Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

March 2018

Warm Greetings from Hridaya!

Dear Lover of the Heart, We trust you are enjoying the freshness of life as it unfolds in the present moment. Here in Mexico, our community is joyfully immersed in the remembrance of our True Nature, constantly growing and touching more hearts. The Karma Yoga Immersion Program is in full swing, with its glowing participants diving deep in the practice of selfless service and experiencing the beauty of living with an Open Heart.

We are profoundly grateful for the miraculous workings of the Universe, and are excited to announce that our long-dreamed-of European home will open this June! Located in the romantic Beaujolais region (in the middle of the country, a little to right…), Hridaya Yoga France at Domaine de Longeval invites you to visit for meditation retreats, yoga courses, workshops, volunteering, and sharing community life with others dedicated to going deeper in the Heart. Although it took a few years, the project developed synergistically thanks to Grace and to a remarkably dedicated team of Karma Yogis, serving with devotion and love. We welcome you to celebrate the grand opening with us and are offering a limited-time 20% discount off all courses and accommodations. Just book your visit by April 15th, enter the discount code SUMMER2018 at checkout, and voilà!

A Commitment to Love

“Commitment is the passion of resilience. It is a power that invites centeredness, not rigidity. Commitment is not against your human, flexible nature, but brings coherence to it.

Commitment to what? Not just to a purpose or goal. Essentially, it is loyalty to your heart, to Love, to Truth; devotion to Existence itself. The power that makes you know you will keep a commitment is rooted in faith in yourself—the awareness of Awareness.

So, first commit to your Self. Without this, how can a commitment to others exist?

Such true dedication always remains alive. Its fire can’t be fueled indefinitely by the mind or ego. Its stability is based on an ongoing honesty and purity of intention. Thus, it brings clarity and freedom.

Only when there is no reactivity can spontaneity happen. Otherwise, it is just the entropy of moods.
‘It wasn’t alive for me,’ has too often become a spiritual ‘formula’ to justify inconsistency.

Spontaneity, real aliveness, doesn’t mean moodiness. Of course, when you are closed nothing seems alive anymore. But, when the Heart is open, everything becomes alive.

You are invited to read the Hridaya Vision on Tantra and Sexuality—a commitment to Real Love, guiding us back to the Heart!”


Meditation Retreats in France

As at our center in Mexico, Hridaya Yoga France will host monthly 3- and 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats, beginning June 1st with a 10-day retreat led by Sahajananda. All retreats will be offered in English, and 3-day retreats will also be offered in French. Check out this charming new video, in which Sahaja explains the experience of developing this new community and the gift of pure Presence, Awareness, and Love experienced in retreat.

Modules in France

Spiritual growth needs openness and flexibility, and that’s why our team in France has decided to offer Module 1 of the Hridaya Yoga Retreat in a less intensive way. Join the course there and you can choose between completing it in two 10-day segments or visiting for ten weekends over the course of a year. Read more about these options on our website. Higher modules will also be offered in France, allowing a deepening understanding of the yogic path.

Do You Feel the Calling?

Does your heart buzz with the aspiration to serve? Do you yearn to be a pencil in God’s hand? Would you like to be a part of the miraculous blossoming of our community in France? Then, we warmly welcome you to apply to join us as a Karma Yogi. We are currently seeking a Head of Operations (paid), a Renovations Manager, an Accommodation Manager, a Permaculture Designer, and Kitchen Staff. Read more on our website, and apply here.

Be a Hridaya Ambassador

It is no small task building a community from the ground up. If you have experienced the transformative power of the Hridaya teachings and want to help spread the word, we’d love for you to join the Hridaya Yoga France Ambassador Program. You’ll be asked to share posts and comments on social media and will receive 30% discounts on programs in Longeval. Better yet, refer a friend and they will get 20% off.

Serving and Learning from the Heart

As the seasons begin to change, new opportunities for service are also sprouting in Mazunte. We are seeking experienced, Heart-centered souls to join us as General Manager, Center Manager, and Marketing Manager.

International Events

With so much going on in Mexico and France, we don’t want to overlook our outstanding international community of Hridaya teachers offering the non-dual wisdom around the world. In addition to ongoing classes in Australia, Europe, and the Americas, there are special events planned in New Zealand, the USA, Guatemala, and Romania. Check out our International Events page for complete listings.