Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

January 2018

Blessings of the New Year!

As the new year unfolds, we reflect on our shared visions with gratitude—2017 was full of growth, insights, and love. Our long-held dream of a permanent center in Europe was realized, with Hridaya Yoga France planning to open its doors on June 1st. Our home in Mazunte continued to flourish, with ever more souls joining the community of the open-hearted. And, a constant source of inspiration has been seeing how our entire sangha has come together to assist those in need. Together, we raised over 19,000 Mexican pesos to support earthquake relief in Mexico. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to you, our global family, for engaging so generously with this fundraising campaign. We are now focusing our resources on supporting Mazunte’s volunteer lifeguards. If you are able, please consider joining us.

Is Your Beginning New or Old?

The celebration of the new year brings wishes for a “new beginning.” But what does this really mean? “Each moment is a new beginning” has become an almost omnipresent spiritual cliché. In meditation, the mind is always looking for a new beginning. Welcoming a new thought is not really a new, but just an old, beginning. And always, it soon ends… Look for an endless beginning. Let your life be open to unexpected presents. Wishful thinking is determinism, spiritual drowsiness—just an old beginning. Seek the freshness of the Heart, not of some new hope.

Of course, it is natural to have plans and wishes for the new year. Just remember that this is not all there is. Learn to see deeper, into a wider dimension of life—a silent surrender to the unexpected. Try it now!

The joy of such a welcoming without object is a perfect act of faith. It is trust in life, in You. This openness in itself is the greatest gift you have.

See the secret light that shines beyond dreams, beyond even the effort required for their fulfillment. Welcome inner grace, the flow of trust, the trust in flow. Learn to wish without grasping. Freedom from self-deception or wishful thinking—this is the new beginning you seek.

The joy of expectation without expecting anything—just wonderment, just wonderment…

“Oh, my Beloved,
You will find us every night, on your Street,
With our eyes glued to your window,
Waiting for a glimpse of your radiant face…” –Rumi

With Love,

Meditation in Mazunte

The new year has a full schedule of retreats at Hridaya Yoga Mexico. In this month’s video, Chris van der Weide shares a stirring contemplation on the expansion of love experienced after a retreat. If she kindles your aspiration, it’s not too late to register for our annual 17-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat in March. Or, you can reserve a spot in one of our monthly 3-day or 10-day retreats.

New Beginnings in France

As the stillness of wintertime sets in in Beaujolais, the light of the Heart continues to burn brightly at Hridaya Yoga France. Additional heated accommodations are now being completed and a dining area has been newly constructed. As the wheels of progress gain a splendid momentum, there are many immediate and ongoing opportunities to join us in selfless service.

Upcoming Workshops

We warmly invite you to join us in Mexico for our inspiring workshop series. In February, women can explore the essence of tantric femininity in Alison’s Shakti Heart Retreat and everyone is welcome to journey through the Art of Death and Dying with Claud and Marco. In March, you can learn to speak and listen from the Heart in Compassionate Communication with our beloved Luna.

Branch Spotlight: Rox & Will

This month we have the opportunity to shine a light on two lovely Hridaya teachers who have engaged in selfless service for the past year in Mazunte and are now sharing their hearts with the world. Check out our Branch Spotlight to learn more about Will Allen and Rosanna Osterlund and find out how to get a 20% discount on their retreat in Sweden.

International Events

As you make another trip around the sun, remember that you don’t have to travel across the globe to be touched by the non-dual teachings. Connect with our sangha at special events in the USA (Amelia Island and Brevard County, Florida), UK, and Sweden. You can also join ongoing classes in Austria (with Samira and Christina), Australia, Romania, and Mexico.