes from reliving the experience of discovering myself.

Thank you for yet again making possible this life changing experience! Chen Harel, Israel

Being my first 10 day silent retreat, I am so strongly inspired to bring meditation and yoga into my life on a regular consistent basis. I love this style and forms and would love to continue this with the school. Wonderful, heart-opening experience! Darren Guyaz, USA

“Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water as well seeks the thirsts.” — Rumi The most memorable experience this retreat has been when I “connected the dots” in a meditation: stillness — Oneness — Love — I AM — God

This retreat was incredible as I am blessed to feel after each one. New obstacles found their way in to invade my otherwise still mind and lessons and growths was thus achieved. I feel as though my aspiration and inner fire for the Truth increased very much. I feel a solidity in my being and yet such a newness, freshness and an openness to what is and is still to come. I also feel there is much work to be done. With joy! Nicholas Currie, Canada

It helped restore me to my natural state of how I was as a child and helped me feel more present. Sahajanada’s voice, presence and technique are beautiful. See you at the next retreat! Gaurav Vig, India

There aren’t words to express the impact of this retreat and the practice of the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart on my life. I feel so complete, like I’ve come home. A feeling of stillness, centeredness and love pervade from my being. I’m still a work in progress, but I know I am going in the right direction!!

Thank you Claudiu/Sahajananda. Thank you for your teachings, your dedication, your love, your presence and your guidance. You are a true inspiration. I feel blessed to be your student. Thank you with tremendous love and gratitude. Allie Reece, USA

After ten days of focusing mainly on the Heart, I fell something in me has changed. I feel the retreat has inspired and transformed me in a lot of ways! I feel it in my whole being. Kathleen Ravoet, Belgium

It is amazing the transformation and maturity that comes with this practice. The moments of bliss are important but also the awareness and the evolution. This is a piece of heaven on Earth… Thank you very much Sahajanada for helping us to find the light of God within ourselves. Maribel, Spain

This Retreat has shown me a lot of unknown inner structures on which I will work on! I had profound experiences in exploring my mind in meditation and deepened my intimate connection to God and Existence… So beautiful!!Julia Thaler, Austria

I cannot express how much the Retreat has inspired me to go deeper into these methods/values. Carl Maxfield, Australia

Claudiu gives a breath-taking synthesis of Spirituality which gives a lot of clarity and motivation. All lectures were clear and inspiring — I enjoyed every moment.

The Retreat put the finger precisely on the weak points of dealing with the mind and meditation and gave clear ways to deal with. The long meditations helped me to realize my limitations are imaginary.

Most of all Claudiu’s presence, humor, love, commitment, attention, verticality and softness were the most inspiring. It was one of the most beautiful and inspiring things in my life. I re ally cannot think of any improvements. Lirit Klein, Israel

The lectures were amazing — I just counted and I have 75 pages of notes and drawings! Wonderful!

The Retreat has confirmed in me the great love that is delving deep within our own being. It has made me want to start a meditation group back home, and pass on the wisdom that Claudiu has given us. I feel like I am taking the first steps on the path that was always meant for me.

A Poem (written on day 8):

Every time the ocean laps the shore My love for you is renewed and it is as deep and as pure and as eternal as the waves rolling back to their source.Emma Carruters, New Zealand

Claudiu, thank you for radiating what you are sharing in every moment. This is the teaching for me. Radasi, UK

“[The retreat inspired me to spend] time in the heart…. [It] deepened [my] commitment to surrender [and provided a] new baseline for practice and teaching, seeing deeper into what is real and possible spiritually. [I most appreciated’ Claudiu’s presence, experience, humility, strength, humour and example.” Virginia Preston, Canada

‘One time in the break, while lying down with my hands on my heart, I felt my consciousness strongly centered there, and was moved to tears with the realization of how humans express love to each other.

For the first time I started to feel the joy of meditation and was so inspired to do more in my life. I felt my meditations deepen and I discovered a new outlook on reality.

What did you appreciate most? Claudiu’s dedication to getting us to fall in love with mediation. His devotion to the spiritual life, his enthusiasm, sense of humour, the lectures. Amy Henderson, New Zealand

I feel like a foundation of understanding/belief/experience of this deeper more blissful aspect of my being is blossoming and although I am not the deepest meditator(!) this is transferring to my life and happiness profoundly. Marit Griffith, Scotland

Amazing retreat! Intense, tough, but very powerful. Well done Claudiu!

What experience do you recall most vividly? The way Claudiu speaks from the heart. That says it all. “Like this”. Beautiful. Walking Meditations also.

In short, this retreat has made me 1) Stop, 2) Surrender to what is, 3) Remember Who I am I appreciated the sharing of all that great knowledge Claudiu has gathered over the years. The softness, kindness and loving way it was presented, Also the simplicity and profoundness. Lorraine Taylor, UK

This retreat forever inspires the depest call of my heart to be answered and cultivated in truth. Truth, truth, truth – all what we experience here resonates with the ancient scriptures, the unified message of the mystics. I am grateful for the inspiration and in no doubt transformation.

“The 16th day when you spoke about samadhi states vs transitioning helped immensely. It was a breaking point for me and I think that whole lecture should be put on the 10th day. ” Justine Baruch, USA

There are a lot of outstanding moments that I will treasure, but I think the realization that these teachings were absorbed into my being, forever changing me, was very powerful. My entire perspective and attitude has changed. The teachings are no longer just nice ideas, but they have become my reality – a work in progress, at the very least.

I’ve been inspired in every way possible. Every cell in my body and all of my other bodies are forever changed. Every real transformation is irreversible! I want to live what I’ve learned. What I feel in my heart. It is such a beautiful feeling!

I appreciate and love Claudiu infinitely!

Claudiu, thank you so much!!! Your love, compassion, aspiration, kindness, wisdom, sincerity, devotion, openness, and humor have touched me deeply. Thank you for sharing your path. There are no words to express my gratitude. Thank you! Allie Reece, USA

In which ways has this retreat inspired and transformed you? In all ways and in no way! It has laid out a path beautifully, in front of my feet. Fully inspired it’s time to walk it! Nicholas Currie, Canada

I appreciate the teacher’s dedication in sharing all the details of the teaching and especially the way in which he has answered the questions. Mantre Starski, Poland

Claudiu gave me new stimuli and much wisdom. Thanks. Amelino Terenzio, Italy

The retreat has inspired me in many ways, many unclear to my mind. This gives me a deeper understanding of the path and love for the advaita vedanta vision. It has also given me more insight, so important is how I identify with the mind or keep the attention on the body.

Thanks Claudiu! I believe our paths walking together could just be beginning. You are doing great work. Geoff Torkington, USA

It helped me to realize that I have the option of being happy because it is essentially what I am. And that any time a doubt or depression arises, I can tap into that happiness and remain there. Anonymous

I leave every Hridaya retreat with increased awareness, a deepened sense of peace and joy, and a greater ability to understand the real priorities of life.Michelle Barabonoff, Canada

Thank you Claudiu! I love your retreats! Thanks for your patience and devotion. Juliane, Germany

In sitting this retreat I’ve gained more clarity and centeredness. Sitting in stillness, I’ve discovered new depths of being. I am full of aspiration, inspired to continue practicing and going deeper.

Thank you Claudiu, for this retreat and for all your insights, your care, your love, and your presence – your being! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Blessings! Adam Caplan, USA

It makes me cry when I look at everyone’s faces and I know I know them….like from somewhere, evern though many are complete strangers. An intimate feeling of recognition arouses which makes me feel joyful, that there are so many brothers and sisters.

This retreat has deepened my belief and brought/brings changes from spiritual life to worldly life.

The retreat was fantastic. Only those truly inspired dared to continue, so the meditative atmosphere was deeper. Claud Vaduva, USA

Every day was like Christmas, a new lecture every day, great topics, very well structured, clear and understandable.

I learned to overcome limits and boundaries I’ve set in my head. For example I can now meditate easily for 3 hours, before I thought 2 hours was the maximum, but now I realized that it’s not so long. And as usual there is more aspiration towards God, more inspiration, more SPANDA…!

Amazing group energy, everything seemed to flow and everyone was so focused and inspired.

It was great to have Radasi responsible for the women, she’s such an angel! Thank you Claudiu for bringing this gift to my life! Esther Greler, Switzerland

The extended portion allowed a much deeper development of meditation – simply the most profound experience of my life!

Claudiu’s ability to fill every cell of my being with love, gratitude and aspiration. I also appreciate his patience answering questions and love to hear his responses and lectures in general. Anonymous

This morning – love, gratitude, peace, stillness – I want the retreat not to end! Can’t we go on?!?

Wow! The extra 7 days took us even deeper, stabilized things more and more, allowed the longer meditations, more stillness – so unbelievable!

I appreciated Claudiu most – his teaching, his inspiration, his being – teaching with Dengue Fever! Just the presence of him gave me the inspiration to go deeper.

Once again, thank you Claudiu. This enriching and enlightening so many lives. Let’s take it further – sangha time! Tiffany Nicholson-Smith,Canada

When Claudiu said: “many moments of this retreat will pass, make this moment unforgettable”…and then – stillness…and love!

I started to see the beauty even more everywhere. Even my cats were more beautiful in my eyes. I enjoyed the rain like never before! Lying down on earth when raindrops are falling on my body made me feel so happy that I was laughing and crying at the same time. Rosie, Israel

Which experience do you recall most vividly? Some personal revelations regarding consciousness and oneness. Everyone staring in bliss at a thunderstorm. Hendri, South Africa

What touches and inspires me most is Claudiu’s love and devotion for his students and God! Om Namah Shivaya!

The flow of lectures: they were progressive and somehow follow our experiences synchronistically always proving the feedback and information needed at the right time. Andre Lepine, Canada

Hridaya Retreat I understand what it means, that “meditation gets effortless”. Everything is so easy!!! Why is it so hard to repeat these experiences?

I feel encouraged and inspired to really take my time for daily meditation and hope that I can inspire more people to do yoga and meditation. We need more awareness and love on this planet! Jana Schuldt, German

“I had a clear mind and everything in that moment was just so beautiful and everything became one and infinity… [It] almost made me want to stay in that moment as long as I could…. The poems and lectures have inspired me. I love to hear them again and again and all the amazing stories have changed my mind forever. The way that Claudiu spoke really touched my heart.” Penpak Pakkumlao, Thailand

It is grounded in research and taught by a dedicated practitioner. Love it!

All lectures were inspiring, I like how Claudiu built on the lectures and the techniques day by day. Naomi Gibb, New Zealand

I feel that this retreat has given me clear and practical meditation techniques that will be easy to remember and apply in my own practice and can take me deeper than the techniques I learned before.

Most vivid recall: The feeling of deep gratitude after a meditation that gave me new eyes to look at the world and the wonderful stillness that it left me with. Walking on a rocky path barefoot afterwards, I felt so light, I felt my feet were gently caressed by velvety softness, almost other worldly.

During these ten days I found out that I do have spiritual aspiration and I realized that I have always had trust in this universe, only I had misinterpreted it as something entirely different and attributed it to wrong causes. I experienced a strong sense, a very intimate feeling of something greater than me that “oversees” everything in this world. I feel such relief and deep trust now. Anna Hirvilammi, Finland

The meditation techniques helped me Very Much! By creating such a beautiful awareness of the ever present stillness.

So that even when my mind was chatting in meditation I was able to be aware of the background of stillness. I have a much greater understanding that what my mind says or what my emotions feel does not equal truth. For me this has been a huge freedom! As well as an understanding of this ever present stillness and love. Which brings for me a wholeness and a greater capacity to love without restrictions or fear. Rosie Matheson, Australia

Most vivid recall: All the times that I felt deep resonance in my heart with something Claudiu said, or with poems. And especially on Day 2 or 3, when I felt my heart radiating like a brilliant star after meditation, deep overwhelming joy and lightness together with total, sparkling, physical well-being

It has brought me home in many ways. It has made me understand some ‘awakening experiences’ I had years ago and that always had been very mysterious for me (for some part, they still are…). It has confirmed my intuitive desire to unify with God through the heart and opened new horizons of ways how to do that. It has made me look even deeper into my heart and has brought back the appreciation of stillness into my life (this had been lost a bit in the busyness of a Yoga aspirant life…) It has made me understand better the difference between thinking of stillness, remembering stillness, desiring stillness, and actually BEING in stillness)…

Gratitude beyond words…I will always remember this retreat as one of my life’s most beautiful experiences. Killian Huebinger, Germany

The techniques were presented in a perfect way in order to facilitate a stillness of mind and body. They allowed/helped me to go deeper and deeper and whenever there was a difficulty I had the necessary technique to overcome it. I have never experienced meditation like this before. Before, it was like grasping in the dark for a glimpse, now I feel I can walk the candle lit path to the light.

The most vivid, strongest, beautiful, deeply healing and profound…was todays guided meditation. It touched me in a way beyond words. I experienced something I have never experienced before. My heart exploded, top of my head buzzed open and I felt the truth of all these teachings. I integrated much of the last 6 months in India into my being and went further than I though I could. THANK YOU FOR TAKING ME HOME!!

It helped me to finally actually love meditation. Previously it was a bit of a struggle and boring…but now I feel inspired to explore and RELAX into that which has always been there… that which I TRIED so hard to find…that which is me, and a beautiful mystery to explore! Also. now I feel the tremor in my life when I look at nature and think of those I love! This tender space is beginning to tremble in my being!… It is so funny that we try so hard to be what we are! Kristie Lonczak, USA

I have certainly had a spiritual journey. Many of his words rang true, in a way the retreat really has just affirmed what already I thought I felt. Mainly I have been transformed in the way I hope to always show love to all. I want to make meditation/connecting to God part of daily routine. Claire Andrade, UK

The lecture that inspired me that most was regarding the complete surrender to that Supreme Reality of the Divine Self, Atman. I’ve always thought that it is me who has to control everything… but this relief that I felt in my heart after the meditation let me realize that God will do it better, that I don’t need to do anything about it. It was very touching.

The retreat was a very wonderful experience for me. I feel that I came here just for it. I feel enthusiasm, great inner joy, greater self-confidence and trust in my intuition. And, I realized that I shouldn’t have been afraid of meditation. I got to love silence! I learned to understand and control anger.Aga, Poland

It explained so many things that my Vipassana background never did. I understand with so much more depth the Witness Consciousness… Claudiu makes it so simple to be aware of our own pure presence. I am so grateful to him this retreat because now I know this is truly my path. I want to continue these Heart retreats for as long as he comes to this school. Thank you so much Claudiu! Lamy, Canada

For the first time in my life as spiritual aspirant, I have been close to Oneness without the help of any entheogenic product. And this is a great joy for me because I almost got there by myself, and in less than 10 days, which I did not believe it could happen that fast. Benjamin, France

Each and every time I sit in this retreat I am so awestruck by how many techniques are provided and how powerful each and everyone of them is in awakening the stillness! This diversity provides many options to beginner and experienced meditators, which I think is very beneficial.

In this retreat I found amazing, powerful effects by projecting awareness to the back of the head and behind (outside of) body. This really amplified witness consciousness and stillness alongside the pauses in breath. I most vividly recall day 6 morning when “I” had one of the strongest ‘bliss’ or unity moments “I” have ever experienced. That was a turning point at which time the witness really started to pervade throughout the day and night.

This retreat and Claudiu’s guidance in my life is a constant source of inspiration to wholly awaken to the essence of Self. As my being begins to increasingly abide in this omnipresent silence, my entire life is transformed… truly experiencing this stillness, peace, joy of the heart, gratitude and love that the spirit has been aching to reunite with… What a gift. Thank you Claudiu. Tiffany, Canada

This retreat was amazing. Claudiu is an amazing being. I am grateful!Myriam Roy, Canada

The way of doing the Hatha Yoga gave me a new dimension and deepened my practice. The meditations have me brought back closer to the source again and make me realize that meditation is my medication. Tamara, Belgium

I most vividly recall that moment when I broke out in tears of relief that I found what I was looking for even though I didn’t know before what that was — God. I fell on my knees and surrendered. Sobbing like a little child.

I was transformed in every possible way!, because my life stays on different pillars now. I am not the same person anymore — I might need a new name! I surrender my little ego bubble to the Divine. What a change! I came to experiment with silence and I got out of the retreat as someone who experienced the freedom of “tasting” God. I tend to believe that I made my 6 months journey through Nepal, India and Thailand just because of this Retreat.

Leaving my well paid job, my apartment, my boyfriend — it was all worth it!. Switzerland will have to welcome a new Nicole, once I return. Thank you very much Claudiu and Arnaud for that once-in-a lifetime experience. The best retreat ever! I am! Love and light to you! Nicole Menter, German

I feel like I now have a practical framework for developing and appreciating these feelings and turning them towards good purposes in my life. Harry Werber, UK

I am always inspired by everything about this retreat. Even though over many retreats I still find a deep attachment to my mind I can also see how slowly in everyday life I have more presence and how the whole teaching of the Heart can be applied in all our lives. Radasi, UK

I recall most vividly the topic of the meditation of surrendering and the meditation immediately following after that lecture. And how the prayer of that evening before leaving the hall touched something so deep I could not come back to where I was for a while.

I was transformed in ways that nothing else has done before. I came to peace with the devotion and longing I always felt so strong; something which was sending me mad and deeply unhappy. The Retreat has opened my eyes and my Spiritual Heart to truth and the divine, and most importantly, showing me very clearly where my obstacles, resistance and blockages lay within me and why.

It is such a divine gift to be able to undergo this experience in such a wonderful place and under such a strong but gently amazing guidance that I have decided to completely change my plans and arrangements to hopefully be able to attend the next one again. I just don’t want to stop walking this path.

Thank you deeply from the bottom of my Heart and the purity of Spanda, for such a life changing gift and a loving — difficult — sweet time. Blessings.Irati, Spain

I love Claudiu’s enthusiasm and love to teach us… the whole atmosphere is very sweet. Also, Arnaud is doing a very good job. New halls give so much space and pleasant ambient Good job everybody! Juliane B., Germany/Austria

The lectures are beautiful, everything we learned in Yoga is taken a step further. It reminds us of the attitude! Rebecca

I am realizing more that all is one. Thank you so much for your wonderful support and inspiration! Kathariana, Switzerland

In this retreat for the first time I fell in love with the Prayer of the Heart with which I never really resonated before. Now I can sit and sit and love it so much I didn’t want to come out of it!

I’ve been inspired to live with an open heart in full awareness every second of my day. To go deeper into the stillness and to know that bliss and love are infinite. Esther Gretes, Switzerland I have felt more happy and alive during these 10 days than for the last few years of my life together!! Aina Lyso, Norway

It inspired me tremendously! I discarded my inner Self! I discovered that there is a consciousness independent of the mind! I learned to dive into meditation state very quickly. I am able to get the witness consciousness very quickly, sometimes after seconds! I just have to learn to keep it longer and to deepen the level. Genuinely it changed my life definitively! Thank you very much! Sascha Hiimgeli, Switzerland

I now understand differently the meaning of being present in the moment and awareness and stillness. And I know now that I can take it with me and practice it at any moment with anything I do.

The retreat is truly amazing, inspirational and Claudiu is a real inspiration. He is clear, humble, loving and funny without meaning to be. Lisa

I remember being in a meditation completely aware and in a state of peace; I could observe thoughts but I was not taken by them and I could feel the body but I knew I was not the body or the mind; all energies that were arising were sublimated.

I feel as though a new reality of life has opened up to me. I plan to continue to meditate so that I can continue to deepen the knowledge of the divine and continue living with the enthusiasm and passion that I feel now. Logan Schubert, USA

“The most vivid experience during the retreat was when my mind seemed to detach from my body. I was feeling like being in a very fast elevator and floating in the sky. It was a little bit wierd because it came when I was not expecting anything. I consider it was good like that.

This retreat show me the way to open my heart and reveal it. And I’ve got the feeling I find myself and I’m sure I won’t be afraid anymore to love and to live how I am and how I want. So thank you for this! It was the destiny. In life, there is no hazard. So thank you to the person who told me about this retreat.” Stephanie C, France

This retreat I found great inspiration by focusing on the five points of: gaps between thoughts, pauses between breaths, focusing on the I-feeling, stillness and spanda. The Stillness touched me. As always I’m inspired to retreat more. I’m also praying that the echo of these retreats transforms my existence into presence and consciousness. It seems I have become ,ore present from doing these retreats…In that light I will continue to take these little steps towards truth and express my gratitude to all that make these retreats such a success and so beautiful. Radasi, UK

This retreat has brought devotion and communion with the Divine into my practice. This was not really there before. I feel more inspired, more connected, more ‘whole’ now. Michelle Desrosiers, USA

The lectures are PRECIOUS! WOW! So rare to come across the info. I’ve loved the spanda lecture and hearing about the Heart as an organ of knowledge. It’s like, I’ve always knew but now I don’t feel crazy for believing and going into it. Priceless! Michelle, Canada

The most vivid experience of this retreat was when I had an astral projection during meditation. It was incredible. I had an omidirectional expansion and then a real union between myself and spanda together with a strong arousing of Sahasrara. But in that moment I didn’t know what it was. I just felt being in the arms of God. The most inspiring lecture for me was about spanda because I really felt it and I understood that we are the house of Lord. Claudio Valdiserri, Italy

Surrender to the Divine Consciousness touches me the most. It is the most beautiful, the most profound, the most challenging and frightening, but the most essential of all teachings in meditation and in life. I had so many beautiful and uplifting moments in my meditation where I felt my heart opening, realising so much tension and sadness and totally letting Love and Joy and Bliss back in again.

Over the years that I have been attending these retreats, I have truly come to love meditation. It has made me more aware of my thoughts and mind patterns and helped me relinquish limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I’m more peaceful, more aware and more compassionate as a result. What a gift! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Stefani Chan, Canada

In one of the meditations I sat motionless for one or two hours. I hardly felt my body, I felt like I’m in space, very detached, peacefull, a quite relaxed kind of bliss. Eyal M, Israel

Deeply confirmed who I am, been and continually will be. At times in my life I have wondered how to more appropriately channel all the compassion and love within. For years I have loved unconditionally in simple acts of giving while nurturing the heart via words of the mystics and few prophetic voices of the day – Jean Vanier, Henri Nouwen, Catherine Doherty. This retreat formation has opened another dimension of expression my heart’s yearning…My indebtedness shall remain one of love. Brock Currie, Canada

I felt I had a very “successful” retreat in that from the start my mind was not as restless and distracted as usual. Not only that my focus was very good but I found myself in absorption and states of dissolution. There’s always more surrender, more stillness, more that could be more ideal, but I was pleased enough with some observable progress in practice and very inspired throughout. I felt very present during this retreat. Thank you, Claudiu, for your immense support of this retreat and for guiding us so lovingly and patiently. I love this retreat very much. Lori Doyle, USA

Now I want to live more from the heart. I can feel spanda like a “pressure” in my chest. I had very deep meditations. Beautiful! I liked the retreat very much. Claudiu has the capability to take the whole group on a journey into the Self. Sharonna, Holland

It feels so good to witness my stillness again, to observe the world without ego, without judgment. It makes everything so much lighter. This retreat brought me back to NOW and I never want to be anywhere else anymore! Oh yes, and forget about the rest: Live and Love! Face your fears, live your dreams. Monique, Holland

I had a breakthrough moment during this retreat. I felt I could not yet experience my heart during meditation, but also felt determined…It was finally, day 9, getting into a deeper meditative state, a state of longing and surrender, thought I heard the bell to end, and felt myself say NO!!! NOT YET!! And spontaneously started crying and my Self was saying to myself, YOU HAVE THIS MOMENT. AND THIS MOMENT. AND THIS MOMENT. It was profound for me. Allison, USA

In which ways has this retreat inspired and transformed me? It is hard to say. The inspiration? It’s ineffable. The transformation? Only time will tell what it’s reversible. Truly it feels like an opening for me. It’s been a time for me to revisit questions that, at age 18, I felt were unanswerable in all but the most pessimistic ways. I’ve been carrying that pessimism around with me as the general foundation of my consciousness for a long time. Only in the last few years I have realized that something else might be possible, partially I think I feel encouraged by the mainstream awareness of our planetary crisis.

And I realized how tired I feel of my pessimism. So this is my time to revisit the questions of life and existence. I have deeply appreciated this experience. It’s been a pleasure, a profound pleasure, to share your presence, Claudiu.

I feel that these days are part of a new beginning for me and as I write that I’m remembering that I had a beautiful moment, when I felt, I think actually for the first time, that I wanted and felt deeply interested, in seeing and experiencing this life till the end. No matter what happened. I felt appreciative of Existence, in its totality.

Yes, I hope this is a transformation. And I think if I keep blowing on my embers, it will be. Allison, USA

The retreat reminded me of who I truly am and I feel so much love and compassion for myself and others. What more do we need? I’m floating. I’m aware of all my silly habits that distract me away from peace. More, more, more don’t stop the retreats! Lorraine Taylor, UK

I feel ready to love and let myself be loved in ways I’ve never thought myself capable of. I feel in love with the universe! Katey Woolmer, UK

“It’s not about wanting to be It’s about being. Be that which you are Then long for it with your whole heart And your heart will be so full There will be no room for thoughts” Katey Woolmer, UK

Certainly, it was an amazing journey from a insightful, compassionate seeker of the self. The way you presented the course was clear, profound and transforming for me. I have traveled many spiritual paths but this path of “who I am” guided by you certainly will take me home. Mithok, Australia

I will dedicate my whole life and all my being to love from now on. I was always looking for words to express this longing. Now I know! Thank you!Alice Guldenbrein, Austria

I have been practicing meditation for 7 years, mainly Vippasana. I found the major experience in this retreat reminded me why I meditate, as it can be forgotten sometimes. But most of all it introduces the dimension of God into my practice. I am inspired to keep on offering my heart to the divine in every moment and every way, as this is what I truly am. Claudiu, your dedication and patience are inspiring to me and a model of how to embody the spiritual teachings into my being. The love flows through your words and actions. Daniel Davis, Israel

This retreat has allowed me the time, space, knowledge, experience and tools to properly meditate quieting the mind and spiritually advance. C. Handy, UK

Many times I could enter in the Pure Presence and that was all for me. Also, I had a lot of deep understandings. It was a very rich period, spiritually. I’m grateful! It was great! You all are wonderful! Gina Rives, France

The retreat inspired me to keep remembering/falling/letting go into stillness…. Established again and again the supremacy of this deep heart – no gift could be greater. Eliza Kenyon, UK

I recommend this experience for everybody. Atmadhyanam, Finland

This retreat has helped me to bring more spirituality into my spiritual practices and into my life in general. It has changed the way I practice meditation and, through some of the techniques offered, my perspective on life. Sitting these 10 days, being in Claudiu’s presence, I’ve built so much aspiration. I can’t wait to see where it takes me! Adam Caplan, USA

I want to share the teachings with my loved ones – most of all, I want to keep going deeper in meditation! … I feel such a deep devotion and Love for God, deeper than before. Mira Celeste, USA

This retreat has reminded me yet again that to live in and from the heart is enlightenment, that action of the heart is vital, fundamental to the alleviation of suffering, … that when I move from my heart, I fear nothing and embrace everything, that the vibration of the heart truly guides my soul, and I now follow it always. That I live for love. Ella White, UK

The meditations helped me calm the mind and access deeper states of consciousness. I feel I improved my capacity of interiorization. Also, I think I grasped, experientially, how sublimation works and what a profound therapeutic effect it can have. – Anonymous, Romania

Claudiu’s retreat gives me more clarity in what real spiritual practice has as its goal. It is giving me renewed aspiration and helping me see more clearly that I am more than body/thoughts. It is also with the spiritual heart giving me a clearer base and a wonderful Western model. The directedness of his mind and heart and their manifestation in non-dogmatic ways are gifts.Geoff Torkington, USA

This retreat inspires me to bring more awareness into my daily life, the Nowness – the present moment which is all that exists – much deeper than I understood before. I was transformed by the intimacy with the Self which I started to feel so sacredly, to be back home and meet the Beloved! I’m out of words to express how grateful I am. Eliza Shablovskaya, Ukraine

“By truly surrendering to the stillness and guiding the opening of the Spiritual Heart with these techniques, I feel a state of deepened connection and unity with the Divine Oneness… a real comprehension at the core of my being, which I have been longing for, and I am now overtaken with joy and gratitude to have gained a glimpse of. Thank you to Claudiu, thank you to God!” Tiffany Nicholson-Smith, Canada

“This retreat has opened my Heart to greater depths of Bhakti and Jnana, and has provided the tools for living from the Heart with knowledge and practical experience to mature and induce states in the future.” André Lépine, Canada

“Over the last two years that I have been attending this retreat, I have seen tremendous changes, more surrender, more openness, more pure love, peace and joy. Thank God for this retreat! May Claudiu never stop his amazing work.” Stefani Chan, Canada

“This retreat has given me a new dimension in which to practice the art of loving and understanding. I very much appreciate this time of silence and awakening. I feel I have been given tools to use in my own daily practice to help deepen my understanding of the ‘I’ in ‘I am’ and its deep mystery.”Joseph Biaccio, USA

“Please continue this retreat as long and as often as possible…. And I hope that everybody is once able to come and be blessed by it. I am very thankful.” Melanie Kreuzer, Switzerland

“The retreat is the fruit of the long and, I think, honest work of Claudiu on himself. I respect a lot and appreciate this attitude to go beyond the limits. I express all my gratitude for him and, of course, for all the retreat participants who have shared and supported the same frequency.” Terenzio Amelino, Italy

“Now I know that everything is inside me, I don’t need to look outside. I feel the divine within.” Ana Martin, Spain

“The retreat has given me aspiration and a good look at the content and quality of my mind. … It has progressed and refined my meditation practice.” Anonymous

“I’m glad I’ve found a teacher who teaches Ramana’s ideas!! This is better for me than all the books.” Lies Counotte, Belgium

“This retreat has restored meaning and purpose to my life, by returning the sacred to my life, joy…. Claudiu teaches from the depths of his heart and his words ring true. I felt that arrows were being shot straight into my heart.” Tia Sinha, India

“This retreat has enabled me to progress in meditation and to achieve realizations. Claudiu’s perpetual enthusiasm from retreat to retreat is truly inspirational.” Anonymous

“This retreat was the most profound experience of my life thus far. Thank You Thank You Thank You!” Lily, Canada

“My heart beats rapidly… Is this aspiration? Is this nervousness? Is this excitement? It is Love I feel a wave of bliss I shed tears of joy.” Rajinder, Britain

“This retreat has inspired me to continue along my spiritual path despite some of the bumps along the way. It has brought me back to my heart center that as a child I lived from and had begun to stray away in my older years. I will now reenter the world as a compassionate warrior bringing conscious love into everyday life…” Natahna, Canada

“I am much calmer in actions and also in thoughts. I have always felt like there was somthing more in life and now I know there is. And I know how to find it in me. Thank You!” Ambra, Switzerland

“It opened my heart, strengthened my faith, widened my horizons, deepened my meditation practice and inspired me on my spiritual path. I have got the self confidence now to sit down and meditate no matter what’s the state the little ego is in. I’ve learned to slow down my mind and sublime negative feelings. I had quite some little glimpses of stillness and infinity although no extraordinary spectacular experiences. It definitely made me wanting more, it is highly addictive! “ Esther, Switzerland

“I felt so much love. I was like an eager child. And I think I understand the consequences. There is no way back. I am back at my roots. Thank you infinitely.” Anonymous

“I’ve done Vipassana retreats over the last 10 years and I never made such profound and encouraging progress in any of them. This retreat has finally opened up meditation for me. Thank you so much!” Arjuna H., Germany

“I don’t know what to say other than how completely inspired I was by the whole course. I loved all the quotes and poems, and Claudiu’s dedication and devotion is completely contagious and beautiful.” Michael B., USA

“The retreat gave a big booster to my meditation practice, and also lots of motivation to continue this practice more seriously than before. I especially appreciate the practical tips Claudiu gave us in order to have better meditation – in my case, how to confront the tendency to fall asleep – and also how to apply all this knowledge in our daily life.” Vered S., Israel

“My mind now calms down easier and faster. The gaps between thoughts become longer. I feel much more comfortable in meditating, less agitated. My breath-awareness increased and meditation became more intimate.”Maureen G., Switzerland

“My meditation practice has deepened immeasurably. Before this retreat I would experience states of dhyana sporadically and for short periods. I now feel that I have found (been shown) the key to bringing me there, and staying focused is more attainable. I really cannot believe how long states of dhyana have stayed (and still do!). I feel very blessed. … I’ve never experienced a more profoundly moving, rewarding workshop. Thank you to Claudiu – my sincerest, deepest, heartfelt gratitude. I am indeed blessed to call you my teacher.” Karen S., Canada

“Thank you! I am deeply grateful for this experience and will do it again next time I am here.” Michael S., USA

“From not doing any [meditation] to silence in the mind… (and even more than that). Not bad!” Lies C., Belgium

“Thank you for this great opportunity in my spiritual evolution. I feel very lucky to have access to knowledge and practice of this amazing quality. Thank you so much.” Myriam R., Canada

“I had a very profound experience of unity lasting for half of a day. Also I had an experience of witness consciousness a few times during the retreat. My meditation certainly deepened.” Victor S., Russia

“If I have to synthesize the result of the retreat in a few words I would use: love, surrender, aspiration, union! This intimate perception of the Self feels like the most intense of all freedoms – it is the vastness of the spirit.

There is a feeling of lightness…. This was the safest place in which I have ever been. It was the most natural state in which a human being should be. I stayed in that secret place for long. When I went out of that state some conclusions arrived to me, like some forms of superior understanding: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, so much LOVE. Undifferentiated, for everybody. The strong desire to offer and to share this love….

Thanks so much for everything and I think that the best way to express to you my gratitude is to meditate more and to go deeper into this wonderful, intimate mystery that is the Divine Self.” Debora R., Italy