Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

May 2016

Dear Hridaya family,
We are very happy to share what we have been up to lately and let you know what’s ahead for our community so you can join us for upcoming events. If you don’t find yourself near the beautiful Oaxacan Coast, fear not, we are always near at heart and the teachings continue blossoming around the world. Please remember we can stay in touch through our website and Facebook page.


Live your life as if you would live forever; live your life as if you would die today. There is no contradiction in these affirmations. They actually complete each other. It means recognizing the eternity of your being and surrendering to it in every moment of your life. Be simple, not dramatic, but always find the real meaning, life’s perfection. Otherwise, you risk losing your lifetime in living while you forget about yourself.

In Tolstoy’s novel The Death of Ivan Ilyich, the main character, a high magistrate, realizes that only a few days remain until his death. He spends his last days yelling and screaming bitterly because he understands only then, in those last few moments, what he was supposed to understand long before. His despair isn’t because he will die, but because he becomes aware only then, when apparently nothing can be changed, that he didn’t really live. He has done nothing with his life. He has simply squandered it. He hasn’t filled his days with his own Being, with real awareness. Others came to pour into his days what, in the human consensus, people pour in them: a career, a marriage, a few parties, etc.

And he finally understands: authentic life is marked by love; artificial life by selfishness. Then, “some force” strikes Ivan in the chest and he is brought into the presence of a bright light. His terror of death leaves, while “death itself disappears.”

For some, the fear of death does not come from the end itself, but from the elapsed time seen in the mirror of this end-eternity. What have I done with the “mortal days” of my life?

What remains from each moment that just passes, fallen to the bottom of the hourglass? Days like useless shells, empty and uninhabited, or the light and love of Being?


49-Day Retreat
In mid-March, the 49-Day Prathyabhijna Retreat ended with much joy and gratitude. Our dedicated practitioners spent the journey going deep inside their hearts. Elena Koch, a beautiful Hridaya teacher, shares her experience in the most heartfelt words: “The 49-day retreat is the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. Feeling full of gratitude for the possibility of just being, for embracing both aspects of light and darkness, for experiencing such a simplicity and connectedness and diving deeper into the wonderment of the Heart. It feels like the inner process of transformation is continuing naturally, and I try to witness, flowing with the waves of life on the ocean of consciousness.” If you want to be more in touch with your real nature, apply now for the 2017 Prathyabhijna Retreat.

3-Day Tara Retreat
Antoaneta presented the first Goddess Tara Retreat 25-27 March. The Goddess of Compassion gathered a beautiful group, all ready to allow the energy of loving-kindness and compassion to awaken and guide them. They dove into Hindu and Tibetan Tantric practices, whole-heartedly chanting the Tara mantras for the benefit of all beings. Tears were shed, hearts were opened, wounds were healed, and grace was bestowed upon all. Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha!

Giving from the Heart
Our dear cook Celia’s young grandson Johan Osmar is deaf and has the opportunity to have an operation to allow him to hear. So, our school community came together in selfless service to fundraise for the cause. Among other activities, our students made baked goods and sold them at the local market. Our efforts raised $45,000 MXN (about $2,500 USD) and the surgery is scheduled for 25 May—please keep Johan Osmar and his whole family in your heart during this time.

Karma Yogi Day Out 
Through a generous gift from student Bruce Galloway, on 8 April our staff was treated to a day away in nearby Chacalapa. Natural spring water pools and a wonderful, lush jungle surround this dreamlike place. The group enjoyed the cooler climate while we ate a delicious lunch and played games. We also swam, practiced diving, sang devotional songs, and rejoiced in just being together. It was a much-needed respite and an amazing blessing—thanks, Bruce!


Ramana Village: The Quest Continues
We are still searching for a European home for our Ramana Village project. Our intention remains to create a space for our sangha to live together in openhearted awareness. Kilian has been part of the team spearheading this effort. We invite you to read all the details of the quest to find land in his recent blog post.

A Change in Leadership
In July, we will welcome a new General Manager. Dee Lee, a graduate of the 2015 Teacher Training Course, has stepped up to serve Hridaya through its next phase of evolution. Dee replaces outgoing GM Heather McFarland. Welcome, Dee and thank you, Heather!

Video: What Is Hridaya Meditation?
We continue to explore ways we can creatively share the non-dual teachings. Here, we debut a short video that features Sahajananda describing the basics of Hridaya Meditation. If you like it, please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends!


De H-artschool, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
We are grateful that the Hridaya teachings continue to be shared around the globe. This month, we would like to introduce you to De H-artschool in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Here, for over two years, Uma Esmeralda has been sharing the wisdom of the Spiritual Heart through drop-in Hridaya Hatha Yoga classes, meditation retreats, live online meditations via Livestream, and monthly “Inspiration Saturdays” which feature meditation, yoga practice, and lectures in nature. In January, De H-artschool introduced a 6-month Module 1 City Intensive, sharing the teachings of Hridaya Module 1 in Dutch. This summer, Uma will offer an 8-day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat 21-29 July (4-day option available) at a peaceful farmhouse surrounded by nature in Haarlo, Gelderland. Her first free online master class is coming in June, aiming to help reconnect participants’ feelings with the Heart, supporting Self-recognition. Soon, she hopes to create an online community platform, providing a space for those who feel touched by these teachings to connect and share inspiration on the path.

A Message from Uma:
I’m super grateful for this journey, which started at Hridaya Yoga Mexico about three years ago. It turned my life around in such beautiful way. By staying in touch with the Hridaya teachings, I am experiencing life in a different, more open and loving, way and this has changed my relationship to myself and to others.

De H-artschool started from a deep aspiration to share all that inspired me and opened my heart. I couldn’t “do” anything other than follow this voice within. As Life itself, I am continuously moving and evolving. And, so does De H-artschool—the “H” is an ode to Hridaya, the Spiritual Heart. I never know what’s coming as new doors keep opening. We are completely going with this and that’s why we are full of surprises.


Sahajananda will lead an 8-day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat 3-10 July at Agama Yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand. He will also present a 10-day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat followed by a 3-day spiritual trip in the mountains at Kamala Yoga and Meditation Center in Brasov, Romania 5-16 August.


Tamara teaches on-going drop-in Hridaya Hatha Yoga classes, leads regular 6-week Hridaya Meditation Courses, and will present a 1-day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat 22 May in Newcastle, New South Wales (;

Ava’s Spanda School in Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia continues to offer regular hatha yoga and meditation classes (;

Christina offers weekly Hridaya Yoga classes in Vienna (

Radha will offer a 1-day Hridaya Meditation Workshop in Sofia on 11 June. The first Hridaya Hatha Yoga class in Bulgaria will follow the next day (

Anuttara Ashram, in the mountains of the Nass Valley, BC, will be hosting a Hridaya Meditation Retreat 1-5 September (

Sophie invites you to “Your Space,” her studio in Berlin. She offers Hridaya classes 2-3 times per week. You can keep up with the schedule on Facebook.

The Kaivalya Yoga School at Mahadevi Ashram on Lake Atitlán will present 2-week Hridaya Yoga Intensives 12-25 September and 10-22 October as well as donation-based silent retreats 1-19 August and 27 December 2016-7 January 2017.

Also at the lake, Emma and Severin’s The Hermitage provides a tranquil spot for solo retreats and dark retreats. They are currently hosting a 30-day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat presented by Claud and Luna and will offer a 10-day Community Retreat 4-13 September (;

Gev is teaching Hridaya Module 1 in Atlit (

Enrique’s Casa Hridaya offers regular Hridaya Yoga and Meditation classes in Mexico City (

Regina leads weekly Hridaya Yoga classes in Puebla at AMMA studio (

The Netherlands
Adam teaches weekly, on-going Hridaya classes in Groningen (

Radha will present an 8-day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat 17-26 June in the extraordinary Lofoten Islands (

Kamala Yoga and Meditation Center in Brasov offers solitary retreats and dark retreats. It also holds Hridaya Hatha Yoga classes, workshops, and weekend meditation retreats, and will host Sahaja’s August retreat. Kamala also presents a 200-hour Hridaya Teacher Training Course in Romanian. All the details are available on their website (

Raluca teaches Hridaya Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes and gives weekend retreats in Brasov (;

In Zurich, Kai is presenting a Yoga and Meditation Day on 10 July to benefit projects rebuilding Nepal after the earthquake. He will also offer a 2.5-day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat in Entlebuch 28-30 September.

Esther teaches Hridaya Meditation and Hatha Yoga classes and workshops in Bern (

In addition to Sahajananda’s July retreat at Agama Yoga on Koh Phangan, Keith will present a 3-day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat there 14-16 August (

United Kingdom
Ian teaches every Wednesday at the Jamyang Buddhist Center in Kennington, London (

Niamh presents regular yoga and meditation classes at Kapucia in Liverpool and will offer a 2-day City Mini Retreat 14-15 May. On 21 May, she will share a Hridaya workshop entitled Playing with the Senses in Newquay, Cornwall. And, she will host Antoaneta’s Embody Your Divine Feminine 11 June in Liverpool (

United States
In North Florida, Adina’s Satya Sattva branch offers Hridaya Yoga classes and workshops on Amelia Island in Fernandina Beach (

From all of us in Mazunte, we wish you days full of the light and love of Being. May the Sacred Tremor of the Heart enlighten your life!

With Love,
The Hridaya Sangha