Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

December 2017

Wishing You Love and Unity this Holiday Season

As we rejoice in the holiday season, we invite you to evoke a connection with the entire worldwide community, feeling the support and unity that is always present.

For many, this time of year is for sharing, celebrating, and communing with friends and family. Others may find themselves in far-flung corners of the globe or facing brand new circumstances. No matter your situation, we remind you that home is where the Heart is and the intensity of the collective energy of this season can provide a pointer to your True Nature.

With this awareness, the extended Hridaya family sends you blessings of the season and our hopes that this intention can radiate out to all those around us as we spend yet another year together in Love and living with an Open Heart.

Welcome New Teachers!

This month, celebration is already in the air in Mazunte, as last weekend we welcomed over 30 new Hridaya teachers to the family when they joyfully completed the 3-month, 500-hour Hridaya Teacher Training Course. You can see more photos of their grace-filled graduation ceremony here. If you are inspired to join the 2018 course, applications are now being accepted.

The Gift of Service

This season, remember that (to paraphrase Ramana Maharshi) your own Self-realization is the greatest gift you can give the world. Abundant opportunities to go deeper in practice and service are available at our center in France. There are positions suited to anyone who has a yearning to contribute, so please look within and then check out this link for more information.

Programs for Everyone

The new year brings more opportunities to go deeper in Love and Awareness. Starting January 26th we will offer our Karma Yoga Immersion, a profound 3-month exploration of the true meaning of selfless service. January and February bring inspiring and eye-opening workshops including From Sex to Ecstasy, the Art of Death and Dying, Cultivating Compassion, the Art of Awareness, and the Shakti Heart retreat. Join us!

Reflections on Silence

In our latest short video, see what Rachel Bourgeais has to share about her experience delving into silence. Rachel recently completed the 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat and, like many of our students, she found it life-changing. She explains who can benefit from a silent retreat and how they can help us separate from identification with the ego. We hope you are as inspired as we are by her heartfelt testimonial.

Saving Lives in Mazunte

If you have visited us at our home in Mazunte, you know that our local beaches are breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, their strong currents can sometimes create dangerous situations for swimmers. So, we are happy to announce our commitment to working with the local community to expand the volunteer lifeguard program and increase beach safety. Find out how you can support these efforts on our blog.

Hridaya around the Globe

This month in our Branch Spotlight, we find out more about the beautiful community Ava Irani is developing at Spanda School in Western Australia. If you don’t currently find yourself in Perth, please check out all of our upcoming and ongoing international events. You can find offerings in Romania, the Netherlands, Australia, Guatemala (Mahadevi Ashram and The Hermitage), the USA (Florida and Washington), and Thailand.