Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

November 2017

Kind Greetings!

While this is a time of changing seasons throughout much of the world, perpetual summer endures in Mazunte. Happily, there are many threads that tie us all together, regardless of external changes. One such thread is the notion of loving-kindness. Known in Buddhism as metta, in Hinduism as priti, and in Hebrew as chesed, loving-kindness is a universal virtue that can be heart-opening for any culture, at any time of year.

On November 13th, special awareness was brought to this practice with the 20th annual celebration of World Kindness Day. We’d like to shine a light on honesty and authenticity as forms of kindness, recognizing that these have as much value as acceptance and compassion. True power can come from combining all of these dimensions into a deep representation of Love. We invite you to take the energy of kindness, focus it on yourself, and let it ripple outwards across the Universe with the intention of transcending race, religion, politics, the ego, and any other boundaries that contribute to perceptions of separateness.

Just Be Yourself

“Kindness is not just a mood, about being friendly or nice. It is the natural expression of a soul in gratitude and trust for the Sacred Mystery that we are. Just be Yourself now, and you will be kind. This is a natural way to cultivate kindness and soften your character. Non-dual wisdom is proven through love and kindness, which means a radiant faith that melts away the doubts and fears of life in all its aspects. Also, be prepared for that gentle smile of kindness in agony or death. This is the sovereignty of a free soul.” –Sahajananda

Mazunte Jazz Festival

Last week, Mazunte hosted its annual International Jazz Festival. This event marked the beginning of the tourist season, with food, crafts, dancing, and plenty of jazz music. In addition to supporting the Zero Waste campaign, Hridaya offered yoga on the beach, ecstatic dance, and a Tibetan singing bowls program as part of the alternative events schedule.

Serve in France!

Would you like to spend quiet, relaxing evenings by the fire in a lovely château in France? Hridaya Yoga France is preparing for the upcoming winter season and welcomes Karma Yogis who feel called to come stay for three months or more. Click here for information about program benefits and to submit an application, and watch our latest Karma Yoga video.

HTTC 2018

Our teachers-in-training are now marking the halfway point of the Hridaya Teacher Training Course. However, their preparation began far in advance, and their certification will be just the beginning. If you aspire to go deeper down the path of the Heart by joining the next HTTC, now is the time to act! Please submit your application soon, as space is limited.

HTTC Testimonial

Beloved teacher Luke Ghyselincks completed the Hridaya Teacher Training Course in 2016. We invite you to watch this short, captivating video, in which Luke reflects on the insights he gained from the experience—which he calls “a three-month retreat that really provoked and created a lot of space for growth.” Check out his testimonial and be inspired.

Spotlight: Mahadevi Ashram

Seeking guidance towards the Truth within themselves, many spiritual aspirants flock to the stunning shores of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, where there is a strong presence of the Hridaya sangha. For several years, Arjuna and Arpita have offered regular Hridaya Hatha Yoga Intensives and Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats at Mahadevi Ashram.

International Events

If you can’t visit us in Mexico or France, please spend time with our international family. Hridaya teachers across the globe are gearing up for special New Year’s events. Join them in Romania, the Netherlands, Australia, the USA (Florida and Washington), or Guatemala (Mahadevi Ashram and The Hermitage). Our International Events page has more information on these offerings as well as other enticing opportunities to rest in Stillness.