Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

July 2019

About Spiritual Teaching

My teachings are older than the world.
How can you grasp their meaning?
If you want to know me, look inside your heart.

–Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

In spirituality, the eagerness to learn is nothing but the longing for Truth.

Any authentic teaching happens on a background of Love. This is why spiritual teachers learn to always keep their hearts open. Teaching is training in seeing the sacredness of any soul.

In my native language, there is just one word for both “to teach” and “to learn.” This insightful ambiguity hides the magic of their interdependence—the aspiration is that teaching and learning happen simultaneously.

An unconditional Love for students, for Life, for this moment…the passion of the Heart is the substratum upon which any transmission happens.

Such Love is humbleness. Humility is a kind of transparency in which the teachings arise as if the teacher doesn’t exist anymore… It is a way of inspiring, guiding, and meeting students’ consciousness in a domain in which words are simply not needed, the highest moral principles become common sense, and beauty is obvious.

Genuine art is another way of uplifting the soul. However, to express beauty, painters need many tools in their studios. For spiritual teachers, proper transmission requires much more discrete technology—the transparency of being.

Such teachings are not about things, their methods don’t consist in strategies like mnemonic devices, and they don’t rely just on intelligence… Spiritual teachings are holistic—they can happen only in surrender, awareness, and Love.

The teachings should bring both the teacher and the student back to the present moment. There may be expectations, nervousness, or the need to control, but all such matters are rendered so obviously futile when reconnecting with the Heart and becoming absolutely dedicated to the Real.

Truth is the only authority. A real teacher is just pointing to the secrets known by every soul.

This is all that a teacher needs to remember.


Community Department Vision

If you read our recent Community Development Department newsletter, you know that exciting steps have been taken towards our goal of integrating the Hridaya Yoga Center with the local Mexican community. This interconnection was part of Sahajananda’s founding vision, and as the school has grown since its inception in 2012, so too has our capacity to reach out to our neighbors. Our Community Development Department has created relationships with members of the local community that have expanded our understanding of the culture and allowed us to begin to share the non-dual teachings that we hold so dear. For more on the department’s vision and our upcoming projects, read our new blog here.

Embodying Karma Yoga

Our latest Karma Yoga Immersion Course is unfolding beautifully and our whole school community is feeling its profound impact. Beloved Claud opened the course to all teachers and has welcomed the entire sangha to weekly lectures and sharings. Whether during simple, manual tasks like sweeping the plaza and chopping vegetables, or while engaging in administrative projects, the entire community is focused on maintaining the awareness of our Essential Nature. When thoughts and judgments try to cloud our purity of intention, we pause and connect to the Heart before continuing with our tasks. In this way, we act from a profound inner trust and experience the real joy of service. To bring daily life into spirituality, try these “awareness pauses” for yourself.

Shakti Heart Retreat

Are you a woman who feels a bit alienated from your body, sensuality, menstrual cycle, femininity, and self-love? Are you looking for a new way of being that feels more truthful to your own heart—one that supports you in celebrating and embracing all aspects of your being, without feeling the need to reject anything? From August 2-4, the Shakti Heart Women’s Retreat offers you a safe space for this exploration. This 3-day retreat on Tantric femininity is an invitation for like-minded women to come together in sisterhood to dive deep inside and discover the light of love within. Join our dear Alison to peel away layers of fear and limitation, connect with your Divine Femininity, and reveal the radiance of the Heart.

International Events

We have many wonderful events happening at Hridaya Yoga France and around the world! There’s a 40-day retreat right in our backyard, opposite Einstein at the brand new Santuario de la Luz. Other events include a 3-day retreat in Australia, a 10-day retreat with Sahaja in Romania, a 7-day retreat in the Netherlands, and a 10-day retreat in Hawaii. There are ongoing events in Ecuador, New Zealand, and Mexico City, and The Hermitage in Guatemala is offering Hridaya students a 50% discount on solitary retreats for the next 6 months. Please visit our International Events page for a complete listing, as our beautiful network of Hridaya teachers is continually expanding to bring the teachings closer to you!