Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

February 2017

Hridaya Is Expanding!

We write you today with full hearts, as we share the news that we are in the process of purchasing a property in France to serve as our European home. This lovely estate will be developed as an ashram, providing space for those who wish to go deeper in Self-Inquiry and truly integrate daily life into spirituality. An enthusiastic group has already volunteered to assist our initial remodeling efforts this summer. If you would like to join them, please email us. Fulfilling the promise of this opportunity will also take material resources. If you would like to donate to the cause, you may find information here. We look forward to welcoming you in France!

Of course, we will continue our flourishing operations in Mexico, where our programs keep expanding and more and more people are heeding the call of the Heart. Visit our calendar for a full overview of our offerings.

While we witness our excitement about these new developments, Sahajananda reminds us, “Real good news is not information about the future, but speaks the truth of Now: You are the silent, eternal presence in which all bad and good news is observed, handled, and enjoyed.”

Update from the Hridaya Center

This busy time at our home in Mazunte has brought a buzzing enthusiasm. Our Yoga Modules and Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats continue to be full of beautiful yogis in whose transformation we revel. If you are planning on joining us, we encourage you to book in advance—recent courses have all had long waiting lists. To further support our students, psychologist and Hridaya teacher Naomi will join us in March to offer individual counseling and group workshops, integrating Western psychology with the Hridaya perspective. Also in March, Hridaya teacher and experienced efficiency consultant Mathijs will come on as our Center Manager, helping streamline our processes. Finally, we are on the lookout for a Registration Assistant and a Videographer. If you know any dedicated souls who might benefit from serving our community, please get in touch.

Inspiring Workshops

Last week, the Hridaya Yoga Center was alive with activity and inspiration as we hosted two stirring workshops. Nick’s Cultivating Compassion workshop included an all-night meditation vigil and offered a profound understanding of compassion as a direct emanation of the Heart. Sahaja’s Art of Awareness workshop (based on the unique Tantric text Vijnanabhairava) shared numerous practical ways to reveal the Consciousness of Oneness. Our series of 3-day workshops will continue in March, when Chris will present Moving From Within, a dance and movement workshop that is an invitation to explore love awareness through body and spirit. In April, Claud will offer Conscious Loving, a Tantra workshop dedicated to Self-Inquiry, love, sacred intimacy, and conscious relationships. You can see the complete workshop calendar on our website.

New! Karma Yoga Immersion

This June, we will debut the Karma Yoga Immersion. This program offers those who genuinely aspire to go beyond personal limitations the chance to go deeper in Self-Inquiry via selfless service. Envisioned with love by Claud, it includes participation in Hridaya courses as well as practical instruction under the direct guidance of experienced teachers.

Meditation Is a Celebration

What is the proper attitude to bring to meditation? In our most recent video, Sahajananda lovingly recounts the experience of a beloved member of the Hridaya Community who, though she beautifully embodies the Hridaya Yoga spirit, simply does not feel joyful when meditating. In his charming way, Sahaja reminds us that meditation is a celebration, not a chore. Watch the video here.

Spotlight: Atmanjali Yoga

Christina is a loving, vibrant, and enthusiastic teacher who has been sharing the Hridaya teachings in Vienna, Austria for over two years. Her branch, Atmanjali Yoga, offers ongoing drop-in Hridaya Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes in various Vienna studios as well as sessions in corporate settings—spreading the message of the Heart in the business world. This spring, Christina will lead a workshop in the Austrian mountains and a week-long retreat in Italy.

International Events

This summer, our beloved senior teachers will share the teachings around the world. Sahaja will offer 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats in Thailand and Romania. Claud will lead a 30-day retreat in Guatemala. Nicholas will share a 4-day retreat in Canada. And, Antoaneta will present a Goddess Tara Retreat in Canada. See the full calendar here. Additionally, the Hridaya teachings are being spread by a beautiful group of international teachers. Check out our International Events Page to find a course near you.