Hridaya Yoga Newsletter

December 2015

“The Being always exudes its perfume. When the human can feel it, that is Love.”

Dear Hridaya Sangha and Friends,
While fall is gracefully falling into winter, here in Mazunte we are blessed with endless sunshine. Even though some may long for a little bit more rain, we appreciate the inspiring symbolism: May all of us live in the glow of eternal Love while the seasons of life pass by…


In a discussion Napoleon had somewhere in Germany in 1813, he distinguished between les hommes d’honneur, “the people of honor,” and “the people of the mind.” He preferred the former, as they are always stable in any circumstances in which they find themselves. The others – the “mental” people – act according to the image and ideas they have about the circumstances they face and are therefore limited by their intelligence. The conduct of such people is not a matter of principle, but of reasoning.

To illustrate this, Napoleon gave Marmont (a French marshal) a dilemma: “Let’s say you are on the hill in Montmartre, in front of foreign armies that threaten Paris. You do not have sufficient troops and the citizens of Paris implore you to capitulate. What do you do?”

“I don’t know,” responded Marmont, “I must reflect on it.”

Napoleon replied, “You are a rational man, Marmont, not a man of honor. One day, you will betray me!”

Be a person of honor. Never betray the Heart! 


HTTC 2015
This year, 33 students enrolled in the Hridaya Teacher Training Course. As this is just the beginning of a life-long journey, the soon-to-be teachers are learning that the supreme teacher is the Heart. Now in week 11, the HTTC is still unfolding, creating the proper breeding ground for the new Hridaya buds to blossom in their full splendor.

A Visit to See the Turtles
Every year, hundreds of sea turtles emerge from the surf, steadily gathering to lay their eggs in the wet sand of nearby Escobilla beach. Mexico’s Oaxacan Coast is one of the world’s top five turtle nesting areas. This year, we were again fortunate to witness this spectacle, which is one of nature’s most impressive sights. The maternal energy is so powerful and awe-inspiring that our breath was taken away and a grateful silence dwelled in our hearts.

Turtles nesting in our area is an auspicious sign for us, as in Hinduism the turtle represents one of the incarnations of Vishnu, the god of preservation. There is a legend that says that after the Great Flood (which occurs every four billion years and dissolves the Earth), Vishnu transforms himself into a massive turtle. On his back, he carries a vessel in which the gods mix the elements necessary to recreate the Cosmos.

Dear yogis from all over the world, welcome to Vishnu’s land!

Phosphorescence & Samadhi
Every year, the Oaxacan Coast reveals more wonderful secrets to us. During the new moon two weeks ago, we took a trip to Laguna de Manialtepec, near Puerto Escondido. This lagoon is one of two places in the world were the water becomes highly phosphorescent due to a type a microorganism that lives there. During our visit, all of us jumped into the very warm water as soon as our boats stopped. While swimming, we saw a green glow wherever we touched the water. When we pulled our hands out, little green droplets fell and lit up like a shower of sparkles. We were simply floating in light, watching the stars… This made us think about Paramahansa Yogananda’s first experience of samadhi, which he described as a dissolution in a universe of Light… Which brought another inspiration: to start offering accounts of states of samadhi and revelations shared by great yogis and mystics on the Hridaya Yoga website. You can find them here. Stay close and be present, we are going to update it regularly…

A New Space for Yoga and Meditation
In September, the Hridaya Yoga Center in Mazunte expanded its capacity by incorporating the facilities of Einstein, a retreat center a 5-minute walk from our main location. This space is now the home of peaceful Spanda Hall and offers us additional private rooms, a dormitory, and space for camping.

Video: Learn to Love Useless Moments…
We are grateful to Emi and Nicolàs who put their passion and skills towards conveying the message of Hridaya through a deeply touching new video. The video’s message of love and simplicity has already been shared with over 3,500 people via our Facebook and YouTube pages. May it remind all of us of the freshness of the present moment!

New for 2016! Refer Your Friends and Earn Credit
We love it when our students invite their friends and family to visit us, so we want to encourage you to send more loved ones down the path of the Spiritual Heart by offering a 15% referral credit. Just tell your friends to tell us that you sent them and we will put 15% of the payment for their first yoga course, meditation retreat, or workshop in an account for you to use towards your own course fees at the Hridaya Yoga Center. The program starts the first of January! Visit our website for more information.

We recently started updating the website. The written content of is part of a project that started in 1999. It expresses the work, knowledge, and experience of Antoaneta. While the technical content is correct, the interpretation and the vision behind some articles may not correspond with her current spiritual perspective and, in general, with the Hridaya Yoga vision. Nevertheless, the website provides precious information regarding Tantric Philosophy, Couple Relationships, Sexuality, Cosmic Consciousness, and more. Check it out!

Navratri and Yoni Puja
On 12 October, we held a yoni puja, a special ritual for worshiping Shakti. This ritual served to open the celebration of Navratri, a 9-night festival dedicated to the veneration of the goddess Durga.

Waiting List for Meditation Retreats
We are very happy to share that 96 participants came together for our October 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat. This large number strained the capacity of Anugraha, our biggest hall, making that spacious room feel small and tight. The sharing at the end of the retreat was deeply touching, as many people confessed profound experiences that expanded their horizons – a new birth in the realm of the light and love of their own being. Read their testimonials here.

And the journey into the kingdom of the Heart is continuing…meditation is love and love is meditation. It’s not so untouchable, is it?

The recent November Retreat also had a similarly large number of participants. So, we decided to run the 3-Day Retreat in a separate hall. As our school grows and we reach the maximum capacity of our halls, there may occasionally be the need to close enrollment and place interested students on a waiting list for the next available retreat. We know that some people have a limited time in which they can join us. To ensure enrollment in a chosen retreat, we recommend booking early as possible at least one month in advance. 

About Hridaya Yoga Retreat Modules
Every month, more and more students are joining us for the Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive. See their testimonials here.

In addition to Module 1, other Hridaya Yoga Modules are unfolding. They are the expression of our experience and belief that yoga, as it was taught in ancient India, is a spiritual science, a powerful tool for expanding our level of consciousness. With these modules, we pay homage to the lineage of yogis who handed down this great knowledge.

This month, Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, and Module 4 are being offered simultaneously.

Module 5 will launch in March 2016. With it starts the presentation and practice of more advanced hatha yoga techniques that bring the awakening of kundalini shakti and support the capacity to witness its tremendous effects. You can see the Module 5 course curriculum here.

Upcoming Workshops
This month, the Hridaya Yoga Center is pleased to offer two of our most popular workshops. From 18-20 December, Antoaneta will lead Practical Tantra, an opportunity to learn more about the art of tantric lovemaking. For more information and to book online, please visit our website here. Claud’s inspiring From Pain to Peace: The Art of Transforming Suffering into Spiritual Awareness returns 24-26 December. Check out his calendar here.

Starting 2016 in the Heart, Claud will offer From Pain to Peace again from 21-23 January. From 27-29 February, Sahajananda shares the wisdom of Kashmir Shaivism in the Art of Awareness. You can see the full listing of upcoming workshops on our website. 

New Year’s Retreat
Dear lovers of meditation, we invite you to celebrate New Year’s in silence and love. It’s a good way to start a new year, isn’t it? Join us in Mazunte for a 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat from 27 December-5 January in order to move on from the old year and into eternity, our Real Essence. New eyes for the new year! Booking information can be found on our website.


The Hermitage – A Practitioner’s Retreat Center
At the beginning of September, Hridaya teachers Emma C. and Severin officially opened a meditation retreat center at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. They gave their tranquil refuge the significant name “The Hermitage.” Sahajananda and Antoaneta joined a large group of people (including meditation and yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, local residents, and healers) that gathered to participate in the opening ceremony. Sahajananda joined the ceremony and gave his blessing that the center may blossom as a place of peace, stillness, love, and compassion – a real oasis for lovers of meditation and genuine spiritual seekers.

A few words about The Hermitage from Emma and Severin:  
The Hermitage offers private cabins for individual retreats, a beautiful Dark Retreat, and a newly opened meditation hall for group retreats. We are happy to host any Hridaya teachers who would like to run their own retreats or workshops at our center. Valentina and Bodhidharma will offer an 8-Day Tantra Retreat here from 17-24 January. In April 2016, The Hermitage will offer the first 30-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat, with a discount for Hridaya teachers. All are welcome to visit or come and stay any time! For more information, email or check out our new website.


Kamala Yoga and Meditation Center in Brasov, Romania offers solitary retreats and dark retreats. It also offers Hridaya Hatha Yoga classes, workshops, and weekend meditation retreats. Kamala will host a 10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat with Sahajananda 26 December-6 January (email:;

Tomorrow, 5 December, in Bedford, England, Emma B. and Gosia will offer a 1-day Hridaya workshop called “On Love and Compassion” (email:; phone: 07815 959261; email:; phone: 07548 782354).

In The Netherlands, Esmeralda offers a 6-month Hridaya Yoga Module 1 City Intensive in Rotterdam and will offer a 5-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat 26-31 December in Biezenmortel, Noord-Brabant (

Elsewhere in Europe, Christina offers weekly Hridaya Yoga classes in Vienna, Austria ( Raluca teaches Hridaya Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes and gives weekend retreats in Brasov, Romania (email:; And, Esther teaches Hridaya Meditation and Hatha Yoga classes and workshops in Bern, Switzerland (

Adina’s Satya Sattva branch will offer a new 6-workshop series Sundays from 27 December-31 January at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort in Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA (

Tamara teaches ongoing classes and leads a 6-week Hridaya Meditation Course in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia (email:;

Kaivalya Yoga School at Mahadevi Ashram on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala will offer a month-long Hridaya Intensive 29 February-27 March. They will also offer two 5-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats by donation, 28 December-3 January and 31 March-6 April (

Radha is currently in Peru, sharing drop-in Hridaya Yoga classes at Nidra Wasi Yoga B&B in Pisac and Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats at Lake Titicaca (

From all of us in Mazunte, we wish you a sacred and joyful holiday season. May the Sacred Tremor of the Heart enlighten your life!

With Love,
The Hridaya Sangha


“The deeper you know yourself, the deeper unconditional love is…”