Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

July 2017

An Invitation from Sahajananda

“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation but as a question.” –Niels Bohr

You are invited to the most exclusive community. Requirements: the etiquette of no label, the glory of humbleness.
A real spiritual community is a family of the Heart.

In humbleness, Love is intrinsic and natural. We only suffer because of the constant struggle to close to Love. The remedy is a conscious community—togetherness in solitude. In the countless mirrors of our souls, the same light echoes. Such community is like an inner world in which sacred solitudes shine in a synergetic reflection.

The magnificence of life lies in a humble heart. So, what is humbleness?
It is a natural Self-Inquiry. It also means asking “Who am I?” with others’ hearts.

Pride is like ripples on water. Humbleness—the everlasting silence of its bottom.
Selfishness is the vanity of self-identifications. Humbleness—the grace of Nothingness.

Criticism is building scales, enhancing separation in the beauty and diversity of life. Humbleness is to see that beauty, Oneness embracing differences.

In the humbleness of not knowing anymore comes jnana, real knowledge. In the humbleness of not being anymore, there is bhakti, Love.

With humbleness comes worship, and worship unlatches your sense of sacredness.

You are invited to the most exclusive community. Requirements: the etiquette of no label, the glory of humbleness.

Join Us in France!

Our hearts are full of joy as we build our European home in France, and we invite you to visit us there. If you feel called to join us as a karma yogi, please get in touch. If you are inspired to contribute, you can read more about providing financial assistance here. To stay up-to-date, please like the Hridaya Yoga France Facebook page. We will offer our first event on July 15th—Antoaneta will share an Embody Your Divine Feminine dance and ritual workshop for women. All the proceeds from this donation-based program will be used to support the development of the project.

Karma Yoga Immersion

Starting July 14th, a dedicated group of aspirants at our center in Mexico will embark upon a profound inner journey by participating in our new Karma Yoga Immersion. This 3-month program led by Claud and other experienced teachers gives students the opportunity to transcend personal limitations and go deeper in Self-Inquiry via the practice of selfless service. It is an invitation to introspection and offers a profound opportunity for spiritual transformation. If you yearn to take your practice to the next level, you can read more about the course here.

Welcome to the Hridaya Series!

We are delighted to debut the Hridaya Series, a set of videos in which Sahajananda lovingly shares the wisdom of the non-dual vision. In the first installment, Sahaja explores the three dimensions of the Spiritual Heart. The videos were shot during a recent 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat in Mazunte and offer a beautiful glimpse into the sacredness of the retreat experience. We hope they kindle your aspiration!

Visit Mazunte

The summer is a great time to visit us in Mexico. Our yoga and meditation retreats are ongoing and our series of 3-day workshops offers valuable ideas on how to practice the teachings in daily life. Join Claud for From Pain to Peace, Luna for Compassionate Communication, and Karin for the Way of Play. Also, please contemplate serving in Mazunte, where we are looking for a marketing manager, a photographer, and a registration assistant.

Teacher Spotlight: Molly Nixon

Molly, a 2015 graduate of the Hridaya Teacher Training Course, is driven by her compassionate heart. She has spent the last 18 months helping refugees in Europe and the Middle East, combining emergency relief with yoga and other activities to ensure that refugees are cared for in a holistic way. Please consider donating to Molly’s efforts.

International Events

As our family expands, our international community also blossoms. All around the world, the teachings of the Heart are being shared with love and inspiration. On our International Events page, you can see the impressive list of ongoing and upcoming events being presented by dedicated Hridaya teachers. These offerings include events in Australia, Guatemala, the USA, Germany, Canada, Romania, Greece, and the Netherlands.